P. A In Possession

P. A In Possession

By:  Seunpeace  Completed
Language: English
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Amanda Jackson just graduated from Oxford university with a first degree and has great beauty. Finally got employed in one of the world's famous company, Triston limited.And as cold as ice will she be able to resist what is about to befall her with her ever-tempting boss Drake Triston.. She also tries to run away from her past but eventually got caught up with her.Will she be able to go through all?Let's find out in this interesting book.Warning: Please I wrote this book myself and won't tolerate it if I see any copy of my book and if you do don't hesitate to tell me. Follow me on my social media handle: Instagram: seunpeace_writes

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63 Chapters
Chapter 1
AMANDA POVIt was a new day, the sun rising up slowly creeping its rays through the windows, still on bed sleeping peacefully till my alarm decided to disturb that precious sleep of mine. I woke up and stretched like a lazy cat and checked the time, till my eyes widened with shock." Oh my God is 6:30 , I will be late for the interview". I said as I rushed into the bathroom, taking my brush and brushed my teeth and got into the bath tub and took a quick bathe.I wore a black pencil skirt with a white shirt and black blazer. The skirt was way too tight for me cause of my big hips which most girls envied.I tied my hair into a neat ponytail and put on black baby shoes cause I was average tall. I made my way to the kitchen and ate some cereals, then I grabbed my black bag and went out of the apartment.***Now standing in front of the world most famous company, Triston limited.
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Chapter 2
I woke up from the buzzing sound made by my alarm. I stood up and walked into the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and took a bath then I applied all the hair treatments on my hair cause it was always curly if not taken care of. I picked out a simple dress in my wardrobe just a pink chevon long sleeve shirt and black fitted skirt, with a pair of low heels because I don't really fancy heels that are way too high for me and make me uncomfortable.I got into the kitchen and made some cereal then my phone rang,it was Annie, I rolled my eyes knowing she will ask me if I am prepared for today.She's just like my mum.I picked her call"baby!!" she screamed in the phone, "Hope you are not on bed cause I will kick your ass outta there, hope you are ready and make sure you take breakfast before you go, take care of yourself and you are going to give me feedback on what happens today, good bye".she hanged.O boy she so
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Chapter 3
I got to my apartment around 6:00PM.Feeling cosy, I went into my bedroom got changed and entered the bathroom to have a warm shower, I tied my hair into a ponytail and wore a big sleeve shirt. I was about to get settled on the sofa when I heard a knock, I knew it would be no other than Annie cause she was the only friend I had."Ammy, how are you doing", she said and she dragged me into the house and sat me down on the sofa."So tell me every single damn thing that happened in work today and I hope we get good news from Mr. Hottie",she said, smiling."You are such a dumb ass", I said, tinkling her, which she kept yelling begging me to stop."Ok, my day was a hetic, there's this annoying receptionist there and I gave her a cup of tea", I said, rolling my eyes."Woah! Woah!! don't tell me you hit someone, cause you get burned up easily",she said, tugging behind me.I couldn't h
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Chapter 4
We got the restaurant and quite looking at it, I knew it was an expensive  one.I got in with my boss and all eyes were on me.  I had to lower my face cause I hate people staring at me as if I stole their bag."They won't bite", Drake said, as he whispered in my ears, which made me jerk up in my thoughts."Oooh!!", I said, as I took my seat.The waiter came over to us and gave us our menu." Have you taken your orders", he said smiling at me, his accent were like those of the Italians.I was still staring at my menu, not knowing what to choose. "We will like , the one on option 3", Drake said,as he smirked at me." Yes sir ", the waiter said, as he went to bring our orders.I still didn't know what to say to my boss about what happened earlier."Sir, thanks for the lunch, but I would have preferred the one close to our company, I ju
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Chapter 5
I woke up around 4:00AM in the morning, i got into the bathroom and opened the shower. It felt warm on my skin,but i couldn't help thinking of what happened with me and my boss yesterday.It felt so good anyway, but I didn't want to focus on it. I got goals to achieve.I got back into my bedroom and wore a black  shirt with white Palazzo pants.I let down my hair.It was nearly 5:00AM when i heard a knock."Come in", I said."Good morning,princess", Max said with a big smile on his face."Didn't know you would be awake already"he said." Breakfast is ready and be prepared for your flight", he said and went.I got down from my bed and headed towards the dinning table.I didn't see Drake around and was glad not to see him.I ate silently and thanked Max.I went back to my room and settled on bed, I was about to call Annie when I hear
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Chapter 6
I tried struggling with him, but his grip on me was strong.I guess the driver was already driving.He started tracing his hands over my exposed laps. I was terrified by the shock that went through my body.I have never felt this way.I didn't realize I started kissing him back, his tongue slided into mine.My mind started bringing in different suggestions," back off Ammy","No, you want this" ,another said.A part of me wanted him badly and my other part was telling me to back off.Actually it's right, I was angry with him  moments ago.I broke the kiss and looked at him with weird eyes as I tried to cover my embarrassment by looking out of the window.DRAKE POVShe was damn beautiful and I couldn't help get her off my mind.I got into the car and saw her looking outside trying not to look at me.I really wanted her badly an
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Chapter 7
I got out of the hall and the cold breeze hit hard on my skin, which made me shivered. I really wanted to go back home now."Amanda! Amanda!! Where are you", I heard Drake calling..I was already soaked in my own tears and almost choking." Amanda, what's wrong", I felt Drake hands on my shoulder.I turned around only for me to hug him tightly." Take me home ", I sobbed."Okay, I will call the driver now", he said with concern in his eyes."It's gonna be okay",he assured me,as he planted a kiss on my forehead.The driver got on time and he drove us back to Drake home.I didn't even know what happened next,  as I drifted to sleep.Drake POVI saw Amanda running out from the hall. She looked terrified, like she was running away from something but it caught up with her .I had t
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Chapter 8
I woke up feeling quite better and felt something strong beneath me, I turned round and here was Drake sleeping peacefully, he was cute, I thought to myself.His brows were perfectly arched and I couldn't help but trace my fingers on them.He opened his eyes gentle and caught me in the act.I tried to turn quickly, but he gripped me on my waist and faced me to him.Making our body have contact."Go-Good morning", I murmured." Good morning", he answered.I tried to get off him but he held me on tightly.I rolled my eyes at him."We are now", I said."Are you feeling better now", he asked.I nodded my head and he smiled at me." You look beautiful, even when you wake up", he said as he tugged some strands of hair behind my air.He moved closer to me. My heart was racing just as
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Chapter 9
Drake POVWe got into the plane. Amanda sat beside the window and plugged her earpiece in her phone and put them in her ears."Hey!! How are you", I said as I sat beside her.She smiled at me and removed the ear piece from ears."What were you saying?", She asked innocently.I laughed at her and took her hands in mine and stared at her face."I said how are you doing", I smirked."Fine! I guess", she said."Uhm!! What about the lady that followed us here?", She asked."You mean Adriana", I asked her." Uhm!! Yeah, I don't really know her name but she's kinda hot", I said frankly." I sent her back immediately we got to my house in London", I said." I've never brought a lady into my house before", I said looking at her.She looked awe." Any reason
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Chapter 10
"you would never stop being curious, won't you?", I smirked at her.She rolled her eyes at me."That's why you love me", she giggled."  Drake and I kissed", I said looking at her.She gasped. " Really, you mean you both went deeper". She gazed at me."Uhm!, Yeah, like I kissed him back", I said as my cheeks was getting hot."Oh! My God, Ammy!! You are blushing", she said almost crying." I thought I would never see you this way", she said as she sniffles.I laughed at her." Come on, stop being like that", I whined."Do you like him?", She asked.My cheeks literally burned up." I- I don't know yet", I stammered.The truth is I liked Drake but I don't really want to get too involved in it and later being broken up.I wouldn't like that situati
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