Alpha King's Purchased Bride

Alpha King's Purchased Bride

By:  Midnight Shines  Ongoing
Language: English
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Finding a mate is a blessing that one gets when the Moon Goddess blesses them with a soulmate. It is said that finding a mate has become a myth now because only a handful of wolves have found their mate. Hence, a new custom was made where Alpha males purchased a bride for themselves and that includes the King, however, a King could only purchase an Alpha female as his bride. Violet is the daughter of the Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack, being a part of one of the strongest pack's she has always trained to be a warrior. Although she has to deal with the over-protectiveness of her father and brother because they are always worried she would land in trouble. She lost her mother at the age of 5 and her fierce attitude does nothing to ease the worry of her father and brother. She lives her life like a free bird who doesn't want to get trapped by anyone, she wanted to live her life peacefully and find her true mate. Vincent is a strong Alpha King who rules his people in peace, he had taken over the responsibilities of a King at the age of 13. He is tall, strong, and handsome, his aura carries an air of dominance and strength that would make anyone bow to him. He needs to find himself a bride. No, he has to purchase his bride, an Alpha female to be precise because he is already 21 and hasn't found his mate. Will Violet be able to fight against the unwanted custom and find her happily everafter? Follow their journey to find out.

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11 Chapters
Characters Introduction
Main Characters:Violet Willow Wade - Luna Queen of the Royal Moonstone Pack (Wolf’s name Willa)

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I am standing here in my room wearing a bridal dress, something I always imagined of doing. I always wanted to get married once I find my mate but what I never thought was that I would get married to someone who isn’t my mate and no it’s not what you think. I am not in love with him neither am I pregnant with his child, I am forced to take this decision because I don’t have another option. I can’t see my loved ones suffer, I can’t be selfish especially when they have loved me always and made sure I am happy. I miss my mom a lot and I know somewhere everyone knows this, Melissa has made sure that she is with me all the time, I think she has done everything my mom would do for me. I know she is not happy with my decision too because she knew I wanted to find my mate, I wanted to go out exploring other packs in search of my mate, but here I am leaving everything behind, everything I thought of doing and getting married to someone I hav
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Chapter 1
I was coming back from my morning run to reach on time for my training, I didn't want to be late otherwise I will have to run an extra hundred laps. My brother is in charge of the training today and he is very strict, he doesn't treat me as his sister when I am on the training ground and that's what I love about him but today I don't want to get punished because I have a lot of work to do and that is preparing for his Alpha ceremony. I have to make sure everything is ready and everyone is invited, I don't have a lot of time left, it's only two days later. I heaved a sigh of relief realizing that I reached just on time, I looked around to see almost all of the pack members have arrived and it made me laugh a little at how worried they looked. They must have been worried about the same thing, my brother is indeed very strict and the no one in the pack wanted to get punished by him because his punishments are really brutal. He does that intentionally so members wouldn't come late and e
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Chapter 2
Vincent I was getting ready for breakfast after my morning run, I took a quick shower and grabbed a pair of black dress pants and a white shirt. I really love my morning runs because they make me feel more like myself, I am always calm when I am close to nature. I quickly wore the clothes and blow-dried my hair and gelling them to keep them in place. I don't like it when my hair fall in my eyes so I make sure to gel them every day, I grabbed my golden watch, wallet and phone. Mom makes sure that everything is ready for me, she has been doing it since I was a kid, I love my mom a lot but I wanted it to be my mate doing things for me. I sighed at the thought, I have lost hope on finding my mate a long time ago, I have been waiting for her, I wanted all my firsts to be with her, and after looking for her for two years and still not finding her, I have lost all my hope. My wolf Vince, however, still feels we have a mate, he woul
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Chapter 3
Violet Two days had passed in a blur, I was busy making sure everything for my brother's ceremony was perfect. I love my brother with all my heart, and I only want the best for him, I have had the entire pack help me with the preparations. It was my first time putting an event together, and I was very stressed and nervous about it, I didn't know if I was doing everything right. My mom was never there to teach me, I shook my head as I pushed the sad thoughts away, I know she is in a better place, and I am sure she wouldn't want me to be upset on Fabian's special day. I just prayed and wished I didn't mess anything up, it would embarrass me father, and it would kill me if he were to get embarrassed because of me. I sighed as I looked around once again to make sure if everything was set up properly, I had decided that we could do the ceremony in the back yard connecting to the training arena. It had more space and the fact that
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Chapter 4
I stood frozen in my place for a few seconds before a wide smile spread across my face. I couldn't be happier, my brother has found his mate, and what's better, his mate is my best friend. Thank you Moon Goddess for granting my wish, I wanted nothing more than this for my brother, I have seen him sad every time he saw a pack member showing affection to their mate hoping he could be the one to do it. I know that feeling because I long for mine, nothing could have been better than this because if my brother had found his mate, then it meant, I could go search for mine. I won't be an acting Luna any more, the thought alone brought a wave of happiness and excitement in me. I looked at the two new mates as they looked at each other lovingly, I could see they are doing their best to control themselves and I am really glad that they are not eating each other's faces already blaming it on the bond like I have seen some wolves do, I cleared my throat to grab their attention. Read more
Chapter 5
Vincent It felt like I just closed my eyes when I felt Elvin waking me up telling me we arrived, I sighed running my fingers through my hair. I sighed shaking my head to calm my racing mind praying it's not what I think it is they have called me for. I got down from the car with Elvin following my actions as he walked around locking the car, I looked at the building in front of me, it was a small two story building where the Elders and the werewolf council worked together. "Don't worry, we will figure things out if it really is what we think it is" Elvin assured giving my shoulder a squeeze "You don't have to keep reminding me that" I replied as I walked to the front door with him following right behind me "Don't bite my head off for that now" he replied with a scoff I didn't bother answering him and quietly walked inside making my way to one of the conference ro
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Chapter 6
We have just arrived home after spending almost the entire day at the meeting with the council members. I knew I had to see this day, no matter how much I told myself that I would have move on because I didn't have a mate, my heart refused to listen and co-operate with me. Now to top it off I really have to look for a bride, I don't think I wanted that, but what other option did I have? I thought I would go on a trip to all the packs once again like I did a year ago, maybe this time I can find my mate, but who will leave the pack to? As per werewolf laws, every wolf get an opportunity to go around visiting packs in hopes of finding their mate. I did that too, but I never found my mate, I tried telling myself that maybe my mate wasn't of age, but it did nothing to help the thought that I probably didn't have one. I sighed cursing under my breath as I walked into my office with Elvin right behind me, the pack house was entirely empty reminding
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Chapter 7
I am currently sitting in office trying to sort out the paperwork I have pending since yesterday. I had to make sure I am done before lunch, we are supposed to have lunch together as Li and Fab are coming. Although Li was only coming to get her stuff, but my mother managed to make sure the tradition of inviting our newly mated daughter is followed. These are few little things that make me wonder how does she know what and when to do,it's like she was born to do all these things everyday. I shook my head pushing away the thoughts as I tired to focus on the paperwork. Too bad, I can hardly concentrate on anything because my mind keeps going to back to everything that has happened yesterday. I thought after feeling so tired I will be able to sleep it off, but unfortunately for me, I was barely able to close my eyes. I sighed as I closed the paperwork pushing back in my desk drawer, I don't think I can manage to get it done today, not when I am so conflicted. A knoc
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Chapter 8
I was currently sitting in the living area with Fab and Elvin, I had a good talk with Li and with how her face was glowing at the mention of her mate, I could tell she was happy with Fab. But, as her brother, I still got to make sure she stays happy all her life, I looked at Fab was sitting across the from me on the sofa staring me down as if trying to figure something out. "Are you done watching me?" I asked annoyed by his stare "Not really, but I am almost there" he replied looking serious as hell, what the fuck does that mean? I heard Elvin snicker beside me as he tried to hold on to his laughter "You find this funny, don't you?" I asked glaring at him "To be honest, this shit is kinda funny" he replied shrugging his shoulders as he turned his attention to Fab who was still staring me down "What is that you want?" I asked annoyed turning to glare at the idiot I call my best fr
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