Close to You

Close to You

By:  Eva Harlowe  Ongoing
Language: English
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Newly divorced Liam Northam buys an old Victorian home that he spots while driving at night because he felt "drawn to it." As soon as he moves in, he discovers that he is not the house's only occupant. His new housemate is a female ghost who believes he is the reincarnation of her husband who died sixty years ago. Liam can't tell his sisters or his best friend because he's afraid they'll think he's having a nervous breakdown. Again. Meanwhile, he gets caught up in the mystery of what happened to the original owners of the house, especially when he stumbles upon conflicting information that doesn't make sense. As he gets to know his ghostly roommate, he starts to believe that she may be right and he might be the reincarnation of her dead husband, after all. But what would that mean for their future? How could he possibly have a relationship with a woman he can't even see or hear?

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9 Chapters
Aiko woke up sprawled on her stomach, her cheek pressed against a cold, smooth surface. She pushed her palms against the concrete slab and opened her eyes, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the stark darkness. Not again. The stale air and the smell of mildew were enough to make her gag. Breathing through her mouth, she slowly sat up, wincing at the stiffness in her neck and shoulders. Through a sliver of light that came from a small window, she could see boxes stacked on top of each other, a broken floor lamp, and a tall, slender figure that resembled a woman, its hair billowing in a breeze that she could not feel.Read more
Chapter One
“Wow… that is… what’s the word?”“Ugly? Yes, I’ve given it some thought, and I’m gonna go with ‘ugly.’”Liam took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. “I think it has character.”

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Chapter Two
Liam shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. He had only been on one date since the divorce, and that one foray had been disastrous, mostly because his date had been one beer short of a six-pack. “Maybe I’ll keep the heavy drapes, after all. Do you know how much damage sunlight can do to your skin?”“Wuss!” Leanne tugged at his arm. “Show me this kitchen of yours.”On their
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Chapter Three
Leanne had the grace to look chagrined. “She wasn’t a stalker. She was just eager.”“She sent me pictures of wedding gowns after our one and only date.” He folded up the napkin and stuck it in the front pocket of his jeans. “When I told her, I only wanted to be friends and wasn’t ready for a commitment, she cussed me out over the phone for leading her on, then profusely apologized a minute later, promising that she’ll change if I took her back and swore not to leave her!”

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Chapter Four
Immediately after work a few nights later, he drove down to La Jolla to meet his best friend Warren at the Rock Bottom Restaurant there. It was the most convenient place for them to hang out since Warren worked as a lecturer at the UCSD campus right in the middle of La Jolla and Liam, who worked in the Sorrento Valley area, was only ten minutes away. He and Warren convened at least once a week, mostly to just shoot the shit or catch up with each other. Leanne often said she found it amazing that he and Warren would have anything left to talk about, especially since the two of them had been friends for over twenty years.

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Chapter Five
As usual, the mention of Elena felt like a solid punch in the gut. He looked down at the bottom of his mug. He must have drunk more than he thought tonight. “Is that ‘I told you so’ going to expire any time soon? Because the jokes, they have gone stale.”The smile from Warren’s face disappeared, and he leveled a solemn gaze on his friend. “Irish, you didn’t buy this house ‘cause
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Chapter Six
As soon as Warren disappeared into his car, Liam slid into his own and drove toward Interstate 5 South. From there, he took Highway 8 East to Interstate 15 South, exiting on Adams Avenue. The large neon Kensington sign that hung on Adams Avenue was a welcome sight. The drive felt smooth and familiar to him, which was convenient, mostly since he drank more tonight than he usually did. If he got pulled over, h
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Chapter Seven
His first day in the house went by without incident. The movers came in and did their thing without breaking anything. Afterward, his sisters and Mike, Leanne’s husband, came by to help him unpack what he needed to surv
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Chapter Eight
His instinctive thought was that someone was fucking with him. Warren would be the logical culprit. He hadn’t stopped giving Liam shit about buying the house and, upon his first visit, piled on the “creepy little girl” jokes. He strode toward the walk-in closet and threw open the door, expecting his best friend to pop out and shout “Boo!” in his face. Nothing there. All that gre
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