In Love with a Devil

In Love with a Devil

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Language: English
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Lily Evan is a 23 years old ambitious girl who did her graduation in mass media and communication works in Scotland's top news agency. Young Mark Scott is from a Royal Devil family of Scotland. The identities of devils are hidden and now they live in this modern world to maintain balance along with the heavenly angels. Destiny plays a game and makes these two souls meet. Mark who never felt any kind of emotions in his life, started feeling them when he met Lily. But there are some dark secrets behind this man's identity which started revealing as Lily got closer to him. ~~~~~ "Lily, do you love me?" Mark asked which startled Lily. "I do," Lily accepted. "Why do you love me?" Mark asked from her. "I think love doesn't need reasons," Lily replied. "I don't love you," Mark asserted. "Will you still love me if I go away from your life or will you move on?" Mark asked. "What do you mean?" Lily queried Mark worriedly. "Just answer," Mark told Lily. "I don't think I will ever forget you especially your eyes," Lily answered. "I am not going anywhere," Mark stated and averted his gaze from Lily. "Are you saying the truth?" Lily questioned him. "Why do you think I am lying?" Mark asked. "Because I don't want you to go away. I found you after 6 years and if you will again go away then, I might feel sad," Lily truthfully replied. Mark's eyes grew big as this thing he never heard once from anyone. Everyone told him to fulfill his duties but no one said to him that they would feel bad if he would go away. Mark lifted his hand and cupped Lily's face and the next second she was shocked by Mark's move.

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145 Chapters
First Encounter
The school bell rang and the children ran out of the school. Lily Evan carried her bag on her back and came out of the class. She looked at the watch. "4 p.m. I've two hours to reach the home," murmured Lily when a hand hung around her shoulder. Read more
I've to find him!
Lily woke up and found herself in a place she wasn't aware of. She looked around and found so many people and then doctors. She was in the hospital.Read more
Love at first sight!
6 years have passed but every single day Lily waited for that green eyed guy on that route. Everyday she got nothing. It's like the guy never existed in that world. Read more
Return of Mark Scott!!
Quite far from the Scotland capital, Edinburgh city, in the wooded hills of Scotland lies the Scott Royal family mansion. The Scott family is the most known family in Scotland. For more than 500 years they have been known to everyone. But since they are devils, they took a part of the people's memory so that they can work smoothly.

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She can see us!!
Seth came back in the lunch hours along with Jonas, Cho Yang and Jack. He's the senior reporter of Lily's team. "Ahh, a newbie has come. Lily Evan, right?" Seth asked in confirmation.  "Yeah, good afternoon sir. I'm happy that I'll get to learn under this efficient team." Lily greeted him and introduced herself with the others. "Let's go for lunch. We are really hungry after the early morning reporting," muttered Seth. They a
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Lily in Scott Mansion
Lily in the morning woke up and realized that the entire night she was in the van sleeping with her colleagues as they had to do early morning reporting. At 8 a.m. the other team of reporters came there and they were told to go to their homes. Read more
Meet with Katie!
Lily gained consciousness in the late evening when she found she was on something soft. She gradually opened her eyes and saw the dim lights. The interior of the room was magnificent, and felt like a royal place. The walls are painted in royal purple colour. "Woah!! Such a nice dream I'm having. This room is bigger than my house's living room,", murmured Lily and again closed her eyes.  "I wish I could really have such a nice
Read more
I Love You!
Lily with her reporting team reached Scott Mansion. Elizabeth saw her and asked her if she's fine to which she replied a yes. Elizabeth told her if she would feel unwell then she had to come in. Lily thanked her for the concern she was showing and started working with her colleagues. "Scotts like you I guess," murmured Bella.  

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The Truth!
Lily's brother Max has come home on the weekend and was watching the direct live show which his sister requested him to see. He was drinking the cold drink when he saw that Lily was walking towards the stage.  "What happened to her? Why is she walking on the stage?," murmured Max while keeping his gaze fixed on the screen. Max sipped the cold drink when Lily confessed to Mark her feelings. He threw up hearing that and started
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She's really in Love with Mark
Mark was sitting in front of his uncles and father in the study room on a chair. Ronald was searching something in a book while Jasper and Lucius were looking at their older brother in concern.  "What happened? At least tell me..," said Mark in a low and soft voice.  Read more Protection Status