Tears' Curse

Tears' Curse

By:  Linda Lsc  Completed
Language: English
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"Why do we need to protect the mortals? They're living in their 21st century, no longer believe in us!""Because this is our oath." Xue Er, a 1000-year-old white dragon from Long Sheng Jie has been sent to the mortal world to protect it from evil forces. Living under the name of Miracle, she begins h

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49 chapters
Chapter 1
-Long Sheng Jie, Realm of Dragons- 'But to them, we are creatures that only exist in fairy tales.' She slashed her spiked tail across the blue-inked sky, shutting out the familiar whisper from distracting her mind. Higher than the birds could be, wrapped within complicated webs of fluffy clouds, here sat a majestic castle rooted onto a colossal floating cobblestone. Along the verge, baby plant elves chuckled as they flew above tiny yellow filaments of Tian Wu Lei. Teal seeds of Ye Chen Xin glistered in a rhythmic flow, showing off their thousand years of rich nourishment. Into the tranquil ambiance, Wu Yin Jue exhaled another silver puff of fresh swirl from the ends of their fronds, steadily increasing the fine networks of divine air drifting around. This was where she lived. A place she once thought everything was ethereal as it seemed to be, but only to be exposed to the harsh truth soon after. She was just a whelp when she first learned the existence of Hong Chen Ji—a transcen
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Chapter 2
-Watson Soons' Residence, 2019- Hopping down the empyrean loop after peeking through several times, Miracle descended onto a foreign piece of land. She looked around. Warm sensation of wild grasses accompanied by a wave of sea-scented air greeted her presence. Her shoes were gone, she realized. Layers of her silky garments were changed into a set she had no connection with—a pink cotton tee and a pair of black beggar jeans. She touched her head. Her silver chains too were no longer on her. 'So this is the version of their world,' she muttered, rekindling the lessons she learned about humans. "Good day." A deep voice drew her attention. "Here, I'm pretty sure they'd fit you." He placed the jelly-like slippers next to her bare feet "Erm... Thank you?" She put them on and lifted her wavering eyes to the middle-aged man standing before her. "And you are?" "Amenxious. This is Hayden, the border keeper," he said, giving her a slight gentleman bow. "Pleasure to meet you." 'Wow... A TinX
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Chapter 3
The first day as a disguised human. The first day as a Stellaerio student. The first day of the beginning of everything. "Keep your identity well hidden, dragon girl," Miracle mumbled, putting on her uniform and balancing the little red bow in the middle of the collar. "As long as I'm not exposed, everything would be alright." "Miracle! You done?" Lyn shouted from the bottom floor. "Just a second!" The moment she walked down the stairs, her nose twitched at the smell of flour and vanilla extract. She sniffed a couple of times. It was something she wasn't used to smelling. Hayden motioned her to come over as he plucked two slices of bread from the toaster and coated each with a rich amount of peanut butter. Watching his hand moving to the empty plate at her seat, it was then she understood the pieces were meant for her. Miracle pulled out the stool, letting out a silent sigh. She wanted to refuse the meal. Such mortal-ly food, she barely had one in the past thousand years of livin
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Chapter 4
"Third one. No more time to waste," Kingsley told his sister as they roamed the streets. Calming blue eddies surfaced around Lyn's spearpoint blade, sparking illusionary connections to the fiery presence of his Di Huo Jian. Created by the same swordsmith, these swords opposed one another if one lived for a different purpose. Because of the thick stains in blood and tears, Shen Sui Jian and Di Huo Jian had been painted with a strong will to obey their owners till death separated them apart. Kingsley led the way through the bushes, up the trees, and down into the tunnels. He scanned the surroundings. Eerily darker. Most of the shops were closed and the only lights that brightened up the whole area were the ones from twenty-four hours. He was about to call it off when fine hairs at the back of his neck rose, triggering the summon to awaken his sword. "You felt it too?" Lyn nudged his elbow, suppressing the increasing power of Shen Sui Jian to be freed from her grip. Kingsley nodded a
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Chapter 5
When she reached home, Miracle slid her bag off her shoulders and stomped toward the deeper barrier within the house. She swiped her hand across the invisible entrance embedded inside the backyard. Upon her call, the rippling net twinkled into view and wrapped her in. She made another swipe as she stepped in fully, erasing tiny hints of its existence. Camouflaged. With a deep, long breath, she let it out—the beast she held captive for days. Instantly, a pure white dragon engulfed the shape of the "human" goddess, taking over the blacks in her eyes. A flow of soothing chill ran along her nerves as glimmering carp scales formed along her body. Emerging deer-like horns, fangs and claws refined themselves when they felt strong traces of divinity from the silver fronds—the external protections—reacting to her original presence. Too thirsty to be embraced by the air, the animal roared and swirled hungrily up above as if the air was a part of her. 'Fire, be with me,' she muttered inwardly
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Chapter 6
That night, the sea wasn't calm. Howling gales induced attacks of the waves, challenging the level of the land. Fallen leaves spiraled at a hurried pace. Bins placed at each junction of the streets toppled over and scattered the trashes along the roads, adding another degree to the existing mess. The choice Hayden and Miracle were about to make seemed to have angered nature. Seeing somebody foreign at their doorstep, the twins weren't looking good. Bringing a mortal into their house wasn't a smart choice. True, their house was indeed a place to stay. But at the same time, it was a hideout spot for dragons to complete their missions in this world. A place meant to be kept away from humans. Standing with legs apart, Kingsley folded his arms across his chest. He smelled fresh. Seemed like he had just taken his shower. "Miracle. Send him to the empty room upstairs," Hayden instructed. Kingsley stepped up to block. "Dad. We can't do this. It's disobeying the rules." "Dad, we can't k
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Chapter 7
Echoes of the school bell accompanied by reverberations of morning announcements hit their ears. The Watsons exchanged glances, knowing reaching Stellaerio in another twenty seconds was an impossible mission. Well, mortals definitely wouldn't make it on time. But none of them were. Two TinXi. One dragon. Good enough. Inhaling a deep breath and lifting their legs as high as 90 degrees, they dashed in that direction. The security guard gave the rusty gate one last pull before heading back to the guardhouse to enjoy his cup of freshly brewed mocha latte. His hand was still on the lock when the Watsons leaped over the barrier to the opposite ground. The slack-jawed guard was slapped with a sudden gust of wind. It blew away his black cap, revealing the messy strands on his half-bald head. When he turned around to check the time, he realized the round clock only ticked to 7:30 a.m. a few seconds after. They were right on time. "Huh... That was very... very close." Kingsley wiped the
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Chapter 8
They killed him. They killed his buddy! Kingsley crouched by his bed, fingers trembling as he slid open the wooden memory box he treasured. He flipped through the photos and nostalgia surged in him when he saw this particular piece. His stream leaked. It was the first surprise birthday party Peter held for him. The memory said it all—whipping cream smeared everywhere, chocolate cake smashed flat to the table while Peter stood behind Kingsley, holding another lump of cream in his hand. And there was Lyn, having her two pony-tails slapped onto her smudged face as she joined their friend for another cream attack on her brother. Everybody was happy. Nobody was leaving. "I'm sorry, Kingsley." Miracle broke the silence after staying in his room for fifteen minutes. He ignored her apology. "You know what he said in here?" Running his fingers across the picture, he traced the features of his dead friend with much affection like Peter was going to surface. " 'Oh come on, Kingsley! Birthd
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Chapter 9
To the realm above the thick layers of grayish clouds, Hayden stared. Sorrowful hazel-brown eyes beholding bitterness nobody knew. 2019. It had been a solid eighteen years ever since they bid their last goodbye. The goodbye that twitched his heart, watching his pal kneeling in Ring of Deity, imploring Felynx to let him go. [ "I… I can't do this anymore… Felynx I… I can't do this anymore..." He knelt and fixed his dejected gaze on the ground. Corners of Felynx's sleek robe stroked his trembling arm. "Get up, Vincent," he commanded, turning away. "You know you can't escape from this. Long Shen wouldn't allow it." "O-One… one by one sent to me." He gulped the sour lump down his throat. "One by one vanished also because of me." There was a hint of despise in his voice as he looked at the iced cuboids hung deep in the wall. "Everybody wants a happy ending…" Felynx looked outside the round window surrounded by twirling silver vines and stared into the deserted fountain not too far awa
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Chapter 10
"Oh gosh, Miracle! For the fifth time, I'm saying I don't know!" Lyn exclaimed, oozing too much anti-acne cream on her hand. "How can you not know? You've been here longer than I do!" Miracle shot up from the turquoise queen-sized bed and threw a pillow in her direction. "Being here early doesn't mean I know everything!" She twisted her body and dodged the hit. "It's clear that Mynheex has gotten so much stronger than before. We can hardly trace them out even if they were to disguise among humans," she said, tossing it back. "Which is why I'm asking if they have any marks!" "Trust me." Lyn stomped toward Miracle and snatched her pillow from being squeezed. "We know not more than you do. This is the first time somebody actually asked me this question. We all know how dangerous it is to get a glance at their marks even if they have one." She continued when the room fell into silence for a moment, "Miracle, Mynheex ate too many humans. Their evil breath of immortalities can easily ge
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