Demon's Obsession

Demon's Obsession

By:  Eram  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lucifer Black is the ruthless and cruel demon actually he is the king of Darkness...!!! The most dangerous and brutal king of the darkest and the strongest kingdom of all supernatural realms. He is craving for his mate with a heart to love him, to mend his broken self, to shower him with unconditional love. And I am his soulmate Rachel Moon. An innocent angel with lots of hidden supernatural powers or a normal simple human !!! I don't know how but yes, yes I belonged to him and only him !!! Furthermore, I was his mate I could not escape the faith he wants My body My soul My heart and My blood. ▼ Lucifer love to torturing and killing a human as a form of entertainment, But when a demon connected to a pure soul positively for the first time in his entire life... Would it became darker or maybe opposite ??? ▼ “ The pure soul seems immune to his influence but as he lies to seduce the dark side of Lucifer learns even he has a heart....” ▼ But the story is not as simple as it looks, How about a cute wild and dark love story between Lucifer and Rachel ??? Where there is power, there are also enemies that snatch it. Will Lucifer save his Rachel from other enemies creatures ??? What will happen when Rachel learns about her family and her sister's condition..., Because her Lucifer himself was the reason for their suffering, will she forgive him, or will she take revenge??? There are many enemies yet to come, who will deceive themselves as their own, lots of arcs and cliffhangers are waiting for you. ▼ This book is from my own imagination !!! ▼ If you want to find out more about Rachel Moon and Lucifer Black let's read the story and do support.

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25 Chapters
Chapter - 1
The journey is more pretty than the destination.Even being incomplete,My love is still complete!✿I walk alone down to an unknown street. The rain has been falling steadily all night, and it's only getting worse.I soaked to the bone and need to get out of this rain. It's dark, only a lone streetlamp casts a dim, yellow light on the sad features of the road. Then I saw a small house. "Thank heavens!!!"I say out loud but at the second glance, all my relief is chilled by the look of the place. It looks as if no one has lived here for many years.The window is broken and an old ripped curtain blows from a third stormy wind.After a moment I remember where exactly I am, this house is from my childhood, but I didn't have enough memory of my childhood. I went inside my house, and suddenly, I heard someone whisper to me, saying my name over and over. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but when I continued to hear it."Who's there?"I called out, on
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Chapter - 2
Now that you're gone, I realizehow much you meant to me.My loss is wide as a starless night sky,and deep as a stormy sea.I miss the comfort of your sweet love,your absolute devotion;Now I'm a fountain of endless tears,a pool of sad emotion.They tell me I should move on with life,That time will heal my pain;I smile and nod and agree with them.While I slowly go insane. Rachel P. O. V. “Stay a little longer with me... Please?”Someone begged, his hand suddenly grabbed a hold of mine and I flinched before feeling all the heat and tingles spread up my arms. I sighed, his hold on me seemed to make all of my misery in my life away. I was surprised when his hand didn't let go of mine and instead moved so that our fingers were locked with each other. His touch was feathery soft and sent a wave of electric shock in my body making me lean more in his touch.I stared at our hands with wide eyes and felt my cheeks started to burn.
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Chapter - 3
My loneliness becomes even more frightening when I feel someone else close to me. Like a wind, gust is around me all the time, who feels my every sorrow and every suffering as closely as mine.The feeling of being watched is the worst feeling in the world. It always haunts you. And this is all which was happening to me for the last 3 years.I do not know if this is true or the hallucination of my brain. But every moment I feel it's real and someone else presence close to me.Is this the person who comes into my dreams every night, who always supports me or scares me.The craziest thing was the weird feeling like always someone had touched me, and it had a spark, and it had ignited a fire within me. When I looked around to find someone, I saw no one, but my body was craving for that sensational touch again and again.♡I wake up today with another terrible nightmare., the day when I lost my everything, by everyone.The worst day of my life was when my parents bec
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Chapter - 4
Rachel P. O. V.  I paid for my things at the cash counter and walked out of the store. I saw that it was already dark. Likewise, I bit my lips in dread and decided I should leave for the orphanage as soon as possible because my orphanage wasn't located in the safest of areas. Especially after the sun sets, since it was completely isolated. I walked quickly, feeling my skin prickle with the feeling of being watched, that was one of the reasons I didn't like dark. The certain paranoia that I was being watched was unavoidable. I started walking a bit faster once I heard the gravel crunching behind me, my heart rate picking up in fear.My every sniffle could be heard in the dark, silent evening. My head was kept down as I started counting the tracks I passed by on the pavement to keep my mind distracted from the fact that I was all alone.10 minutes into my walk, I heard loud laughter on the opposite sidewalk. Startled, I began to walk faster to bypass the loud group.
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Chapter - 5
Lucifer started to laugh dangerously as he fisted lifeless female angel's beautiful, thick and elegant red hair, tugged it harshly and said "" Well well well you beautiful angel... What did you think ??? You could use this dedicated body to seduce me and tried to harm me…, not possible hun ???""Lucifer spat on her and continued which made her whimper and tears pooled her eyes in fear..."" By the way I like your neck the most perfect curve... And it will be fun when I slowly separate it from your body... But you know what I will like the most to break it by pressing and then rushing it !!! ""He laughed evilly and wrapped his fingers around her neck, squeezing it to the point that she couldn't breathe as she felt her lungs burning from the absence of air but ignoring her pain he kept adding pressure and when he was about to wring her neck, but something was stopping him from killing her...That something was his own advantage !!!"" Tell me
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Chapter - 6
Anastasia P. O. V.   The blood of my father splattered on my wings as I felt our lives is going to end... My family was in the middle of the ground fighting with demons for my newborn sister Rachel... She was a half-angel and half-human creature, who is, unfortunately, the lifeblood of the next demon king...  “Lucifer Black ” My heart ached for the worst scenario for my family... And I was not being able to go and help them... I wanted to help them, but I can't. “Mom... mom... what's next they are worst ??? They are an evil do we save our Rachel from them, mom ???” I asked worriedly when I saw my mother in front of me... Wounded “Anastasia, my beautiful daughter, and our brave Angel... We all are fighting for her life... And now it's your responsibility to save your little sister... You never know how strong you are… until being strong is the only choice you have !!! God forbid, if demons tak
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Chapter - 7
   Lucifer P. O. V. My search for years was over now, search for ultimate power, search for my queen, search for my peace. But there is something that is still stopping me from getting close to her. But I am also Lucifer King, no power of the world can stop me from getting close to my soulmate. I tried again and once again wanted to get closer to her with full force, but I failed again... I need someone who will help me out in this clocking spell. Despite having so much power, I'm not able to achieve the thing that I need most. ✿ ✿ “There is a LIGHT in this world. A healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there are suffering and too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” ✿ ✿ Unknown P. O. V.   The color of the night wa
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Chapter - 8
Unknown P. O. V.Rachel was laying on the dark and dirty basement floor of her house, her lips were bleeding and her body was covered in bruises, her parents hurt her, tortured her so hard that she felt she was about to die...She couldn't move nor speak, she didn't really want to cry because she knew very well that it wouldn't do anything for her, wouldn't ease her pain, so she kept calm and silently waiting for her fate because she kinda lost all her hopes...All of a sudden the red shiny portal opened in front of her sight, within a second Rachel felt someone's presence near her lifeless body...A strong sweet smell filled her nose, a masculine, rainy and wood scent... Her temples throbbed from the pain but somehow, this sweet smell, and its tipsiness was reducing all the pain from her...No one spoke, no one moved, no one even tried to... If they do, then the situation could have become worse...The demon king Lucifer Black walked ahead of the magical portal
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Chapter - 9
Rachel P. O. V.MINE !!! ““ All mine my little Rachel, finally I found you...””My little kitten, my deadly poison and remedy as well... only you will alone make me feel alive... the deadly combination of darkness and innocence !!!My Rachel !!!A deep hypnotizing voice called my name and this was enough... I can't handle myself anymore I felt blackout, but before I could fell to the ground, two hands hold my waist and held me up to a strong chest...““ Don't worry my love I can take all your pain away, baby don't afraid of me... you just let me in your heart, and you will know that how much you mean to me... you are the only calm that I needed all this while for my raging storm... but we have to wait until your eighteen birthday then you will be mine forever ””The same voice whispered in my ear making me freeze on my spot... I felt rough fingers gently caressing my cheeks... I slowly looked up and gazed into the most beautiful deep blue eyes
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Chapter - 10
“ People in the real world always say, when something terrible happens, that the sadness and loss and aching pain of the heart will “lessen as time passes,” but it isn’t true. Sorrow and loss are constant, but if we all had to go through our whole lives carrying them the whole time, we wouldn’t be able to stand it. The sadness would paralyze us. So in the end we just pack it into bags and find somewhere to leave it.”Unknown P. O. V.““ My love you can't change anything... I would wreak the world to get to you... Whether you like it or not, you are mine and no power in the world can separate me from you””Lucifer warned, lifting her chin with his use of cold fingers and their eyes met... His irises were dark right now, yet so mysterious but beautiful... indeed he truly was a very handsome man...And for the other side for him, her perfect hourglass figure her presence made his anger vanished as he stayed there purified lost in her beauty...Rachel's che
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