My Human Mate

My Human Mate

By:  E.Bismar  Ongoing
Language: English
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He is arrogant.He is powerful.People around me call him Alpha. And he has a secret. ---------- Broken and betrayed, Ella Merlyn Scott moved to a small town with her mother to forget her past and move on. She transferred to the town's university, wherein she met him. Blaze Matthew Reese, a soon to be Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack an arrogant, conceited jerkface whom Ella hate. But everything changed when she discovered his secret.

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28 Chapters
Chapter One
Ella glanced at the wall of her room for the last time. She picked the handle of her luggage and closed the door behind her. She went down the stairs, seeing her mother waiting for her patiently.“Did you already fixed your things?” her mother asked. Ella smiled and gently nodded her head.Read more
Chapter Two
The sound coming from the car's radio was the one that kept Ella awake the whole ride. They left their previous home hours ago after the agent settled all the necessary papers. Ella’s mother applied to the vet clinic in the town and got accepted. The place was called Blue Moon, it was small, but it had all their needs. “Are we there yet?” Ella asked while watching the trees danced with the wind.Read more
Chapter Three
Instead of going to the bathroom as Ella originally planned, she went to a small patio in the back of the house. It’s facing the dark forest, beneath the gleaming light of the moon. Ella sat on the stainless steel chair and stared at the starry sky.A bone-chilling howl erupted from the forest. Ella looked around while gripping the chair handle. She couldn’t believe wolves are living inside the dark forest. Ella snapped out of her thoughts when the door opened.“Ella, why are you here?” Elisa asked her daughter. Ella looked at her and worriedly smiled. “Come inside, its cold out here,
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Chapter Four
A sudden knock on the door woke Ella up. She rubbed her bleary eyes and glanced at the windows of her room. The sun has already risen and the birds were chirpings inside the forest. “Ella, you need to prepare for school now,” her mother said outside the room. Ella groaned and covered her face with a large pillow. The school was tiresome for her but she couldn’t ignore it. At the very least, she wanted to graduate and help her mother. “Ella, it’s your first day in your new school. It would be very bad if you’re late,” Elisa said an
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Chapter Five
Ella looked at the boy in front of him like he grew another head. She tilted her head and her frown deepened.“Excuse me?” she managed to say. Blaze stiffened and he cleared his throat.“Say sorry,” he said. Ella raised her eyebrow, confused, waiting for him to say another word. "You don't understand?" Blaze smirked at her and leaned closer. Ella can already smell his minty breath. Being close to him makes her stomach churned and heart beats faster. She immediately took a step backward furthering their
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Chapter Six
On her fourth day at school, it became worst. Ella's plan to become invisible the whole year was gone. Every time she meets the students in the hall or the corridor, they greet her with all smiles. It frustrates her because she doesn't know why they are doing it."Ella!" Gwen shouted. Ella facepalmed, Gwyneth's annoying her again. For the past days, she was consistently following her around. Ella tried to be mean to her as much as she can, but Gwen won't budge."Let's go together. Classes were canceled," she happily said and clung on Ella's arm. "They said there's a program on the gymnasium today," Gwen added with a huge grin plastered on her face. Ella rolled her eyes inwardly. She woke up early to go to school, finding out there are no classes, her irritat
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Chapter Seven
"Just stop it, Blaze!" she said, irritated. When Blaze wasn't in school, Ella had a peaceful life, but today her peaceful world is in turmoil again. When she entered the gate earlier, the first thing she saw was Blaze's annoying face. "Admit it first, love," he said cheekily. Ella rolled her eyes while crossing her arms over her chest.  Read more
Chapter Eight
Ella woke up earlier than she expected. She lazily got up and went to the bathroom. She looked at the mirror that was on the inside and sighed. Dark circles were visible under her eyes. It was the result of having trouble sleeping at night. Ella stepped into the shower and let the water pour on her body. She closed her eyes and images of Blaze's face flashed through her mind."I'm going crazy," she muttered under her breath. Ella turned the dial off and stepped out, grabbing her towel
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Chapter Nine
It’s been days since the kiss happened between Ella and Blaze at the clinic. Blaze didn’t give up and kept pursuing Ella. She was irritated at first and tried to avoid him, but now Ella got accustomed to Blaze following her around every day. “Blaze, stop!” Ella said and laughed, grabbing the dice away from Blaze&rsquo
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Chapter Ten
Blaze hurriedly went home and slammed the door to his room, real hard. He cursed and punched the wall in front of him, repeatedly. If it wasn't for Caleb stopping him, Blaze could have gone to Ella. Caleb said to him that he knows Ella won't listen to any words he has to say."Stupid, Blaze!" Blaze's wolf angrily said. "I told you to dismiss that girl, but you still talk to her!" his wolf added. Blaze slumped on the ground while pulling his hair. "I know, bud. I'm sorry," Blaze said. The kiss caught Blaze off guard, but it didn't mean anything to him. Tracie – the girl who kissed her was just a little sister for him. Blaze doesn't love her nor likes her romantically. "Bl
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