The Perfect Bond

The Perfect Bond

By:  Rainal Valentina  Ongoing
Language: English
C.C.Mate: C.C.
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"Look at you, all grown up and mature, son, opps sorry Alexander. Now, I'm your mother and I'll call whatever the hell I want and you my dear son, will not question it. And what did you say about patience? You are not patient, Alexander, let's start from here. Don't tempt me to inform Zane about this behavior of yours'." Mom states while eyeing my up and down. Herr words were like a trigger for me and eventually the last straw of my control snapped as I gave in the burning rage. "Tell him whatever the fuck you want, Mother. If you want to loose your mate in a one on one duel, I don't see a problem because I'm not gonna loose mine in any fucking condition. Now," ****** It is said that 'Patience is the key' but at times the wait is too long, long enough that we stop waiting or maybe that's what the fate wants. Future is a mystery that would only unravel when we live it but what if that mystery destroys lives, lives that matter the most to you. Is it worth unraveling such mystery, such future? But then again can you stop time, stop the events that are bound to happen? The answer is NO but will that stop us from trying?

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85 Chapters
The Alpha Ceremony
chapter 1Alexander POV  I watched the 18-year-old boy step on the makeshift stage and stand beside his father who wore a bright smile on his face. Both the males wore white tuxedos with one blue rose on their front pockets as a tradition.  The older man fixed his mic before starting his last speech as an Alpha. "Firstly, I would like to thank Alpha Alexander King for accepting our invitation and coming to my son's Alpha's ceremony. Today, we all have gathered here for Liam's official Alpha ceremony and introducing Ch
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The Duel
Chapter 2   Sara POVI kept staring at the framed photo, which is a bittersweet memory. The photo was taken 4 years ago in the nearby woods, the same woods that I have come to hate more than anything. A tear rolls down my cheek as I stare at my old self, so lively and happier. My now dull chestnut brown eyes are sparkling with joy in the photo while my thin pink lips are set in a small smile. My long ginger hair is tied in a half bun contrasting with my yellow summer dress. Read more
The Attack Part 1
chapter 3 Sara POV I look around the huge pack ground, which is in a cir
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The Attack part 2
Chapter 4Sara POV I choose not to inform the warriors because this news would be the very reason for their death as they will forget to save their own lives and would start searching for our Luna. Read more
The Panic
 Chapter 5 Alexander POV I stare out of the black tinted windows and watch the trees passing which are almost blurred due to the speed of our car. My mind wanders to my mate once again and soon I find myself lost in her tho
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Burning Rage
 Chapter 6 Alexander POV  It’s been 30 minutes since we
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The Fate
Chapter 7 Lucas POV When David said Sara was severely injured everything stopped for a moment, my breathing, my heartbeat, the surroundings blurred and the conversation faded in the background as I relive the god forsaken moment in the car once again in my head but this time instead of my breathing my heart beats pick up their pace. Read more
The Special Bond
Chapter 8 Lucas POV I enter the room with Alex right behind me and look at the white walls before my eyes land on my baby sister, Sara. Even though I’m two minutes older than her, she is still a baby sister to me but the years have changed her so much and have shaped her into this strong female warrior who would sacrifice herself but won’t let anyone else die
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The Rat
Chapter 9 Alexander POV I enter in my office and see everything as I left but more neat and organized. The mahogany desk has a stack of files on its right side and my laptop is placed in the middle with a paperweight on the left. The long book wooden book shelves on the left wall are all dusted and books are organized according to their usage. The swiveling black chair behind the desk and the other two office chairs on the opposite side are shinning black. The wall behind my swiveling chair is decorated by some landscape portraits. The glass wall opposite to the book shelves has black curtains draped while a long black couch is placed on the adjacent wall facing my desk. Read more
The Torture
chapter 10 Lucas POV I retrieve my arm from Tyler’s arm and punch him straight in the face before holding both his arms and banging his head with mine. He tries to struggles to get out of my hold but nothing works for him because of my iron grip. I then tilt my head towards Alex and command David. “Take him to the dungeons and tie him up with silver chains. And he should not be able to escape from dungeons or you would be the one tied up David.” Alex shakes his head at the warning and waits for David to take Tyler out of the office. “Why would he do that? It’s illogical and suicide.” Alex voices out his dilemma once they both are out of earshot. 

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