Rachel's Wolf

Rachel's Wolf

By:  Christopher Shaw  Ongoing
Language: English
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She buried her unfaithful husband,became the target of a restless spirit,and found herself attracted to a deliciously sexy werewolf....all in one day.What else could life throw at her?

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41 Chapters
Chapter 1
The life- altering night of the accident,  Peter wasn't leaving on a business trip as everyone assumed.  He was abruptly ending their marriage.  He was on his way to meet the skank he'd been carrying on with for the last eight months,  when he'd lost control of his sedan.  He veered off the road and slammed into a tree.  He'd lingered in hospital for a few hours,  just long enough,  not to ask her forgiveness,  but to tell her that marrying her was the worst mistake of his life. "Did you ever love me?" she asked,  too broken to even cry.  He'd attempted to smile arrogantly,  but it was more of a smirk.  His lower lip had been ripped apart. "Never, " he croaked hoarsely.  "You were a means to an end. . . "Before she had a chance to respond,  he'd gasped his last breath,  amid an air of cruelty. Read more
Chapter 2
"You're not interested in hearing what I have to say?" Peter asked.Rachel paused. She usually was, when crossing over the dead. She listened to their final words, and passed on their messages to their loved ones, but in her husband's case, all she wanted to do was get away from him. Even in death, he was bent on making her life difficult. "If you expect me to carry a message of undying love to your whore, then think again, Peter.”In a split second, he was before her, blocking her way. He was dead of course, so she could have just walked through him, but that would bring a fresh set of complications. Walking through his ethereal form, would give her access to his emotions and she didn't feel like reliving the contempt he felt for her.  "Mindy's a good woman, Rachel. "Rachel scoffed. "Mindy. . . what is she?A stripper?Even her name sounds trashy.I’m surprised she isn’t here,j
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Chapter 3
Galen Munroe yawned as he turned off onto the dirt road leading to Cranston Asylum. His rickety old pickup truck struggled to maintain an even pace on the dirt road and the jolting, irritable as it was, served to focus his concentration. He'd been driving for six hours to reach this place, situated deep in the woods of Colby's Cove and knowing he was going to be alone, brought a smile to his lips. He couldn't wait to shift and run free through the woods. His wolf cried out for release inside of him and he hadn't hunted in almost a week. That's how long he had been outcast from the pack. It had been one week, since his family had turned their backs on him. "You are a disgrace to this pack and this family,"his father had said, disgust in his voice. "How will you lead someday if you allow your heart to think for you?" It was hard to look at the dark-blond man with green eyes. It was almost like looking in a mirror.
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Chapter 4
The sun was setting when the golden-brown wolf returned to the cabin. Galen howled as he shifted back into his human form and ran, naked, into the cabin. It was small, but comfortable and it had all the basic amenities. Earlier, he'd found the keys exactly where the owners had said they'd be, hidden under the welcome mat at the door. Galen jumped into the shower, allowing the hot water to soothe his aching muscles. He'd pushed himself to the limit during his hunt and far from being dissatisfied with his aching body, he felt free. For so long he'd been bound to his parent's pack, following orders and this was his first real taste of true freedom in all of his thirty years. He no longer had to bow and follow; he was coming into his own and could finally live his own life. When he stepped out of the shower, Galen wrapped a towel around his waist and reached for his cellphone. He had a signal and remembered
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Chapter 5
Of all the things Rachel had expected to find in Cranston Asylum, a half-naked man was not one of them. She had to admit, he was extremely handsome, with a boyish twinkle in his green eyes and tousled dark blond hair. Her gaze travelled over his sculpted chest and for a moment she wondered if he might be a male model, but what would such a fine specimen be doing in Colby's Cove, the hotbed of supernatural activity in the western hemisphere?When he lifted his hand to shield his eyes from the relentless glare of her flashlight, Rachel cast all fantasies aside. "You're a shifter,"she announced casually. "Should have known. ""How did you?"he asked and she motioned with her head toward his hand. His nails had grown and his hands and arms were covered in golden-brown fur. "What kind?"she asked, watching the tell-tale signs disappear, until he was completely human again. "Wol
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Chapter 6
More than a week had passed since Peter's funeral and Rachel was preparing for her first day back at work. Buck had graciously given her some time off and she had to admit, she was excited to get back there. Sitting around the house wasn't her style. And now she had so much more to think about other than crossing over spirits. With Peter gone, she would have to clock up major overtime and double shifts, to make ends meet. He'd left her with nothing, not even an insurance policy to cover the tough times ahead. If only she never met him!She considered selling some of the antiques her late Aunt Tilly had left her and there were a few nice pieces of jewellery she could pawn too. Her wedding ring was at the top of the list. Hell, she'd paid for it herself, so she could do whatever she wanted with it. She even considered selling the house, but that would mean one of two things. Move in with Becca or move in with her mother and neither was a via
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Chapter 7
Galen wiped at his brow with the back of his hand, throwing the shovel to the ground and sat down in the shade of the nearest tree. Just barely after eight in the morning and already the sun was beating down like it was noon. He reached for the bottle of ice-cold water next to him, taking long, deep gulps to alleviate some of the burning discomfort in his parched throat. He'd cleaned up the garden pretty well, this last week. He'd also cleared most of the weeds, mowed the lawn and dug up a few very suspicious looking plants. He'd resolved that when he was finished cleaning up, he'd fix the beautiful angel fountain in the middle of the garden. He didn't know why, but it fascinated him.Almost as if he was drawn to it. He had to get the place in decent viewing order. Some of the investors would arrive in a month's time and the owners expected him to at least get the garden in a respectable state. He didn't mind the backbreaking work; they w
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Chapter 8
"And you're only telling me about this now?"Becca looked fit to be tied as they stood outside the diner while Rachel was on her break.Business was indeed slow. For the entire morning, they'd served three customers and the heaviness in her heart, at the prospect of possibly losing her job, just added to all the stress she was under. And now this. "Becca, come on. You know as well as I do, that spirits aren’t always the most reliable source of information. And if there was indeed a Sister Evangeline, bent on coming after me, why hasn't she?"Becca scoffed, pouting and twirling her dark curls. A habit from childhood she never quite shook. "We also know, that when they issue dire warnings, sometimes they come true. Have you been back to the asylum again?""No, "Rachel answered, averting her eyes. "I haven't had the time. "Which was a complete lie of course. Now that her work schedule
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Chapter 9
Rachel pulled her white sweater over her head, casting a quick glance at the clock. Just before eight and the night was already pitch dark. She really didn't feel like going up to the asylum, not after the way Galen called her out earlier, but for the sake of the little boy, she knew she had no choice. This was what she did, what she had been doing for most of her life. Helping those in need to find peace and that little boy was definitely due for some. Whoever this Sister Evangeline was, she had to find a way to stop her, before she hurt her or anyone else. And to do that, she would have to risk running into her wolf. My wolf, what a joke, she chided herself. As if he'd declared his undying love and not merely flirted with her. It was jarring, the way he crawled under her skin. It wasn't just that he was so damned sexy, but also the gentle way he had about him. A quiet strength, the outcome of a fragile and perhap
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Chapter 10
Rachel walked up the steps, leading to the asylum's front door. The screams were so much louder now. She walked through the door, people rushed past her, a nurse and a doctor. They were running toward the room opposite the nurse's station on the ground floor. Another piercing scream disturbed the silence and Rachel turned toward the room, opening the door when she reached it.  "Just one more push. . . that's right Allison. . . just one more!"she heard the doctor say. She looked toward the bed, at the young girl, no more than fourteen, with her legs raised, her face a mask of pain and terror.  "Such is the price of sin and a whore's ways. " Rachel searched the room, to see where the voice was coming from. Behind the door,a nun, her voice stern and authoritative.  With an almighty scream, the girl pushed one last time and the sound of a baby, its f
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