The Unloved Luna Queen

The Unloved Luna Queen

By:  Midnight Shines  Completed
Language: English
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Darcy a 17-year-old Alpha Female wants nothing more than to be loved. Being always ignored by her parents and looked down upon, the only love she ever knew was from her elder twin brother, Dylan and her best friend Lavender. She believes all her miseries will come to an end when she finds her mate. Colton is the next in line Alpha King who wants nothing more than to take his childhood sweetheart Patrina as his chosen Queen. He doesn't want anything to do with his true mate and wishes to spend his life with the woman he loved, but everything changes when he finds his true mate on the day of his coronation ceremony and is forced to accept her as his Queen and Mate. Stephen is the next in line Beta of the royal pack or so he thought. He has always been in love with Darcy but decided to stay away when he realised she wanted to find her true mate. Everyone's worlds come crashing down when Darcy is accused of a murder conspiracy. While proving Darcy innocent a lot from the past is revealed leaving everyone shocked. Will Darcy be able to find the love she always craved and deserved? Will Colton realise his mistake before it is too late? Will Stephen be able to move on with his life without Darcy? Follow on their journey to find out. THE LUNA QUEEN SERIES BOOK 1 - THE UNLOVED LUNA QUEEN BOOK 2 - ALPHA KING DANE: HIS ROGUE LUNA QUEEN All rights reserved! © Midnight Shines Books, 2020.

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100 chapters
I made my way inside the ballroom where the coronation was taking place. I didn't want to be a part of the ceremony because it would really hurt to see the one you have loved for so long take someone else as his partner. I wanted to be in that place but I knew that I was not the one he loved, he could never love me even if I was his mate because he found the one he loves. I am dreading to be a part of the ceremony and I have no choice but to attend it.   Today is my 18th birthday and I am supposed to find my mate today. But, here I am attending the coronation of the one person I have been crushing on since I was a kid. To top it all Dylan is away for his Alpha training and I miss him terribly. He is the only one I can call family because my parents don't care about me. I don't remember a birthday where they wished me "Happy Birthday" and still, I have to be the one attending the ceremony today on behalf of the Alpha because next in line Alpha, my brother Dylan i
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Characters Introduction
Main Characters:   Darcy Eris Campbell (Wolf’s name: Cleva) Daughter of the Alpha from Crescent Moon Pack.   Darcy is everything a wolf would want in a mate. She is beautiful, kind, smart, loving and caring. She loves her brother the most in the world and her best friend Lavi is the only other person who cares for her. She is an Alpha female who is ignored by her parents because they consider her weak. Her wolf is black in colour and the size of her wolf is as large as a strong Alpha male which is rare for Alpha females. However, her wolf soul doesn't see eye to eye with her which hurts her very much. She only dreams to meet her mate and hopes he loves her.   She is 5'11" tall which is taller than a normal she-wolf with a beautiful body, she is thin with right amount of curves in the right place and a fair skin complexion. She has long dark wavy brown hair that reaches her lower back. She has a round fac
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Chapter 1
Darcy   I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing in my ears and groaned knowing that I have to get ready for school. I hate going to school because people look at me like I am a piece of meat or an alien from another planet. It's as if they have never seen a she-wolf in their life. I think being an Alpha's daughter does have its drawbacks. Boys only want to date me because I’m an Alpha's daughter. But, I am not interested in dating, especially guys who are only after getting power or something else from me. I am such an idiot, I should have introduced myself first. I am Darcy Elis Campbell daughter of Alpha Jared Campbell from the Crescent Moon pack. We are one of the strongest and the most feared pack in New York. Especially with our pack having an alliance with the royal pack, which happens to be our neighbouring pack named Royal Midnight Moon Pack. We are werewolves and we live together with our packs. Every pack has
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Chapter 2
We reached school after a 15 minutes drive from our house, Dylan parked the car in his usual parking space and we got out of the car. I was immediately taken in a bone-crashing hug by my best friend Lavender as I saw my brother looking at her with longing in his eyes. I smiled internally as Lavender released me linking her arm through mine.   "Good morning babe, I thought you were going to be late for school" she said cheerfully   "She would have been late if I didn't wake her up on time" Dylan said making me roll my eyes at him, he is so full of himself sometimes   "Excuse me? You didn't wake me up. My alarm did, I was already awake when barged into my room. Remember?" I asked sending a glare his way as he raised his hands in surrender   "Okay, fine you were awake, dreading you have to attend school and I asked you to suck it up and get ready to avoid being late. Happy now?" He questioned rolling hi
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Chapter 3
Colton   I woke up as the sun rays made their way in to my room through the window making me groan at the light disturbing my sleep. I mean I only have a few days left before I am crowned as the king and I want to be able to enjoy the remaining days as best as I can. Once I become the Alpha King I am barely going to be able to sleep in late or do whatever I want. Yes, that's right, I am going to be crowned as the Alpha King soon. I am Colton Flynn Lawson the next inline Alpha King of the royal Midnight Moon pack. I am loved by everyone including my parents, family, friends and pack members. I am a part of the strongest pack in New York, we are located at the "Ferris Lake forest in Hamilton, New York". Our neighbouring pack is our biggest ally and the second largest and strongest pack in New York.   I completed my high school and then went for Alpha training that every next inline Alpha has to attend for two years and being t
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Chapter 4
Colton   I walked in the bathroom doing my business and brushed my teeth. I sighed as the thought of my sister crossed my mind and I knew I would not be able to do anything to change her decision. Not that I blame her, she is my sister and she expects me to be on her side but she really has a problem with Patrina. I don't know what to do because I see Patrina as a different person and others see her as someone else. They think she is a spoiled kid and is very rude and arrogant, I see her as the kind, loving and caring person she is. We have know each other since we were kids and have loved each other, I would have known if she was really only pretending to be nice.   'You would have been able to see her pretence if you really wanted to see it' Alex commented not even trying to hide his disdain for Patrina   'Are we not supposed to be a team? You are supposed to be on my side and not team up with my famil
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Chapter 5
Darcy   As soon as we entered the school, we had people looking at us because we are the popular kids of the school. Although, we are not famous because we have good grades or we study hard, we are only popular because we are the Alpha's children and we belong to two of the strongest packs. They are people who want to be a part of our group but we don't want anyone else and we are happy to have each other. The best part is not being bothered by the school bitches who tend to bully people who can't fight for themselves. We have made it a mission to help the bullied people and we have been doing great so far. We walked down the main hallway towards the locker room. We have our lockers beside each other and we also have all of our classes together except for Patrina, she only has lunch with us. We kept our stuff inside our lockers pulling out my books for the first period which is history, once had everything we needed we made our way to the class
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Chapter 6
Colton   I drove back to the packhouse thinking about the events that occurred today. From Lavender getting angry at Patrina first, and then at me because I didn't take her side. Then to my father announcing he will move out of the packhouse with mom and Lavender. All of this is because they don't like Patrina and it's not like they only have problem with Patrina, they have an issue with her father too. I remember Dad saying that he would have never let John become his Beta if he could but he had to take him as his second in command because he was the only next inline to be the Beta, and he didn't have another wolf as strong as John to be replaced as a royal Beta. I tried to understand the reason behind my parents hating the Beta family so much but came up with nothing. I heard that even the Beta's mate hated him but she decided to give him a chance and died giving birth to Patrina. I never heard anyone in the Beta family talking about the late
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Chapter 7
Darcy   We reached home after a 15 minutes drive, we got out of the car walking up to the house. We opened the front door using our keys and walked a few steps reaching the living room. Judging from the silence I can say mom and dad are not home, Dy walked me to the couch in the living room making me sit as he sat down beside me. I immediately knew what was coming, I sighed internally because I didn't really want to talk about everything that happened.   "You can't avoid to talk about it forever, you know. You will have to talk about it eventually" he said and I took a deep breath feeling defeated   "I know, but why do I have to be the one to end up in situations like that and what happened probably cost me my friend" I answered feeling sad   'She is not our friend, she wouldn't have said that if she was our friend' Cleva growled in my head   'He is her brother y
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Chapter 8
Darcy   We reached the mall in about twenty minutes and I was excited to spend time with Lavender because we haven't spent time together since so long and we were really excited about spending time with each other. I am hungry though so we will head to the food club to have food, I got out of the car only to run into a wall of muscles, I lost my balance preparing myself to fall on my face when I felt strong arms wrap around me and I felt a shiver run down my spine. I slowly opened one eye to come face to face with the one and only Colton looking at me, his intense stare made me want to go and hide somewhere because I was suddenly feeling shy, I have never been this close to anyone before and his scent filled my nostrils making me drown in the woodsy and masculine smell. I took a deep breath to push the unwanted thoughts away from my head and he helped me stand back on my feet as Lavi came laughing her ass off.   "I told him
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