The Huntress and the Wolf

The Huntress and the Wolf

By:  Eva Harlowe  Ongoing
Language: English
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As the Vampire Queen’s top assassin, Yanmei is in charge of population control. In the silent war between the vampires and werewolves she has killed more wolves over her two thousand years than she can count, more fanglings too. She has reached the top because she is detached, not getting involved in the personal affairs of humans, wolves or other vampires. The only thing that matters is the mission. But even vampires have urges. Her urge was a blond haired, green eyed human named Sebastian. Two thousand years as an assassin leaves behind bloody rivers of enmity and now her enemies have leverage. Meanwhile, someone is creating fanglings and these young vampires are faster, smarter, and harder to kill. For the first time in centuries, Yanmei and her team of hunters struggle to put them down. They must protect the Queen at all costs before this shadow Usurper takes over and kills them all. Will her vanilla human be able to survive in her world, or does he have a secret buried so deep even he doesn’t know?

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19 Chapters
Chapter One
The first time I encountered my human, he was loading his underwear into a washer in a laundromat down a block from his apartment complex. He was wearing an old, faded T-shirt that sported a Union Jack on the front and a pair of blue jeans that had seen better days. It was clear from his outfit that he desperately needed to do laundry.He had an unruly mop of wavy blond hair trimmed to the top of his neck and sparkling, thick-lashed green eyes that flashed whenever he smiled. For a tall man—an inch or two about six feet—he had an effortless grace about him exhibited by at
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Chapter Two
I followed the human home. I didn’t intend to, really. I just did it without my own conscious permission.He had left the laundromat lugging his draw-string laundry bag on his back, and soon I was trailing him like I would any other prey, leaping and scaling the buildings above his head. He stopped in front of a newish apartment building where he inserted his key into the heavy metal gate and let himself in.

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Chapter Three
I spent the next night patrolling the area around the Tyger’s Lounge. Two nights ago, I found a half-breed in the back alley snacking on the neck of a pretty Goth girl without bothering to put her under. Fear, after all, made the victim’s blood taste better and even gave it a little kickRead more
Chapter Four
I once had a dream where I stood in front of our ruling council without a stitch of clothing, begging to be released from my responsibilities because all I’d ever wanted was to act on Broadway.

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Chapter Five
Café Bordeaux was indeed a s
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Chapter Six
I killed the engine when we reached the front of his apartment complex. For a moment, he sat quietly behind me and did not say a word. My entire body stilled in response as he yanked the helmet off and thrust it between me and the handlebars. I pissed him off. He broadcasted his emotions loudly, and his anger felt like the sting of early morning sunlight on my skin.

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Chapter Seven
And then he thrust himself all the way into me, right to the hilt. For a moment, time stood still, and I could feel nothing but his cock moving in and out of my cunt and his harsh breath in my ear. I raised my hips to meet his thrusts, and soon after, we were moving in a smooth, graceful rhythm that left me gasping and ordering him to do it harder, faster. He braced himself on his elbows so he could look into my eyes as he plunged himself in and out of my body.I dragged my feet up the back of his legs and pressed them on his muscular buttocks, raising my hips at the same time. Suddenly, he was so deep inside
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Chapter Eight
According to my cell phone, I returned to the club at two-thirty in the morning, three hours before sunlight. The hardened regulars had gone home, save for a couple of stragglers sitting at the bar talking to one of the human servers as she cleaned up. I jerked my head toward the door, and the patrons and the wait staff scrambled to their feet and hauled ass. Fiona looked up from her sweeping as I approached and
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Chapter Nine
My friends and I sat in silence for a moment, our chairs turned toward each other. Ryder reached over and rubbed my shoulders to remove the knots from my muscles, and for a second, I let myself relax against him. The events of the evening finally caught up with me, and my bones became leaden with cement. For once in my two thousand years, I wanted to ju
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Chapter Ten
The next night found me perched on the roof across the street from Sebastian’s apartment where I could see him clearly through his window. He was sitting at his drawing table, balling up one piece of paper after the other, and tossing them over his shoulder. His hair looked like he had used a rake to comb it, and there was a day’s worth of beard on his face. He took a drink from a bottle of beer nearby and began earnestly working on a fresh sheet of paper. After a few minutes of this, he picked up a remote control and pressed a button. A song about a man whining about being a loser and asking to be killed began to blare through the open windows.            Read more Protection Status