Angel's Work

Angel's Work

By:  Sky  Ongoing
Language: English
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That guy, he's her roommate. But also a demon in human skin, so sinful and so wrong she had no idea what he was capable of. That girl, she's his roommate. But also an angel in disguise, so pure, so irresistible and so right he felt his demon ways melting. Aelin and Laurent walk on a journey, not together but still on each other's side. Both leading each other to their destination unknowing and Knowingly. Complicated and ill-fated was their story.

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15 chapters
Chapter 1 : PROLOGUE
"For the goodwill of heaven's council and by the votes of all fellow Angels, Laurent, is hereby relieved of his duties under the name of our lord, he has been exiled from the community of Angels and given the domain of fallen by the order of our lord. He may not hold any power over the godly actions taken by the Angels unless and until asked to do so. May lord give you his blessings." The announcer yelled out for everyone to hear. Laurent stood at the side clad in white, looking straight ahead, his yellow-green eyes cold as ice and hands wound behind his back like a soldier. His head held up, proud. He approached and bowed one last time to the almighty, he turned his back on his creator and left the council with no remorse. His heart had gone black and so did the world around him when he left his home in heaven and entered the world of fallen, of exiled. No one wanted to be here, no one but h
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Chapter 2 : Aelin
I packed up the last sets of my clothes in the large suitcase and zipped it up securely. I placed the suitcase with the rest of my stuff at the corner of my room and went to the bathroom to wash up. On the way I opened the curtains and let the sunlight fill the room, it was early morning and a good day. Today was my last day at home, I wasn't feeling remotely bad about leaving my dear big sister and drunken mother behind. They were better off without me and I would be living a good life in their absence. The day I got my University of Texas acceptance letter was the day I found a source of freedom, it was a key to get away from them and fast. Mom didn't care, like I had expected. She was rather focused on her bottle of beer than to even congratulate me for getting into a good college. Stella, my sister was a bit concerned about the food arrangements but showed little to no emotions when I made her sigh my dorm faci
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Chapter 3 : The Stranger
I woke up alone. Fortunately or unfortunately my roommate didn't show up. In a way I was happy because I didn't want anyone to see my morning face and get scarred for life but I also wanted some life in the bare part of the room, opposite to mine. It was kind of lonely. It was eight am, way too early to wake up on a holiday according to me. My phone pinged somewhere on the bed and I scrambled around to look for it, finally after a lot of effort I found it hanging from the covers and barely saved it from falling over. No one would get me a new one of I broke this. The screen was lit up showing off a pretty selfie of me and Michael in the amusement park, I smiled at the picture because it was a good day. Then my attention went to the text message, it was from Irene saying there was a short orientation for new students and it would be starting at nin
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Chapter 4 : The Coffee Guy!
After a lot of yawns and shorts naps in  the air conditioned hall, Orientation ended and everyone rushed out of their seats as if it was on fire, A common act to show the appreciation of bells and end of class by students to the professor's. Irene stayed with me as I fixed my hair that had fallen out of my ponytail and got rid of my sleep, that professor was boring on a whole new level. He truly was a masterpiece. We left last, Irene and I had managed to take so much time to get out of the hall that even the hallways were now almost empty. If it weren't daylight I would be afraid of ghosts of past students lurking in the corners having a gala time, simply because I was afraid of the dark and liked light more. "Want to grab something to eat?" I asked her, my growling stomach added to the desperation in my voice and after having a good laugh at me she agreed to go to the cafeteria with me. Read more
Chapter 5 : The Roommate
"What am I supposed to do now?" I popped another chicken pop in my mouth and chewed slowly to get all the flavour, Irene nibbled on her bread sticks while staring at me like an investigator looks at a criminal. "What are you looking at?""What kind of luck you were born with? It's bad." She said, I slumped back on my chair and pulled at the ends of my hair in frustration. "Not even a week in and you already started making enemies, you are something special." "A cup of coffee! Ah! That stupid black bean! I don't even know his name!" I exclaimed. My actions caught many people's attention but I could care less, I needed to get out and sort things out with him and get a breather. My Brian seemed to be blocked and my limbs didn't work as usual around him though, it was both stupid and horrifying to think. I nodded to myself and decided
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Chapter 6 : We Need Rules!
"Suits you," I whispered quietly to myself, I've actually never heard that name anywhere but it suits his face and personality perfectly. "What?" He asked. Now he was sitting up on the bed with hands on either sides and head down. He looked up for a second and then dropped again. He looked tired and like those gangsters who threaten people for money by barging in their homes, only gangsters weren't as gorgeous as him. I extinguished that though as soon as it entered by brain and quickly thought of something to blurted out, "Now that we are past the stage of knowing each other's names, I think it's time we settle other issues." "Like?" I smiled, "Rules." "What's up with you and your rules?" He made a stupid face that showed his distaste for regulations. Well, the world wouldn't be functioning without some sort of control, my roomie. Rebellious peop
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Chapter 7 : Getting To Know Him?
He was still there. Like a spider he was hanging halfway down the bed that was barely his size, tangled in blanket and mouth hanging open for all sorts of bugs to have a house party. Even after all the variables he still had the audacity to look good, like how is that even possible? Unless some powerfully being up there is making it impossible for him to look remotely bad. The curtains were still drawn together and little beams of light seeped through it, that means I didn't sleep through the day and there was still some time for me to be productive before I retire to sleep again. I left the room as it was because Laurent was still sleeping and attempted to carry him up on the bed again simply because I'm a good person and don't want to hear him whine about pain later on. By the time I was sucessful on dragging his leg up, I was ready to give up, he was that heavy. "Good enough. Sweet dreams.
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Chapter 8 : The Pizza Place
There wasn't much to say after we left the dorm, it was late afternoon so the hallways were empty and quiet. Good, no one will see me with him. Don't get me wrong, I'm not embarrassed to be seen with him. Infact he's a sight to see but I have a boyfriend and he's a popular boy about whom rumours spread faster than wild fire. I know I was just avoiding the inevitable but let's live in peace as long as we can, shall we? Since I didn't have a car and Laurent didn't object we had to take the bus to the local market place that had good places to eat. Assuming he was following after me I passed the gates and started walking towards the closest bus stop. A loud honk startled me and I turned around just in time to see a cool car stop right in front of me. The shiny white surface of the car looked so expensive and new that it could be considered a crime to touch it. The window r
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Chapter 9 : The Popular Guy Is My Roommate!
"Where are you from?" I asked as he drove off back to the campus after out little lunch out. He was being tolerable now compared to what he was before and I could see our friendship blooming in the near future, that is if he doesn't go back to being the brooding black bean that he was when we first met. "Hell." He answered simply, I couldn't say wheather he was being sarcastic or he had actually sprouted from the darkest pit of hell. "Woah, really?" "Hmm." He didn't ask me anything but I didn't expect him to, from what I've known about him it was clear he was one of those who kept things to himself and didn't bother with others matters. With beautiful songs playing on the radio the ride back was nice, he was silent and so was I. It was a comfortable silence that enveloped us. Soon we reached our campus and I waited for him while he parked the car, it was surprising how
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Chapter 10 : The Boyfriend
Four days passed and I am not ready for classes to start. Bed sounded much more comfortable than desks and the pillow did more good to my head than the boring lectures. But Laurent had different ideas, for the past two hours he has been bustling around like a bee getting ready for the first day of University. "Aelin! If you don't wake up in the next five minutes you will be late."I chose not to respond and snuggled deeper into the blanket that provided me protection from all things evil, it was a perfect day to sleep in and do nothing but it was also the day to get out and attend class and make new friends. How nice. "Aelin!" He shouted in my ear and I screamed in fright, bouncing up on the bed. Laurent chuckled and went back to fixing his hair leaving me there to calm my poor heart and take a breath. My ears were ringing from the assault on them, I will have pay him back for the unwanted favour s
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