Sinful Affair

Sinful Affair

By:  Alexis Dee  Completed
Language: English
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''I know what your job is, to make rich people fall for you.'' He smirked, taking a sip of his wine and sitting in front of me while I sat obediently. ''Then why did you try to come close to me when I'm such a horrible person.'' I tried not to cry, my heart was in pain.''Tell me what kind of girl falls for her boss' boyfriend? the boss who has helped her this much?'' it was a shame, I was guilty and ashamed but I wasn't the only one who was at fault, he did it.''You forced me to be in rel---,'' My words were left in my mouth when he crackled a laugh. ''You believe that?'' there was this smile on his face, making me sick in my stomach. ''Honestly speaking, you were just a bet.'' his words shook the world from under my feet. All this time, I was just a bet? he made me change myself to worse for him, he made me do so many regrettable things, including having an affair with my boss' bf and It was just a bet? I didn't wait to hear any further, marching towards the door I just wanted to escape but he has some wicked plans waiting for me.''Not so soon Kathleen.'' his voice dreaded me to turn and look at him. There was another guy with him, ''you asked for her?'' he gestured towards me. ''Yeah, she escaped from me.'' I recognized his voice, my heart was trembling with fear. I've run so fast to escape from this guy and Ryker just did the worst for me.''Well, she is all yours because I'm bored of her,'' Ryker announced, narrowing his eyes like a monster.

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112 Chapters
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Chapter.1*Mr. Hot*
I silently followed Scarlett as she made her way to her apartment along with the three more girls. The girls sniggered and tittle tattle while I was psyched up in my head to focus on my work only. I can't waste a minute of my life.My brother was my only family left and I was his only hope. My father died as his heart couldn't put up with the betrayal my mother bestowed upon him by running away with her co-worker and that left me and my brother alone. He was my only family, I knew I must do it for him. I knew I had to do anything for him.While we walked I stole a quick glance at everyone's outfit; splendid. I looked like a walking trash among them with the old jeans and a baggy sweater from years ago. Since I couldn't do anything about it, I kept my back upright and elected to rely on my confidence and hard work since they were the my only things in my possession.''Okay, girls these are yo
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''I'm sorry I'm late.'' I rushed inside, thirty minutes tardy yet tripping on my way inside. My long blond hair was wet and I was in my gray yoga pants and black Nike crop top. I was running out of breath as I reached the terrace where they were working out that day. The cold breeze caressing my skin tremored me into scrunching myself together to warm myself while my eyes picked at them working out. ''Don't enter.'' I ceased my foot in midway through entering the terrace at a loud grunt from Ryker. His response knocked me for six. I hadn't stepped in from that glass door yet and he voiced, not even bothering to look at me. His vast back was facing me as I stared at him in surprise. ''I'm so sorry, my alarm didn't go off.'' I lied bluntly, I had to give an excuse to gently stroke his ego. This job was important for me to get the amount that could pay my brother's hospital bills and all the classes I have to take for the job were mandatory. Now that I've alre
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Chapter.3*Cat Fight*
Once I walked out of their apartment someone clobbered her shoulder against mine. The excruciating pain hindered my movement and I took a step back to look at the person's face: Willow. Obviously, it has to be her. I had seen this look on her face every time I came into her sight. "He was right, you shouldn't be acting like a queen. There are certain rules and regulations you must follow." Willow in her smooth accent and sassy attitude muttered. It was the battling of her eyelashes for me that made me cringe. She kept rolling her eyes and passing these diva vibes. The other two girls just silently stood by her side like obedient guards. "Yeah! You are right." I was not in a position to start a fight again. All I wanted at that moment was to just walk with the flow and remain a low profile for at least a few hours. "You should burn some fat too." As I was about to leave, I heard her passing a gibe at me. I halted on my pace, her com
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Chapter.4*Game Of Money*
Well, now that they had enough fun on my behalf, it was my time to stand up for myself. ''I believe in simplicity, I wear what I feel comfortable in, not in what others feel comfortable seeing me in,'' I replied and slowly pushed my hair back from my right shoulder.Of course, I couldn't say, I'm lying because I can't afford a designer dress which was okay as the reason I chose to work in a boutique was to earn in the first place. If I was rich enough to afford designer dresses, I would have never taken this job. I sensed not just the girls, but Ryker stared at me for a moment too, even when I swirled my head back at them, he was still looking at me. He was zoned out in some deep thoughts and I was just an object where his eyes were stuck upon. ''Yeah, but sweetie, we sell clothes. I would want my workers to look pleasing enough for the customers to not only spare glances at them but also compliment your choice.'' Scarlet, being a fashio
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Chapter.5*I Saw Him Secretly*
I was ready to listen to Ryker. But his response was something I didn't expect."Kathleen, I'm sorry to hear that." He continued, keeping his eyes on me. Looking him in the eye gave me shivers down my spine.It seemed as his eyes would only focus at one point and every other thing disappeared from his surrounding, this is how intense his gaze was.His stare was always intense, "and Willow, if you can't understand the meaning of her simple sentence, then how do you aim at understanding fashion?" He shook his head at her lack of empathy towards others. His glare made her squirm in discomfort and focus on her fingers.Ryker didn’t bid his time to hang onto what she had to add and began ingesting his food. Scarlet bowed her head down in her plate, cognizing her boyfriend went totally against everyone, she looked very distracted, and honestly speaking, I didn't expe
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Chapter.6*Not So Perfect*
"Oh my God! Oh my God!" I panicked and who wouldn't? He was standing with his back facing me, an unclothed back. I saw the crack and that cracked my head.I heard his scream but I had quickly closed my eyes by placing my palm on my eyes. I was murmuring random things in hesitation. Thankfully, I didn't see his frontal part, but damn, my heart was racing in my chest."What the hell are you doing here?" He yelled, I felt like he was facing me now but my eyes were closed. Not uttering a sin
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Chapter.7* Unleashed*
 The issue wasn't the contract alone. I had all the hospital bills and my previous job contracts in that file too. There was also this one name written on a piece of paper that could end my whole life if it got exposed. I thought it was easy to keep files together and whenever I need one I would just pull out that one. Never in a million years, I thought I would drop it in his room. If he sees my files, I'm doomed. If anybody sees the files, I will have to run away from this place as well.

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Chapter.8*Devil In Disguise*
I restrained from tailing him by breaking out of his grasp to pull away from him. Once confirmed he wasn't dragging me anymore, I recovered the strength to assert myself.''I'm not going anywhere,'' I stated loudly enough to be heard. I can't let him get his revenge on Scarlet with me. I have no business in their matter, I should not suffer. I was holding onto my chest, keeping my hands prepared to make sure our bodies don’t come in contact. His eyes scanned my face like a hungry beast.''Are you disobeying me?'' the strange look on his face was something worth watching. He looked as if he had seen a ghost, why was it so hard for him to understand? Everything was in front of him. I just simply didn't want to jump in his bed. He knew I had heard their conversation, he really thought I would be okay to be his toy? Or did he take our weird encounters as my attempts to feel him?His broad
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Chapter.9*I Ain't Your Baby*
Unknown: So if you want those files, you know what you have to do.I was back at being in trouble in less than a minute. I knew he didn’t plan on giving me my documents back. In the meanwhile, I determined to feed my empty stomach some food. I am the type of person who eats a lot of anxiety. I slipped in a denim jacket that my brother used to wear and slid my bag’s strap over my shoulder and make my way out of the building. The night was cold but pleasant, seemed like I wasn’t the only one who had left the roof. The streets and roads were filled with people.I marched across the road to the small café where I could buy something not so expensive"Hey, there you go." I handed the money to the fine lady and got my order from her. I walked outside the Cafe and sat down by the pavement to eat something in peace. Can you imagine I was struggling inside my mind to come up with a good idea to get my fi
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