Lovesick Beggar

Lovesick Beggar

By:  Ifveen  Updated just now
Language: English
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To refuse a marriage proposal from an ugly billionaire, Riley challenged him to marry a beggar rather than him. Later, she was threatened to lose her family, she has no choice but to marry a beggar, It turned out Beggar is handsome and quite considerate too. What she never imagined was the devil billionaire has set up a trap for her. Get into the story to know what the ugly billionaire has set up for her. Follow the story of Christian evercast and Riley brown and watch them fall in love with each other. ********************************************* Book cover:Saii Designs F: @saidesigns ********************************************* Special Mention: Don't forget to check out my Friend's books: 1. To Love A Luna 2. Ascension of A Gamma

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    109 chapters
    The 111th proposal.
    Chapter-1-111th proposal."A hero will fight till the last time." [Christian]Whoever wants to win in his life, must have patience and determination to make it happen. Put your efforts and Try! If you fail, then try again. And then Again. Complete your every task with sheer determination. And You will surely win. ---------------------------------------------------------------

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    The ruined evening.
    "Create a situation where failure isn't even a possibility." [Christian]That was the mantra of Christian Evercast. What he wanted, he would have it, whatever the way is!________________________________________It was evening, Her colleagues had left the office and Riley was just going to go home too. But Alas! When happened according to what she wanted?"Miss Riley we met again."Riley cursed in her head, it was a bad day.Exasperated she sighed heavily and turn around to glare at the stupid assistant of The motherfucker( yeah you got that right, PA of Christian)."What do you want?" She almost barked at his poor assistant.But then, it wasn't her fault, So she Squared her shoulders and gave her the fiercest glare she could muster to the poor assistant.However, PA didn't even flinch at her glare and said in a respectful tone, "Miss Riley, I
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    Beggar's home.
    "Do not take decisions while you are standing at the barrel of a shotgun."[Riley Brown].Christian enjoyed the kiss thoroughly while Riley was mortified. She bit on his lips with all her strength.Letting out a muffled groan he left her. Blood oozed from the corner of his mouth.Riley took deep breaths to calm her heart. She was blushing. Her response to the kiss spoke volumes.'Well, he would have preferred more wetter kiss with more tongue than the one that they shared At the time. But he will let it slide this time because it was there the first kiss.' Christian thought inwardly.Glaring at him fiercely Riley cried out "You...You took my first kiss away."Hearing that Christian raised the corner of his lips and wiped the blood gracefully and said almost sounding guilty "Oh Sorry. B
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    Dinner with beggar husband.
    "Your patience when you have her, For her; defines you."Ever since Christian came to know the meaning of parents, He had been fond of his father. Although his way of showing fondness was different. His mother, Rachel Evercast died giving birth to him. His mother had some complications in pregnancy but she wanted to keep him. For years, Rachel Evercast had prayed for a baby boy,  So, when She came to know about him, she decided to suffer complications during her pregnancy in silence. When His father, Thomas came to know about it. It was too late. After welcoming Christian earlier the time, Thomas and Rachel named him "Christian."He still remembers vividly, his father's words.
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    Dinner with beggar-2
    "No matter what ‘home’ means to you, there is surely something nostalgic about the place we call home. It’s the place where we eat, the place with friends and family, decorations that help remind us of special memories and it’s the place we make our own. "“The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”________________________________________She rubbed her eyes and looked around, the living room sure had changed since the morning.Christian's innocent and warm smile dazzled Riley and for a while, her eyes were enthralled by his beauty. Looking at him, she was struck by a familiar feeling, which was too fleeting to be noticed even by herself.A weird sound broke the fleeting silence between Christian and Riley. Her face flushed when she saw an understanding smile creeping on Christian's face."Are you laughing at me? Didn't you know that it is normal for one's
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    Furious Beggar.
    "Some lovers are fated to be together to fight." [Ifveen]'Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. And The best thing in life is to hold onto each other' __________________________________________When Christian stepped into the bedroom. He saw Riley thinking something deeply. To gain her attention, Christian cleared his throat and asked in a hoarse voice." What do you wanted to ask me, Honey?""I..."How much do you earn daily Mindy?""What?"I asked you, "How much do you earn daily?""Ah. About 10 to 100 dollars. It depends.""So<
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    Slapping him.
    "A fit of anger is as fatal as a dose of arsenic to life."'You can not get angry unless you care about something. It is impossible to feel anger without love. Understanding this on a deeper level and developing the ability to witness this within yourself is self-awareness.'________________________________________Why is life so hard?it gave her false hopes over almost everyone. Riley tried to always do good. She always prayed that she never became a source of pain to anyone. But what was the use?When every time she was the one who was going to get hurt badly. Then again realization may be cruel but at least truth is across her eyes.But why did her heartfelt heavier to interpret it? She wanted to treat him well but he ruined it.Riley was furious, she wanted to punch him, slap him, curse him, and whatnot. At least if he truly wanted companionship, He could have talked to her. Before Forcibly Kissing her. Her first k
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    Planning and plotting by beggar.
    "Playing by the rules was never on his list."[Christian]Christian was always a man who sing you the rules and who ready you to break them according to his convenience. He was both. He was a different person to different people,Cold to unknownCompetent to businessmen Loving to his familyMysterious to a lotBut who he wasNo one truly knew.He wanted to build a home of paradise for Riley, But since he allowed her to have the power to decide. She chose to paint a distinct home. However, he will,l never allow her to leave him. That was never her power to decide. He will make sure her idea of divorcing him will be drowned. He was never a perfect man, but what he wanted was his. No matter how good he wanted to be but there will always be goals that may make him evil. Christian sighed to himself, since she decided to divorce him, he will make sure she will
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    Mother's call.
    "Create a situation where failure isn't a possibility." [Christian]That was the mantra of Christian Evercast. He never knew what failure was! because it wasn't his choice since childhood. Life does throw us sometimes like a ball and We weep, drive away from our beliefs, and get knocked out of the way. Yet we try to make it work. Because we know, we don't have another option. it'd happen with every one of us. For everyone._______________________________________And it wasn't like he was an innocent man. He had completed his Ph.D. degree in business management at the best university in New York at such a small age. How could he be Stupid enough to let his love go? He would never let her go, even if he had to work bloody hard to retain her with him.The next morning hopped in soon than expected for Riley Brown. She wasn't able to make more of her sleep like she usually does after faci
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    Ruined by a beggar.
    "It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."                          Benjamin Franklin. ...'Reputation is what we build for a society to live in. It is decided by other people concerning your actions, Yet it is ruined just for a single wrong move. However, God is the only one who forgives you for every wrong deed. Indeed God is the most merciful and the one you should regard to live accordingly.'________________________________________"Hey what happened?" Christian eventually asked when he glanced at her and saw her panicking. She was alright before the call. "Um. Mom told me" she gave him a slight glance and diverted her eyes from him to the small television that was placed in the corner.His head scrunched up seeing her crying face, obviously, at the television.
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