Love Hate Relationship

Love Hate Relationship

By:  Goodness Shadrach  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Three rules: Don't talk to me, Don't touch me, Stay out of my business." Hearing that from her supposed husband on their wedding night, Sasha White or rather Sasha Brown had to question herself about the meaning of marriage. Being married to the handsome billionaire, Michael Brown, Sasha couldn't explain her joy course as fate will have it, she had been crushing on him since their school days but couldn't pursue him due to the fact that it was know the whole school, that he is gay. ------------------------ Contains two books in the series.

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    165 chapters
    Staring at herself in the mirror, Sasha smiled and bit her lower lip seductively, she took the makeup wiper she had brought with her into the bathroom to clean her makeup.Michael will be done any minute now and he will be coming straight to the room, so she had to hurry up and dress herself seductively for him. Damn, she still can't believe it, she, Sasha, married to Michael, the #1 beauty in school? Damn, this feels so much like a dream.She turned on the hot water and stepped into the tub, after relaxing for a while, she sprang to her feet and reached for the liquid soap with lavender fragrance and poured into the water. She lie back in the tub and closed her eyes, breathing in the sweet, sexy fragrance.As she closed her eyes, her thoughts ran wild, why did he suddenly agree to marry her? Could it be that he is hiding his preference to men from
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    Chapter one
    Sasha pulled over in her parents garage, she had received a call from her mom that she should come home and that there is something they want to tell her. She had already had a really stressful day at the office and is definitely not ready to listen to their complain about her not being married. She had already told them times without number that she will get married when the time is right, even she herself don't know when will be the right time. At twenty six, she is not even in any serious relationship, well blame it on the guys, none of them seems to be what they were at first and she is definitely not going to get into a marriage of convenience.She stepped out of the car and walked around it to the porch, she pressed the doorbell and know her mother will complain once she opens the door to find her, she will be like 'what in the world? How many times will I tell you to step ringing the bell once you arrive here? For crying out loud Sasha you are not a stranger' she smile
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    Chapter two
    A week later, Sasha was in a ride with her parents to meet with her soon to be in laws and of course her soon to be husband who is still a mystery to her. She has a nice and scary feeling about this meeting, what if he turns out to be one of her ex who wanted to get back to her for dumping him? What if he is an old acquaintance she had refused to sleep with? Just who is he that he had to accept the proposal to marry her with just a glance?Driving into the country home, her eyes widened, damn, she is getting married into a rich family. They have already passed the gate but was still driving past a lot of trees and flowers, everywhere was green and wow, captivating. After ten to fifteen minutes drive, they pulled over in front of a mansion with fountains every hundred meters from the first and a lot of statues, the house looked like a fairytale palace, surrounded by a lot of greens and flowers, it's beautiful.Sasha wowed in her mind, she was already in love with the buil
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    Chapter three
    "Sasha love, can you over to the house please?" Vanessa said sweetly in the phone and Sasha sighed, it's been nearly two weeks now since she left their home, her wedding date has been fixed, she is to be married coming Saturday. Well, it's not a problem to her only that her husband to be has never called her or even asked to meet with her."Sure mom" she replied and she could swear she felt her smile, calling the woman mom really makes her happy, maybe it's because she never had a daughter, she thought."I'm waiting for you darling" Vanessa replied and hung up the call.Sasha sighed and stared at the document in her hand, she is getting married but not for once had she gone wedding shopping with her husband to be, she has never been asked to select anything on her own. They had this two big wedding planners taking care of everything, talk about getting married into a rich family. She has an estimation of four hundred guests being invited and she wondered what she w
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    Chapter four
    Sasha stared at herself in the mirror, she can't believe that in less than one hour she will be saying 'I do' to her teenage sweetheart, even if he doesn't know she loves him, even if she knows he is gay, she still couldn't stop herself from wanting to rush down that isle and shout it to the world, that she do. She sighed as she remembered how he has never called her on phone to ask how she was doing. He had never visited her, that day of testing the gown was the last day she had seen him.Maybe things will change after tonight, maybe he is finally going to start noticing her after their vows, he shouldn't forget she is taking a big risk marrying him, which woman will marry a man who is gay? He should be grateful to her, at least it's because of her that his secret will stay hidden. Can that be the fact he accepted to marry her, because he knows she is aware of his preference to men and had wanted her to keep the secret for him? But if so, then how did he know she will agree?<
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    Chapter five
    Waking up in the morning, Sasha was surprised because the room was not familiar, she frowned her brows and only realized then that she was married, well you won't blame her since she didn't wake up in her husband arms.Husband? She turned to the other side of the bed but he was not there and then she heard the sound of a running water and knew that he was in the bathroom. She got up immediately, went to the wardrobe and got a robe and draped over her lingerie, she walked out of the room, went downstairs and got into the kitchen. Damn, she can get lost in this kitchen, she thought.Everything was where it was supposed to be, nothing missing. It's really good to marry into a rich family not that she is poor herself, after all, she has been living a very comfortable life. She settled to make breakfast and decided to make the fastest since he was already preparing to leave the house, or is he not? She can't really tell after all, he can't be going to work since today is actu
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    Chapter six
    Sasha bit her lips, that is indeed true, just how did she forget? "So how I'm I going to make it up for you girls?""Exactly what I want to hear" rejoiced Agatha "you see, you are married to a billionaire, so money shouldn't be a problem to you anymore right? Good, you are going to spend on us tonight girl.""I'm so happy my mother in law is around, she will look after the little devils for me" Janet smiled."I'm already calling my babysitter" Agnes punched in a number into her phone and started dialing."Little eggroll is already out with her father and not coming back till tomorrow, so I'm free" laughed Agatha.Marilyn sighed "Sasha and I don't have babies yet, we won't have to worry about that one, so we are good to go."Sasha sighed, she haven't agreed and they are already making preparation "girls I...""No excuses Sasha, are you picking us up or should we be meeting you at the club?" Janet demanded.Sasha bit her lip, when the gi
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    Chapter seven
    The cab stopped her in front of the club, it was one of the biggest and widely known club in Los Angeles, she got down, paid the cab and turned to walk in when she saw her girls walking up to her "what the hell took you so long?" Questioned Agatha, she was dressed to kill in a short black gown, her hair in a ponytail.The rest all glared at Sasha and she clasped her hands together in front of her chest "I am so sorry, I had to wait for Michael to get back, that's what delayed me. I'm so sorry" she pouted."Oh I see, you guys didn't rush to have a quickie right?" Agatha asked and the girls all shouted her name "what?"Janet shook her head and said to Sasha "you are here now, so let's go in. I'm dying for a dance.""And some booze" the rest added."Sorry girls I don't think I should..." She was saying but then, why not? She thought "yea, booze" she added and the girls laughed before they all walked in, they showed their I.D cards to the bouncer and he let
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    Chapter eight
    A tall man in black suit walked into the club and all the bouncers there rushed to greet him. His crystal blue eyes searched the whole dancefloor but he seemed not to find what he was looking for, he reached for his phone to  dial a number as his eyes roam around the whole room before settling on a blonde sitting at the bar with four extra women. She looked so happy as she was downing her glass content.He furrowed his brows, if she continues like that, she will get drunk. He cursed  and walked up the stairs to the VIP lounge, they were tables around and people were sitting and drinking. He walked past them into a private booth where he sat, two bouncers followed him and each stood beside him.There were a lot of people in the club but his eyes were focused on one particular blonde in red skimpy dress. It's been long he had seen her that happy, there were a lot of clubs in L.A but she actually chose he's? Well he can't blame her, he owns about sixty five percen
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    Chapter nine
    Sasha felt the sunlight on her face, she frowned and wondered in her sleep how the sunlight was able to seep through into the  room with it's drape always closed. Her neck hurts just like her back, she noticed she wasn't laying comfortably and her eyelids fluttered open. The first thing she noticed was the windshield and her brows creased, how can they be a windshield in their room?The sunlight shines through the window and that was when she noticed she was sitting. She tried to get up but noticed the seatbelt strapped on her body, her frowning face turned uglier and she looked around her surrounding, only to notice the steering wheel, the driver's seat, the gear and for her to make up that she is in the car.Why would she be in the car? She wondered and details of last night came pouring in, she had gone out with the girls and they had gotten drunk, she had gone to the ladies room and then she had seen Michael. He had carried her on his shoulder after shouting at
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