His Hybrid Princess

His Hybrid Princess

By:  sprachi12  Ongoing
Language: English
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"What... What is happening to you", Aiden asked in tension when he saw that a beautiful girl in front of him is turning into something unimaginable. 2 horns pop out of her head. Her golden eyes turned into red, her white skin turned into charcoal grey, & her canine teeth came out of her mouth. "I think anyone has done dark magic on you. ? Wait !! You will be fine. I know someone who... . "Can't you see....", She snapped. "I am born like this & one day I will die this.", She said & used her wings to fly a little. . "No ?" . "Can you love me in this form?", Her voice changed into a heavy & powerful tone. While extended her hand to touch him but after seeing her long nails he moved back. She was him moving back with a horrific expression. She saw the only light of her life moving away from her life. And that was the last thing she remembered.

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