Way to your heart

Way to your heart

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Being pregnant at a young age is not a very happy moment for an omega who has strict and not so loving parents. Kicked out of her house by her own parents, selling her body to save the lives of her little pups. A graded student never planned her life like this. And screaming at her top of the lung as for her dead pup was never something Irish has imagined. Going through so much hardship. Irish become a slut and whore for society and her parents. She was kicked out of her home and forced to live on the streets. But Just as the nights, a beautiful sunrise happened, just like this Irish life chanced after meeting an alpha who pity as well as disgusted by her presence.

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58 Chapters
Chapter 1
 A 13-year-old girl. A pretty innocent girl. And to everyone's surprise, she had presented as an omega at a very young age of 13.  Her parents were hell strict. Always telling her to 'do this'  and 'don't do that'. And the little girl wanted to make them happy and did everything that was told by her parents. She did everything. Got good grades, scored acceptable marks for maths too, you know? To make them happy. She didn't let any alpha near her, not even close to her. Many Alpha's were showing their interest in her, but she ignored them.""She acted as if she was some holy fucking angel who is afraid to pollute herself. People started thinking that she has an attitude problem, but she didn't. She just wanted her parents to be proud of me. She was stupid.  Then came the most famous Alpha of our school, on whom everyone ha
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Chapter 2
A Young alpha, shirtless with a pup in hand looking all sexy and hot.The seven months old pup started crying at a dawn and this handsome young Alpha had to wake up to feed his pup.He could have had a good happy singles life with a good amount of sex. But once you forget to wear a condom, things turn at 180 degrees. Aaron, a young businessman who opts to have a small luxurious two bedroom apartment instead of a huge penthouse that can hold two more like this apartment in his.Why he chose a small over big? It's because of his pup. In a smaller area, he can keep a good watch on
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Chapter 3
Aaron woke up and saw that his pup was still sleeping against his chest. Aracelis had a difficult time sleeping last night, all thanks to the omega next door.It was a weekend that is Aaron's favourite time. He gets this
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Chapter 4
"Hope you have no idea how much he irritates me. He can't understand a fucking no!?"  Aaron said as he remembered the incident that happened in the morning.Hope, his best friend just kept listening to his whines. His attention was more on Aracelic who was looking at the toy that was hanging in his crib.Hope is an Alpha, but people mistake him as a beta. He is single though and was a playboy just like Aaron until his eyes captured a beautiful omega who works as a bartender in his favourite coffee shop.Ava, beautiful and is about the same age as him. But they never talked. Hope is bad when it comes around the topic called 'romance.'
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Chapter 5
Can I come in?"Aaron was brought back to earth by the sweet voice that belongs to the omega."Yeah! My bad. Please come in. " Aaron said with a slight blush.Any other time Irish would have teased the older, but right now the pup has her entire attention.It was horrifying at how much the pup resembles the Alpha. Irish now know that the Alpha was in fact a father of a pup.The pup was looking at her with a similar brown eye that matches with his father."Hey, baby. " Irish greeted once she was inside of the elder's apartm
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Chapter 6
Irish walked through the corridor of her college as if she was a fucking Gucci model.Every eye was on her, like always. Betty came running towards her. But was shoved away when she tried to hug her."You don't get to hug me. Why don't you go leave me alone to make out with your alpha as you did on Saturday? " Irish spat, gaze so strong that any other omega would have been shivering by now but Betty remained unfazed." Come on,  You can't be mad at me for that, and that was post-argument make-out sessions. That is important. " Betty said as she linked her arm with the omega." W
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Chapter 7
This is not how you are supposed to do it. " Aaron said nth time that day. It was their first day of tutoring and Irish is still doesn't understand the simplest concept.You can say that she is dumb or maybe her attention is more on the Alpha's veiny hands. No matter how much she tries, the veins poking on the Alpha's hand are just calling for attention.
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Chapter 8
Irish was swaying Araceli who was already falling asleep on her arms.Aaron smiled at them. It was a cute sight.The omega placed the now sleeping pup in the crip and turned to look at the Alpha."You are good with the kid. " Aaron commented and saw some emotion flashed inside the younger's eyes, but the omega I just smiled at him." Let's study?" The omega asked, and the Alpha nodded.Irish was now concentrating, the disgusting look Mr Mark had given her was making her inside crawl.Aaron noticed that the omega was a quic
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Chapter 9
 Aaron thought that the omega would ignore him, but he was wrong as the very next morning, Irish came running towards him when the alpha was leaving to drop Aracelis."Wish me luck. " She said and quickly pecked Aracelic's chubby cheeks. And just like that, she was gone.Aaron was smiling throughout the ride,  relieved that the omega was not mad or ignoring him.Aracelis was making a fuss in the baby seat in his car. The pup doesn't like to sit in the same position for a long time."Baby, Just a few more minutes and then you would meet for the favourite couple. " Aaron cooed when the familiar doe eyes loo
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Chapter 10
 Don't worry, its not a date. " Irish said as she saw the wide eyes go wide.Aaron was disappointed at the sentence, cause he wants a date." Weren't you supposed to party tonight? "Aaron asked instead, the pup in his arms already making a fuss about going in the arms of the omega. Irish took him in her arms before replying." Party was boring and are you gonna move aside to let me in. " Irish said and didn't even wait for the Alpha's answer; she was already inside of the older's apartment." Go get ready. I am starving. " Irish whined, and the Alpha directly went to get ready cause he was planning to make ins
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