Untamed Love

Untamed Love

By:  MeowCat24  Ongoing
Language: English
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Have you ever been so much in love with someone,that you don't want this person to see or talk to anyone not even her family?That kind of obsession that makes you insane..well that's how Dylan Cole feels for Hayley Dean since they had one night full of passion..His heart tells him this is the best and greatest feeling ever,but his mind knows the difference between wanting what he can’t have and wanting what he shouldn’t want. And he shouldn’t want her as she's a human and he's a..werewolf...A story full of lust,passion,suspense,and forbidden love between a human and a werewolf..!

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128 chapters
Chapter 1 : The newcomer
26 January,Last year at Heden High haha!I've waited this for so long !I'll have to achieve my goals,as i want to study at the Faculty of Medicine in Eastbrun.Hey! My name's Hayley Dean..yeah i'm a typical 22 years old girl.Mom has prepared breakfast before going to work.Wow! Pancakes!And ohhh...mapple syrup..my favourite!I had my breakfast ,took a shower ,combed my long dark hair into a bun,put my glasses on and my clothes.I stared at myself one last time in the mirror,and felt satisfied.."Yes!You'll make it Hayley Dean,today's your first day at school,try to be cool,ha.."I'm that kind of nerdy school girl who sit in the corner of a room amidst all the popular people in the school. I know they have better social life, giant friends circles, and that they are already winning the affection of boys who were, as you would call them, the “bad boys”.I have only one friend,Daisy Chow...well i had..we don't see each other very often now as sh
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Chapter 2 : Who's that guy?
On my way home,i saw Dylan.He was wandering in the woods,and kind of sniffing trees..He's weird..But i don't want to be too friendly with him after that humiliation.I continued my way but heard steps following me."Uh..who is it.."I felt a hard grip around my wrist,i turned around..and it was Dylan."Ouchh..what..are you mad?"His face had no expression,he continued to hold my wrist tightly,slammed me into a wall and looked straight in my eyes.I can smell his cologne as he gets closer,he looked at me like he's going to kill me."Stay away from me,i don't want to hurt you" he said with a greedy voice."What the hell,you're the one following me and harassing me..let me go.."He bit my lips with anger,and smelled my neck like a greedy beast..What the hell is wrong with this boy..I don't want to have any kind of relationship with him..i pushed him with all my strength ..and slapped him hard..i noticed his eyes becoming red..and he
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Chapter 3 : Long night drive
We drove for about two hours,and it's getting dark.I almost fell asleep by the warmth of his body.I got even closer and sniffed his cologne.It smelled dry and warm,like a peefect mixture of sandalwood, patchouli and cardamom.I could eat him,he smelled so good.I smiled to myself.He noticed my witty smile."Hey,what are you smiling at?" He smiled,.I could clearly see his perfect deep dimples through the mirror.I pulled myself together and looked around.It was dark,there were no cars on this road.I heard like waves,but far away,i'm not even sure what it was."Nothing..where are we going?It's getting late,what should i say when i get home?""Tell them you were with a boy.What's wrong?" he laughed."Ohh do you think that i should go home and say 'hey mom whats up,i'm late because i was with a weird boy,oh and guess what,i had a long night drive on his bike,are you proud osf me?' ..stupid ..do you think it's easy..?""Hahaha ..ohh..the whole..nerdy starter pa
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Chapter 4 : Is he really a bad guy?
I tried so hard to push him away ,but he's too strong .I accidentally stepped in his feet and fell.. into his arms.Oohh silly me! It's as if i'm trying to give myself to him on a silver platter! How can a boy like Dylan fall for a girl like me!? We're just too different after all..He has all the girls at his feet..except me of course..he hangs out with the popular guys at school,he's one bad boy owning a magnificent motorcycle,he's mysterious,bold,hot..and i'm just..the crazy nerdy with her big spectacle,messy hair and braces like fencing! All the boys at school think i'm dumb..why would he think differently?I raised my hands,slowly..and tried to slap him but in vain! He suddenly blocked my attack and had a hard grip on my hand.He laughed out loud. This bastard is again making fun of me! Am i a clown?!?"Hahaha..hey stop it! What do you think you'll do,with those thin little hands!They seem so fragile,did you eat recently?They look like a loaf of bread hahaha! I'm sure
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Chapter 5 : Twilight
16 February, 11:17pmDylan is wandering in the deep dark forest,like a lost little puppy.It was full moon,and the cool silvery moon fascinated him.The glorious moon was shining in the sky,accompanied by twinkling stars that looked like little fairies.He stared at his own shadow in the moon light like a lone lost soul .He then jumped on an old oak branch.Jumping upward from one branch to the other,like a wild cat.He was now at the top..it's very high..He's sitting up there,staring at the moon as if he's being attracted by a sort of mythical magnet.He suddenly hear dry leaves were rustling and cracking downward,but he wasn't surprised at all.The rustling sounds came closer and closer,and he can clearly hear someone climbing the trees lighning fast.Dylan scratched his forehead and smiled to himself."Haha..am i supposed to be afraid? I know you're here! Show yourself!"As soon as he said this,a huge silhouette appeared behind him.It came closed and the moonlit
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Chapter 6 : Wakefullness
I'm going in circles in my bed and it's almost midnight .The clock which is hanged on the wall is ticking slowly.I'm home alone and mom has a long shift at work.I'm still day-dreaming about Dylan Cole..And also still fantasizing about his delicious juicy lips,his good kissing skills and his flirtatious smile.I'm sure that he has a lot of girls at his feet,starting with that shrew Sara Risings! Of course i'm not jealous..but he's too handsome,how can girl resist to that beauty.If perfection was a person,it would certainly be him.He's so classy in his leather jacket and..ohhh..his leather jacket!He put it on my shoulders before we drove home!Damn! He forgot it! Well i'll wash it and give it to him this Monday at school..My mind is too confused that's why i'm not being able to sleep. I jumped out of bed and put on my slippers,took Dylan's jacket and sniffed it.It's as if i'm looking for his aphrodisiac frangrance.I inhaled hard..his cologne's fragrance makes me estatic..I
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Chapter 7 : Church isn't just for sinners
Ohhhh...it's sunday and like a good Catholic girl I went to church (almost) each Sunday and I also just concentrate on the mass,nothing else.I went to the church lonely,as mom was sleeping because of her long shift.Every time i went to church ,my dresscode isn't the same like everyday.I wanted to wear something cute,like a dress. I choosed an A-line sleeveless laced pink dress. And of course, the dress hits right on my knees. I would stay away from dresses that are too short or too tight.I've added a white cardigan, a pearl necklace,my high heels and a simple pair of earing.I had a smoky eye,i've removed my glasses of course,and also some nude shade lipstick.And some mascara..And for my hair i've tied it into a big elegant bun.The church was filled with the smell of dying flowers. Its stone walls captured the warm summer breezes that washed over its neighboring garden, carrying with it stolen lilac perfume and a searching scent of magnolia blossoms, sickly sweet after
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Chapter 8 : Speak of the devil
"Well well well..Dear Miss Hally Drone!What a coincidence finding you here!"Hally Drone? Who the hell is he talking about? Did he dared mispell my name?Grrrr..i hate it when people mispell my name.I clenched my fist,rolled my eyes at him,then crossed my arms,exhale slowly while sulking..He grinned ,his chin down,he crossed his arms and laughed .He found it funny! Of course,he always find that stuffs that upset me are funny! Everyone around stared at us.Maybe they're thinking that we're a couple and we just fought.He pinched my chin and smiled at me .Oh my God ,what a sexy smirk!"You're such a witty girl you know! Hey don't get upset! Not here! Not now! Didn't you hear about the Priest's sermon lately? Or..you didn't listen to a single word he was saying..?!" He winked at me."You need to get rid of these negative thoughts ..inhale positivity..uuuhmmm..exhale negativity...hhhaaaah..." he tapped on my shoulder .I rolled my eyes at him becau
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Chapter 9 : He got guts
I kind of have a knot in my gut.I suddenly lost all sense of hope..also i wasn't hoping or wishing that there'll be "something" between us..Does that mean that he has a girl?Or does that mean that he has some side chicks everywhere,and that he's trying to include me in it..?Or maybe he's just cheating on an innocent girl who trusted him,who gave him all her time,love and affection..I just hope that he's not cheating on anyone behind their backs..because it hurts so much..i know what i'm talking about..But if it is not the case then i hope that he's not flirting with everything that moves,just because he's sexy,handsome and..a bad guy.Jealous?Huh! Who's talking about jealousy,of course i'm not jealous at all..but i still don't know why i felt as if the sky is about to crash on me.I knew i should'nt have fell for him..These guys just come and go; they always come messing up ,enjoy with you,with your feelings and body,and as soon as they're satisfied they just drop you in
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Chapter 10 : The other side of Dylan
I was a bit nervous being here alone at the bar..i mean,i've never been in such a place it's something new for me.There were some other people at the tables nearby; who were drinking and chatting.I picked my phone from my handbag.Damn!Mom hasn't called yet!Suddenly i felt a strong hand patting my right shoulder.I didn't turn because i knew it was Dylan."Oh Dylan,that was quick!"He didn't answered but came closer instead.I can feel his warm breath,near my ears..he reeked of alcohol and garlic.Well that's weird because he was sober when he left..I just hope he won't drive in such condition!I turned to face him and to my surprise ,it wasn't Dylan!The man in front of me was around 5′7 and had a roughly average but slim build. He was a brunette with dark brownish hair that ranges from slightly curly at the front to being long and wavy and also possessed wide and expressive brown eyes and an average complexion.He touched my c
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