The Deserted Wife

The Deserted Wife

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The Deserted Bride Book 2 After marrying the superstar Shane Vargas, Audrey Fuentes thought her love life would be colorful like those in fairy tales- ending in a grand and lovely wedding, and they would live happily ever after. But it wasn’t the case, Audrey’s life became harder. Her married lif

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1
The endless chopping sound whenever the knife touched the chopping board was only getting louder while time passed by. Followed by the bristling noise from the meat thrown in the pan with oil, the open tap with flowing water and its gushing sound in the sink from time to time, turned the kitchen into stadium-like while an orchestra played a delicate, quiet war song. The conductor was no other than the head chef, Audrey, who stayed up for two nights since she came back from her honeymoon trip, did nothing but experiment with dishes in Nathan’s place. She prepared the food from breakfast to supper without taking a bite for herself. Her long hair was tied in a bun, wrapped with a hairnet, and this made her look neat yet messy at the same time. The dark circles around her swollen eyes were visible even from afar. Her lips were chapped and dry, and her face was pale. Overall, she looked distressed.
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Chapter 2
“Welcome back, Miss Audrey.”The housekeeper and the housemaids greeted in unison when Audrey stepped out of the car. She drove herself home alone after what happened. Audrey said nothing in response and straightly trod the way to her room, not the master’s bedroom, leaving the others inside the house clueless on what she was behaving about.She slumped her chest on the bed and there, she burst into tears. She felt sick and anguished. It was never in her wildest dream that Shane would actually say something scrupulous right after they went back to the city from their honeymoon.At first, she thought the man was only going to drop by on the company or maybe meet up with his manager after a month of leave he took to spend their honeymoon. Shane told her to call the house and ask someone to fetch her at the airport, but she refused and insisted on coming with him. It was the first time after they got married that Shane yelled at her sa
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Chapter 3
Audrey hastily sat up when she heard a series of knocks on the door. Her hand automatically grabbed something around to wipe her tears. She stared at the wet part of the pillowcase and sighed. *knock* *knock* “Coming!” she yelled to let anyone know outside that she’s on her way to open the door. She swallowed a lump in her throat before pulling the door inside to see who was disturbing her sentimental moments. As much as possible, Audrey didn’t want to face anyone but in the back of her mind, she was hoping that the person behind the door was Shane who was ready to apologize and tell her that it was all an act. She would forgive him of course, and everything should go back to the way they used to be during their honeymoon trip. Her anticipation dropped from 101 to 0 when she found the housekeeper standing outside the room, holding a phone in her hand with a worried expression painted on her face.<
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Chapter 4
“Auddie? Someone’s looking for you outside. Should I let him in?” Audrey woke up to Nathan’s gentle pat on her cheeks. She could also hear him calling her and mentioning someone who was looking for her. She opened her eyes slowly as they seemed to protest her idea of waking up already. Her head was feeling fuzzy with a few memories from a few days ago haunting her in sleep. Audrey felt restless when she realized she couldn’t settle her mind at ease even while sleeping. The thick blanket fell on the floor when she pulled herself up while rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands. “Nathan? Were you calling me?” Audrey asked softly. She sounded sleepy though she didn’t yell at the blond after waking her up. Nathan nodded his head while looking at her wearily. Audrey could tell something was the matter, but she only heaved a sigh. What else could be the problem other than any
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Chapter 5
Audrey subconsciously raised a brow upon hearing what her husband called her. She couldn’t help but pull a sneer at him when their eyes met. ‘Baby?’ she thought.  “How many babies you have?” Audrey blurted out. “I heard you’re expecting a newborn baby seven months from now,” she added. Shane looked tired and devastated, for whatever reason why he was like that, Audrey had a very tiny interest. “Baby, I can explain…” he muttered with his begging eyes. He was dressed so well like he always did but still looking like a mess. “Can… Can we go somewhere else?” He suggested as he peeked behind her. Audrey moved her head slightly to the side and noticed Nathan and Francesca through her peripheral vision. She sighed and nodded to Shane before leading the way. She used to walk behind him as she enjoyed looking up at his back. It didn’t
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Chapter 6
“Stephanie is indeed pregnant,” Shane confirmed after Audrey asked him about the singer’s pregnancy scandal. They just finished having a sumptuous dinner when her husband led the way to the other side of the garden where the city lights could be seen, like glittering mountains of treasures in the night. The view was breathtaking but the atmosphere in them was only getting more intense.Audrey didn’t waste any time and started a conversation about the actor’s involvement in Stephanie’s pregnancy. She started shooting him questions she badly needed to be answered. “She just started her acting career, and we’re under the same company. Her pregnancy would ruin her whole career, and I was tasked to help her out. It was the company’s request, Audrey,” Shane added.“I never thought you’d be so dedicated to the company to the extent that you’ll neglect your wife’s feelings over the said ‘problem’ you need to handle. But it's okay. I guess it’s fine as long
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Chapter 7
“Damn!” Shane kicked the stone from where he stood when he could no longer see the lights from his car which Audrey drove to get away from him. He was so mad that he intended to throw anything that caught his attention. The flowers and other ornamental plants in the pots ended up scattered on the ground as he kept breaking them. He was close to losing his mind when his phone started ringing. Shane checked who’s calling and was relieved it his manager and not Stephanie. Ever since he agreed to play along with the company, the latter would always call him to check his whereabouts like a demanding wife.“Lucy,” he muttered when he answered the call.The person on the other line didn’t respond which confused him. Lucy would always start with her award-winning yells whenever he did something without informing him. And having a press conference a few days ago after he came back from his honeymoon was one of those things he did without letting her manager
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Chapter 8
The melancholic song played in the car’s stereo filled was Audrey’s companion during the night drive. After parking by the roadside for almost half an hour to cry her heart out and compose herself, Audrey decided to go back to Nathan’s place instead. She thought of something important she needed to tell the other regarding her newly started business. Audrey realized she needed a break. The leisure moments she had for a week with Shane seemed not to be enough. For her, those merry days felt like it happened decades ago.She had been driving for more than an hour and was entering the city borders when her phone kept ringing. Audrey moved her hands around to grab her pouch sitting on the passenger’s seat with her eyes still on the road. The car accident years ago hadn’t completely faded from her memory yet. It would occasionally remind her to be careful when she’s in front of the steering wheel. After struggling to reach her pouch, Audrey pulled over the car to the sid
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Chapter 9
“Audrey?” It was the same as the old times. The voice that Audrey missed for so long.“Nanny? Yes, it’s me, Audrey.” She tightly held on the rails for support. Other than her parents, Audrey had been dependent on her Nanny Esther. The old maiden spent her youth taking care of her mother and later, she was there for her when her parents weren’t around.“Oh my! I received your wedding invitation but I’m too old to travel. Have you received my gift? I’m missing you so much and my days are numbered now,” Nanny Esther laughed on the other line. She still cared for her despite her old age.“I missed you too, Nanny. The wedding went well and I just came back from a short vacation with my husband,” Audrey told her. Her nanny was the first person to find out that she had a crush on Shane when they were younger. And the elder would tell her mom about it.“It was Shane, right? I’m so happy that you ended up together,” Nanny Es
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Chapter 10
The swift wind blowing Audrey’s hair tickled her neck. She smiled as she held on to the dark coffee-colored hat she was wearing. It was around 7 in the morning and the sun was gradually rising, gracing the earth another pleasant sunny day. A small smile curved on her lips as she headed out to the arrival area and gazed around to find anyone familiar. Her face lightened when she saw the elder woman standing in the corner while holding a placard with her name written on it. Audrey chuckled at the scene.“Nanny!” Audrey waved her hand as she pulled her suitcase and walked towards an elder woman. She watched her turned in her direction and with an unbelieving happy smile, the elder waved her hands back at her.“Audrey, you’re here. I was so worried to send anyone else to pick you up, so I did. My nephew tends to joke around, and I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around him,” Nanny Esther said, clipping the placard under her arm and sought her for
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