The Possessive Billionaire

The Possessive Billionaire

By:  Nela  Ongoing
Language: English
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One word to describe Jonathan Gardner is "Perfect."Yes, that's him. Because he is so handsome, cool, billionaire, and there are many interesting things about him. So that it makes the women out there crazy about him, and so want to be owned by him.But not with me. Because for me, he is someone who is very possessive towards me. In fact, I am only his friend and secretary, nothing more. But he often forbids and curb me, as if I belong to him. Not to mention, he was so annoying.And if asked, is it because he loves me? Then the answer is No. Not at all. Because he only loves my body, and he only considers me as his best friend, secretary and bedmate.But I don't understand why he behaved like that to me

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48 chapters
Chapter 1
*Flashback to the previous 3 months*I climbed the stairs one by one, looking at this house, which was so big.And after arriving on the second floor, I walked towards a bedroom, the door was tightly closed, but I was sure it was not locked.Arriving in front of the bedroom, I immediately stopped and held the doorknob, "Surely he is still asleep" I muttered.Then I opened the door, and it turned out that my guess was right. Because the door was not locked. Immediately I stepped into this bedroom, and I could see, someone who was still hiding, under the covers."Nathan, let's wake up. It's morning" I said, standing by the bed.But the man didn't flinch, and he was still fast asleep.Immediately I pulled the blanket, and held it, "Nathan, let's get up quickly" I said.But still, that guy didn't move an inch, and made me start to get ann
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Chapter 2
"Would you like to be my bedmate?" he asked, with one hand on the wall.Hearing the question he asked, just made me even more confused, "Friends in bed? You mean is married?" I asked.Immediately he shook his head, without taking his eyes off me, "No, that's not what I mean" he replied."Then?" I asked again.He brought his face closer to me, and whispered right in my ear, "What I mean is. . . We sleep in the same bed, and having sex."My eyes immediately rounded, after hearing what he had just said. Immediately I pushed her body slowly, "Don't be crazy, Nathan! I don't want to do that." I said."But I'm sure your body won't reject it, Alexa" he said, grinning and bringing his face close to my neck. Then he sighed there, so that it made me feel like it was being tickled."Better, if you want to have a bedmate, you marry, Nathan," I said, turning my gaze away from hi
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Chapter 3
I stepped my feet and entered Nathan's house, which was so quiet. Because Nathan wasn't home yet. Yes, almost every day, Nathan and I never went and came home together, because I tell him to. And I did this, so that Nathan's employees, no one would think anything about us. Today, I feel so tired because of so much work, and I feel I'm want vacation on somewhere, to refresh my heart and mind. Wait, what did I say? Vacationing somewhere? It seemed like a pretty good idea, considering I hadn't been away on vacation in a while. But, who am I on vacation with? If I invite Nathan, then he certainly wouldn't want to, because he is so busy with his work. And I suppose, for him the vacation is not important, because nothing is much more important, than his job. Yes, Nathan is indeed a very hardworking man, no wonder he can be successful, like now. And that is because, the result of his hard work. He's not even married, even thoug
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Chapter 4
The next day. . .I watched my reflection in the mirror, while daydreaming and letting my thoughts fly somewhere.*door knock sound*I was a little surprised, when I heard that voice. Immediately I looked at the door of the room, and said, "Yes, what's wrong Nath?"."Are you done dressing up, Alexa?" shrieked someone from outside, who was Nathan."Yes, what's wrong?" I said."Then, let's go now" he shouted back."Okay, wait a minute" I said.I sighed roughly, and immediately got up from the chair I was sitting on. Then I walked towards the bedroom door, and opened it.After the door was opened, I saw Nathan who was standing right in front of me. But I immediately fell silent, and suddenly became a statue, when I saw him.Ah he is. . . always looks handsome, and also cool.
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Chapter 5
It's 6 a.m , and right now, I'm cooking for the breakfast.Yes, after staying at Nathan's house, I always cooked and prepared breakfast. And after coming home from work, I'll cook dinner for the two of us. In fact, almost every day, I prepared clothes for Nathan. Sometimes, I feel like I already have a husband, because I do these things."Good morning, Alexa"I turned around when I heard this voice, and I could see that Nathan was already tidy, standing next to me."Good morning too, Nathan" I replied, looking at him and smiling. Then I silent, and watched him look so handsome, like a prince, from a fairy tale, "You look so handsome this morning" I said, without taking my eyes off him.He laughed and ruffled my hair, after hearing what I said, "Thank you, for compliment Alexa, but I'm always handsome" he said.I sighed roughly, and resumed my activities, which had been delayed, "Yes
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Chapter 6
I sighed with relief, after arriving at my desk. Then I put the bag I was carrying on the table, and sat in my chair.As usual, every day I always went and came home alone, not with Nathan, even though he ordered me several times, to go and return with him. But I always refuse, because I don't want to, if the employees see that, and think we have a special relationship.By the way, until now Nathan had not discussed his plans anymore, for to take me on vacation. And I'm sure, if he must have forgotten about it. My guess was correct, if it was just a plan, it didn't really materialize. But it's okay, I'm not mad at him, because I understand that he's so busy."Good morning, Alexa"I turned to the source of the sound and saw two women who were Nathan's employees."Good morning too," I replied, smiling faintly. Then I turned to staring at a computer in front of me, and pressed a button, to turn it on.<
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Chapter 7
Currently, I am playing the cellphone in my room. More precisely in Nathan's and mine, because we were sleeping in one room. As for Nathan, he was still in the living room and watching television.After I finished washing the dirty dishes and utensils, I decided to go straight to the room, and leave Nathan alone, because I was still angry with him.But to be honest, now I feel guilty, for being cold, and ignoring him for most of the day.And am I being too much, for being like that to him? In fact, it can be discussed carefully, without having to act like that to him.* the sound of the door being opened *I turned my head, when I heard the voice. And I could see Nathan who was standing at the door, without stepping in."You're still mad at me, right? So I'll sleep in the other room," he said, who was about to walk away, and closed the door again.Read more
Chapter 8
Now I'm focused on staring at the computer screen, and doing my job, as usual."Alexa, have you prepared the documents?"I immediately lifted my head, when I heard that voice, and I could see Nathan who standing in front of my desk."Y-Yes sir, already" I replied, with a little halting."Then, let's go," he said, who then walked first."Yes sir," I said, nodding my head, and tidying up my work. Then, I immediately got up from my chair, and brought my bag and the documents that had to be brought, for today's meeting. When finished, I walked and followed him, who had already walked first.Yes, today Nathan did have a meeting with his client at a cafe, and he said that the client was his best friend.30 mins later. . .Nathan pulled over his car when arrived in front of a cafe. Immediately he turned off the e
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Chapter 9
After finishing the meeting, Nathan told me to go straight home, while he returned to the office because he still had things to do.And now, I have just arrived home─ Ah, no! I mean Nathan's house, because this is his house, and not mine.I stepped my feet towards a room, which became Nathan's room and me, because we always slept together, in one bed.And then, I sighed and sat myself on the edge of the bed.Pretty tiring day. . . But I'm happy, because I can come home early, and now it's 2 o'clock in the afternoon. In fact, I usually leave the office around 5 in the afternoon, and will arrive at Nathan's house around 6 in the evening.* phone ring sound *Suddenly I heard my cell phone ringing. I immediately took the object, from my bag, and was sure that it was a message from Nathan.But I was a little surprised, when I saw my cellphone scree
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Chapter 10
I smiled, as I read the message from Sam. I immediately typed a reply for him. Yes, now I am actually exchanging messages with Samuel, Nathan's best friend."Reading message from whom?"I turned around immediately, when I heard that voice, which was Nathan's voice. Because at this time, he and I were sitting in the family room, watching television together."From Sam," I replied."What?! Sam sent you a message? How come?" said Nathan, who looked both shocked and disbelieving."Of course can, because he asked for my number," I replied, who was typing back in for Sam."He asked for your number? But why don't I know?" asked Nathan, who was now starting to be surprised."Because earlier, you were going to the bathroom, when he asked for my number," I replied, without looking at him.He immediately sighed, after hearing my answer, "He was very clever, he
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