Alpha's Pet - Free and Complete

Alpha's Pet - Free and Complete

By:  Maria Warren  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alice is the alpha of her pack, and despite being a woman, everyone looks up to her. She's cold and strict and doesn't let anyone take advantage of her. But a softer side of her is revealed when a revenge raid on a group of humans reveals someone she just can't get out of her head. Against the pack's wishes, she takes the man as a pet of hers and keeps him safe from the rest. But now Alice is falling for a human, something forbidden by her pack and those around her. She'll have to decide if love is worth the risk of losing everything she's worked for, or if the pack is the ultimate prize.

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29 Chapters
Chapter One: So Many Sins
The group of human men laughed like a pack of hyenas.The snorts and guffaws echoed in Alice's brain as her sanity was stretched to the limit.All she wanted to do was give in to her beast, jump off the cliff, and attack. Her wolf begged for her to give in and murder all of them. The tang of the blood was almost on her tongue. She held herself back and watched as the body of a wolf was kicked and it sailed landing in the center of the mob, and they laughed and laughed. Cuts decorated its body as if they were trying to slice away its hide. But no, these monsters didn't torture for need.Just enjoyment.Her lips lifted in a silent snarl. She was outnumbered for the moment, but if this continued she would go down there and rip out their throats, each and every one of the demons.The wolf was dead, had been dead for some time. And yet the vermin tortured its corpse. They had the blood of her forest brother splattered on their bodies. Its i
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Chapter Two: Hello, Pet
The breeze surrounded Alice and brought her all the information she needed. There was only a handful of humans in the small settlement. There was no reason to hold back.Mark whined at her side. The dark sky called to their beasts. She too wanted to give in, but as a leader, she resisted."Now?" he whispered his need was tangible."Not yet," Alice cautioned as she continued to watch. A single light stayed on in the small house. One tiny light wouldn't stop them of course. But, taking them by surprise was a far greater aspect for her. Mark whimpered again but did not beg. The golden glow faded as the light was turned off and the house joined the pitch black of their domain. Her wolves stood around her just waiting for orders."Mark, take two with you to block the exits. I'll take three more with me inside the house.""But-" Mark complained.Alice glared at him. "You'll get your ounce of flesh from these
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Chapter Three: New Challenge
"I think it's best if we go over the rules," Alice announced as she brushed a strand of coal-black hair over her shoulder.The man's eyes watched her every movement. His body had tensed since her talk with Mark and he had yet to calm down.Not that it mattered."I don't know what you want." Justa had backed into his corner again. His eyes scanned the small room for an escape but of course, none was present. "Let me go or kill me. I won't be some entertainment for you."Alice shook her head. "No, I've already made my decision about you. Besides, this pet thing keeps you alive. If you were not my pet, the pack would devour you. Do you wish for death that much?""It would be better than being someone else's plaything," Justa replied.Alice shrugged. "My decision stands, human. In any case, the dawn is coming soon. I will be retiring myself to slumber. Those chains will keep you here. If you try to wander you will only get so far." 
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Chapter Four: Preparation
"You want to challenge me?" Alice demanded. Her arms fell to her side as she approached. Sure he was taller than her, but she didn't care. "I've taken you down once, Jared, I'll take you down again.""You fought me when I wasn't at my best. I don't have those same issues anymore."Alice snorted. "And yet the perfume of your breath still tells me you are still trying to find all of your answers at the bottom of a bottle. What is going to be your excuse this time?""You know the rules," he spat. "I won't stand here and be insulted by the likes of you." He glared past her at Justa. "Bring the human. I want him chained up so he can watch me put you back where you belong."Alice took her hand and slammed it into Jared's chest. The man was sent reeling back and landed on his ass and glared up at her. "I was going to wait until the moon was in the sky to witness this, but fuck it. We're going to do this right now!" he howled at her.Jared got to his feet
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Chapter Five: Alpha's Battle
The rest of her pack stood in a loose circle around the dirt arena. They sat on the ground or stood, waiting for the outcome.Alice would deal with them later. She kept her eyes on Jared as the man moved around. He drug his right leg with every third step as he circled her. "Your time for lording over all of us is over," he sneered.Alice rolled her eyes. "Are you having fun grandstanding, Jared?"Instead of answering her, he crouched to the ground his fingers tracing the dirt beneath.Alice shook her head and jumped backward as a spire or earth appeared from where she stood."Really?" she demanded with a toss of her long black hair. "You plan to try these same tired tricks on me?" She gestured at him with a sideways sweep of her hand and a burst of wind erupted and slammed into Jared.The other wolf grunted at the attack but held his ground. He thrust his own hand out and a wall of dirt stretched in front of him. Her wind attack made the sh
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Chapter Six: Fighting Instinct
Alice didn't let go of the chain until she was safely back in her house. She dropped it to the ground and stalked toward Justa. He just watched as she approached, didn't even wince.It made the beast in her pause. The hunting instinct faded away by just a bit and Alice could think coherently again.More importantly, she didn't want to attack him and betray her earlier words. Her wolf could be too stupid at times. "Sorry," she grunted.He backed up another step as he stared at her. His brows were drawn as he stared at her teeth that still dripped with Jared's blood.Alice shook herself and with focus, she shifted back into her human form. This time she let a long black skirt and a blouse wrap around her body. True, she had better control of her wolf. But she couldn't resist the urge to show off a few of her curves."Sorry, I forgot you can't understand that form yet." She brushed herself off. "But now you won't be bothered. They all kno
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Chapter Seven: Temperature Rising
Alice's fingers glided over his smooth cheeks before he jerked away from her. Justa's eyes sparkled with flames of defiance.Alice took a shaky breath as he watched her. "Sorry.""You're not," Justa replied as he took a step away from her and returned to his cooking. "You're acting like an animal though. You realize that don't you, Alpha?" he demanded.She frowned. "Call me Alice."He shook his head. "I can't call you that. It would make us too close." He set the succulent chicken on the table in front of her nestled in its bread pillow. "Try this."Alice glanced away as she took a seat. He was right. She wasn't sorry. She wanted
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Chapter Eight: Broken Bonds
Alice's world collapsed around her. "What?" she whispered. What had happened to the warmth that had sprouted between the two of them?"You heard me," Justa replied. "Take this collar off of me, now.""It's too dangerous," Alice shook her head. "It's okay if you don't trust me. You'll trust me in time. I just want to keep you safe.""No, you don't," Justa replied as he took a seat in front of her. "You want to keep me a prisoner. You have no intention of letting me go.""That's not true," Alice whispered. "It is," Justa replied his eyes locked on hers. "Even if I feed your pack, even if I help you adjust yourselves to actually pass as humans, you won't let me go."Alice sighed as she looked away. "I'm sorry," she answered again. Here she was, Alpha of her clan. Someone that never said those words, let alone to someone like a human, and she was willing to do almost anything so he wouldn't glare at her. Just what witchcraft h
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Chapter Nine: Heat
"I need eggs," Justa mentioned as he glanced through Alice's cabinet and fridge. "You don't have anything I can use here to feed the number of people your friend wants me to.""I'll ask Mark to get them," Alice offered."Are you afraid that if you leave me alone I'll run off?" Justa questioned as he took a step toward her.That wasn't fair. Passionflowers surrounded her and Alice's mouth went dry as she stared at him. The things that should be words fluttered around her head, she was incapable of even thinking of one. "I'll take your silence for an admission of guilt." Justa shook his head with a cluck of his tongue. "This is why the entire burning of the collar isn't the grand gesture you thought it was."Alice scowled. The spell over her faded away. "That's not it at all. I'm worried about what could happen to you if I leave you alone. I am the Alpha, but I can't guarantee that all of my people will listen. Some need more lessons in obedien
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Chapter Ten: Mistake?
Alice's breath was ragged, her thighs soaked and sticky. Did humans always have such odd sensations? She'd never explored this form, not like this.Every touch sent shivers racing up and down her spine as if she was a fine instrument being plucked one string at a time. She'd settled on using two of her fingers to press against the throbbing bundle of nerves. Pressing it, pinching it, rubbing it in fast tight circles.She whimpered as her lower body tensed. It was the same kind of sensation she got when she was on a hunt and ready to run at her prey.The anticipation of that big moment. Each muscle tensed as her pants got louder.Oh Goddess, if the pack heard her, this would be such a disaster!But it felt far too good to stop. She bit her lip to bite back the loudest of the moans. Her body shook as she got closer.Slick fluid leaked out of her, her arousal scent was so strong that Justa himself would surely smell this.Even a human wo
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