The Forgotten Secret

The Forgotten Secret

By:  Joy Jdr Rizaldo  Completed
Language: English
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She is Arianna. She is also Anna, a loving daughter and a loyal friend in the human world. However, she is Aria too, a princess among fairies but was hidden for a while. A secret kept, then, forgotten. Arianna grew up not knowing her true lineage and family. After her sixteenth birthday, events starts to unravel and a mysterious boy named Caspian helps to uncover who Arianna really is. The Princess takes up the challenge and responsibility to save her true family from a Dark Fairy who is set on taking control of the entire fairy realm.

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62 chapters
The Sleeping Girl
Bellmont is a small and peaceful community near a forest. The residents of this quaint town live their lives harmoniously which gives it a very welcoming aura. Nothing out of the usual community life ever occurs here. But on this particular evening, something essential to this tale is about to transpire.Read more
Answered Prayer
Everything seems ordinary this early morning. Bellmont is such a small community where people are more laid back. This is a normal morning for most of them to still be in slumber for such a chilly weather.Read more
Her Tenth
Anna looks at her reflection in the mirror with a frown on her face. It is a special day for her but she looks unhappy instead of delighted for this special occasion. She stares disappointedly at her own face and her eyes travels to her hair. Noticing the girlish green bow on top of her head makes her grimace all the more.Read more
Saying Goodbye
"I just can't believe this is happening? Why do you have to go?" Anna laments while hugging her best friend so tight like she will not let go. Jo holds on to Anna as well."I'm sorry Anna. I don't want to leave you too. You know how much our friendship means to me but this is for my mom and dad, for our family," Jo starts to explain. Read more
Our Willow Tree
Anna sits underneath the willow tree with her legs crossed. She is feeling restless though she should be happy for it’s her special day.Read more
Hidden Talents
Late nights are fun when you are busy chatting away with your best friend far across the world from you. That is how both Anna and Jo feel right now."What time will you sleep? Do you still have some papers to finish?”“Are you sure you're doing okay there? What about that guy you men
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Special Friend
It is a cozy sunny afternoon at Bellmont. The breeze is just right for outdoor activities. The leaves of the trees sway lazily with the wind.Anna just got home from school. She is a bit disappointed because she thought she will be able to go home earlier. Luckily, she has no written assignments to do for today.Read more
Meeting your Family
Caspian stares at the sky thoughtfully. Slowly, the pale grey starts to show a little light. The sun will soon start to come out from the East. He lazily walks to his spot under the willow tree. He is holding a single green rose with one hand and his staff on the other. He idly draws circles on
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Half The Truth
Popsie Reed leads both his ladies towards the sofa. He never expects this morning will be very momentous for them.The breakfast turns out to be very interesting. They finally meet the special friend of Anna. She has been mentioning him for days now. It is so obvious how much Anna has been less miserable when she met Caspian. She gets animated when she mentions her special friend to her Popsie and Marmee.Read more
Being in your World
It's almost late afternoon and Anna keeps glancing at the willow tree from her bedroom window. She is waiting for Caspian. She plans to tell him about her past even if she herself does not fully know everything. She just needs to share to him this important thing about herself.It feels strange that Caspian hasn't visited her for a week since the morning when he joined her family for breakfast. That was the day when she found out from her parents their secret about her.

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