She Denied

She Denied

By:  Niharika Nafisa  Completed
Language: English
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He raped me. Not for once, but several times. The first time, I could scream, I could plead to him. However, it wasn't the same afterwards. I had to stop screaming for help when he jumped over me like a hungry animal, I couldn't plead to stop him. Because then he became my husband.He was given the right to do whatever he wanted with me. And I wasn't given the right to stop him.Unlike other women, I didn't choose to be a slave of my husband. I didn't fall for my husband.

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198 chapters
Disclaimer: This book deals with mature content, eg: drug addiction, rape scenes. While the author has taken great lengths to ensure the subject matter is dealt with compassionately and respectfully it may be troubling for some readers. Discretion is advised. Ivanna      It’s the 10th day of my marriage. And the 10th time he showed his so-called rights on me. He says he loves me, he can do anything for me. In return, he wants me every day, or I can say every night. Is it love? Is this how a man defines his love?      He never asked me what I wan
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Ivanna There's one more year left to complete the final semester. I'm trying my best to work on my studies and job both at the same time. Still, I'm lagging in studies because of my shift. I work in a call centre in the night shift, most of the time I'm found yawning in the class and sometimes sleeping on the last bench. I had good grades until my father died. He was the only support system for us. I never had to think about money and expenses. My mum never had to worry about monthly expenditures. Life became a complete mess after dad was expired.  I'm counting the number of days that are left to finish my studies. I'll have to focus on my job completely to support my family. I tear down the page of my journal where I was making a plan of upcoming days. I knew making a timetable is useless when I have to spend half of the day in college and half
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Chapter 2 [ STRANGER ]
Ivanna We chatted for an hour. He talked about his graduation, failed attempts at getting a job, new pieces of tunes for this week. I too shared everything I went through the whole week.  He drops me at my place by the afternoon. I get down from his car which he bought a few months back, it is a secondhand one still works well. I had convinced him to buy one so that he doesn't miss his piano classes since it's a long way from his college to piano classes.     "Wait for me tomorrow", he says, hugging me gently.    "I'll be waiting", I smile and we share a short kiss. I hope we will get time a have a deep one tomorrow. I'm craving for it.  I walk into my home as he leaves for his place.Read more
Chapter 3 [ HIS DOMINANCE ]
Ivanna        "Where are you going?", the stranger inquires.    "No.. Nowhere", I stammer, being confused about what I should answer. He keeps looking at me with his strange gaze which is making me uncomfortable with every passing second.      "Babe", I hear Christian's voice as he joins me, holding my waist. I feel relieved to get him by my side. I don't have a habit of meeting people, especially strangers haunt me. "Good Evening, Mr Adavan", he greets the stranger.    "Good evening, Christian", Adavan smirks as he finally drives his eyes away from me. I sigh, he better not to do that again. I'm not gonna stay here if he keeps doing it.   "Here's my girlfriend Ivanna", he squeezes my shoulder.  Read more
Chapter 4 [ ESCAPED? ]
Ivanna "Excuse me?", I bark while Christian is still confused with his behaviour.     "You have just styled your hairs. They shouldn't get ruined", Adavan finishes his drink. Now he is getting on my nerves. I have just met him 30 minutes ago and he is behaving the way as if he owns me. I don't mind Christian touching my hairs or anywhere in my body. But I do have a problem with Adavan making me feel uncomfortable.     "You don't need to worry about my hairs. And it doesn't look good to speak between a couple. I hope you know that", I harshly tell him, shooting him a glare. But he smiles mysteriously. Is he a psychopath or what?     "Baby, that's ok. Don't be hyper", Christian pats my back. Adavan leaves the place taking another glass fro
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Chapter 5 [ CLAIMED ]
Ivanna "Sorry. I didn't get you", Christian says in a confused tone.    "Chris!", I grab his shoulder. "Should we leave now?"   "Yeah. But we…"   "Please, don't take more time. I'm feeling sleepy", I tell him, trying to ignore Adavan as much as I can.    "Ok. I need to take your leave", Christian tells Adavan.   "Sure. See you soon", Adavan shakes his hand with Christian then turn to me. "Sleep well, Ivanna" I look at him for the last time and walk away with Christian. I walk faster to leave that place as soon as possible. I don't wanna see his creepy face ever in my life again. We walk to the car and Christian opens the door for me. I hurriedly get inside and fasten the seatbelt.&nbs
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Ivanna A new morning, a new day, a new hope but the same old schedule of mine. I'm tired of all shit. I'm hating weekdays now. There was a time when I used to hate weekends because it kept me away from my school, friends and obviously Christian. I send a 'Good Morning' message to him before leaving the bed. And yeah, now I love weekends since it gives me some rest. My last weekend ended with a horrible experience in the firm. Thankfully, Christian was there for me. Otherwise, I would've died there. While thinking about it Adavan's face flashes into my mind. Ugh! His creepy face. I don't wanna imagine. I better focus on my classes now.  I put my casual outfit and get ready for college. Meanwhile, mum calls me to have breakfast. I rush to the dining room with my backpack. 
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Chapter 7 [ TRAPPED AGAIN ]
Ivanna     "What?", I scream at Christian on the call. "They dumped my dress? Are you kidding me?" I realise I'm in the classroom and everyone is looking at me since I yelled inside the classroom like an idiot.     "I'm sorry", Christian mutters. "I didn't know they would do something like this", his voice shakes.      "Why are you being sorry? I had told you to leave hurriedly. It was my stupidity that I didn't change. Moreover, what kind of behaviour is this? How can they throw away my dress? They forced me to change, they have no right to do something like this", I am fum
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Chapter 8 [ FIRST MOVE ]
Adavan It was unexpected for me to see her in front of my eyes. She has worn a black sleeveless top and blue denim shorts. The first thing that caught my eyes when I saw her was her milky white smooth legs. I couldn't see them last night as she had worn a gown. She becomes nervous, seeing me in front of her. I step towards her as she drops her clothes on the floor in nervousness.      "I'm…sorry", she stammers as her smooth pink lips tremble in trepidation. "I didn't know it's your room" I keep walking towards her, losing myself again in her breathtaking beauty. She nervously steps behind. My legs stumble upon her clothes and I go on my knees to take them. She keeps staring at me ner
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Chapter 9 [ ENTERED ]
Ivanna I come out of my dream world and drive his hands away from me. His offer has made me happy enough still, I'm not sure if I will be able to do that or not. I leave the chair and face him.         "Can I get some time? I don't have spare time in my schedule so, I'll have to manage my time table", I tell him as he passes me a reactionless look. It doesn't look good to keep an offer pending when you're getting it without any trouble. However, in my case, it's totally different.     "Sure, take your time", he tells me. "But make sure you don't make a delay since it's a short time offer for you", he reminds.     "I'll let you know as
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