Until the end Of time

Until the end Of time

By:  Fransis Lonenlis   Ongoing
Language: English
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The story of a man who has a deadly disease, he has to marry a 17-year-old girl at the wish of his mother, in the midst of them living a domestic life, it turns out that the beloved younger brother who has mental disorders falls in love with his wife and even intends to seize the wife to work with her first brother for the sake of eliminating her.what will the man do?keep his wife with him until the end of time or leave it to his beloved younger brother who is experiencing mental disorders?

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13 Chapters
Chapter 1
A room is painted white and smells of drugs that are very strong, two men are arguing about something, it is seen that the brother forces his younger brother to temporarily replace him to lie on the hospital bed that should be occupied by him, while the younger brother tries to refuse it. Brother Francis, your wife is going to visit you. Why did you tell me to pretend to be you?" he protested. Fransis is a man with the characteristics of black hair, white skin, eyes as sharp as an eagle, sharp nose, sexy lips and a sharp jawline, with a height of 187 cm. The man had end-stage gastric cancer, no one would think that he was a sick person because he had a muscular body, he hated dealing with hospitals the most. "50 million, I canceled," he threatened. He showed off the check in front of his younger brother, making his younger brother's defense faded and he was also willing to temporarily replace his brother. "Don't! Alright
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chapter 2
"Bitch, I'm not going to hug you or give you a present," Francis thought condescendingly. They walked together hand in hand with the girl still happily holding his  arm. "Soici," called a spoiled Erika. The man's patience was completely exhausted now, he turned and glared at the girl until she was forced to let go of the man's arm, her heart felt afraid and her whole body trembled, only this time she felt afraid to see her lover's eyes.“You're too loud, bitch!” Francis hissed sharply. Erika immediately froze, she never thought that the man who had always been romantic towards her had turned into a man who was very cold and had a sharp mouth. "Soici," she squeaked. "Shut up! Don't chase me anymore," snapped Fransis. After that, he left Erika, who was still in shock, receiving his harsh treatment.Erika can only stare at the back of the man who she thinks to be her lover, her chest feels tight, this
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Chapter 3
“you are lucky we found you, if we late you might drown there” said another friend’s. “right, Sonia, you must fight.” said Sieru agreed.“Miseru, Sieru, I know you are very worried about me, but I don’t want to be kicked out of school, because I just scholarship student, surelu no teacher is defending me.” Said Sonia resingnedly.Fransis can’t take it anymore, he doesn’t like to see weak people are bullied
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Chapter 4
until the end of timeepisode 4 Slowly Fransis got out of bed, he walked around and stood right behind his wife. Sonia was shocked when the man began to wrap his sturdy arms around her slim waist, her head rested on the chest of the man who was considered her sister-in-law, her ears could hear her heartbeat, she wanted to get out of this situation, her husband was in the hospital now, but she was making out with her sister-in-law, at least that's what she thought, she did not know that they were exchanging identities. Fransis felt eager to laugh at the wife's reaction, even though he was not the type to laugh out loud even in any situation, he still continued his ignorance, he put his face close to his wife's ear, "What if I say, I am your husband. , "He whispered.Read more
Chapter 5
1 August 2020until the end of timeepisode 5  "Wow, there are beautiful girls hanging around here," said one of the college thugs. Sonia is still not aware of the dangers that are peeking at her, she speaks well and politely hopes that the thugs of the campus will quickly get out of their way. "Brother, sorry. I want to pass, "he said asking for understanding. Instead of moving away, one of them got closer to him, for fear that the girl was slowly stepping back. "Hey, beautiful. Why are you scared? Calm down! I will not hurt a beautiful creature like you, "he said with a devilish laugh. Sonia shuddered at the man's laughter, she stepped further back until her body hit the parapet. The girl felt cornered, her eyes did not catch any flaws for her to run away, why did she have to go to uks finally when she wanted to go
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Chapter 6
4 Agustus 2020Until the end of time Episode 6Who doesn't go crazy seeing the behavior of a wife who is acting unnaturally, himself who is a real man is treated like a pregnant woman, just a little kick can cause bleeding, it feels like he wants to hit his head on the wall, he wonders how his wife could think that Does she think she's pregnant? "After making sure that no blood came out, Sonia straightened her body again, stretched out her hand to rub her husband's flat stomach gently and attentively," I hope you are okay there, "she said with a relieved smile.Fransis snorted in disgust when he saw his wife's behavior, is that okay there? Intestines, stomach, liver, kidneys or something? Think babies do?            "And pray 9 months later he will be born," he said bored. The girl was confused by what the man said, she looked up,
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Chapter 7
19 August 2020Until the end of timeChapter 7            A man was leaning back on a luxurious sofa, his eyes staring straight at the television screen showing an action drama, but he smiled to himself not because of the scene on TV but because he imagined what happened in the hospital earlier when the doctor was about to examine him, the doctor was even very He was surprised to see that the results showed that he was in good health, of course for him there was nothing surprising because in fact it was his brother who was sick, not himself, he was only a temporary replacement."It seems, taking too much medicine makes you even crazier." The man almost had a heart attack hearing the toneless baritone voice, he turned his head back, it was seen that the older brother was holding his wife with both hands, the girl seemed not to want to be separated from the brother's arms, maybe this is what is called the bond between husband
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Chapter 8
29 August 2020Until the end of timeEpisode 8             Affection turned into hatred, sincerity turned into hypocrisy, tenderness turned into anger that couldn't even be controlled, Soici stood in front of her sister with her eyes glistening sharp, while Francis was unable to do anything, his body felt very weak, his stomach ached, but his lips still unable to tell the truth to her younger brother. Sret .. The man grabbed the collar of his brother's shirt and lifted him forcing his brother to stand up, ”Brother Fransis. Don't go for my patience, ”he hissed. Fransis looked at his brother sadly, why is this younger brother again, why do his eyes seem to want to kill him, is his soul really out of control?             "Hn." A man doesn't mean to lie, but telling the truth when his younger sibling's mental condition
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Chapter 9
31 October 2020Until the end of timeEpisode 9 Fransis still remembers that his younger brother will come back soon with food for himself, but how can he make the younger sibling not realize that his illness has relapsed, while he himself is not sure he can put food into his stomach even if only a spoonful. Slowly the man opened his eyes, the eyes that used to be sharp now looked gloomy because of the pain he felt, his hand took the handkerchief that was in his pocket then he used the handkerchief to wipe the remaining blood stain in his mouth, his eyes saw the blood stain scattered on the floor, he wanted to erase it, but his body felt weak as if he had no strength left at all, until he decided to stay still and enjoy every pain in his body. "Soici." The man opened his eyes again when his ears heard the name of the wife's voice calling the name of his younger brother who was stuck on him. Sonia watched th
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Chapter 10
November 2, 2020Until the end of timeEpisode 10Soici didn't know what to do, he looked at his brother intending to ask for help, but his brother only blinked which made him even more confused. The man then returned his brother-in-law's hug until the girl himself released the hug. Sonia turned her head to the husband who was still looking at them meaningfully."Soici, what are you looking at ?!" she asked fiercely. Fransis distracted his attention from his wife, he preferred to reach the bowl of porridge that was on the table, again his question was ignored by her husband, the girl felt annoyed at being ignored."Tsk, Soici. You must have noticed us earlier, right? Why don't you just marry one of those women? " she asked irritably. The man was still ignoring her, even looked like he was enjoying his porridge."Soici ... !!!" called Sonia half screaming. "Hn," answered Fransis briefly. The girl was really annoyed by him
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