Werewolf Bond

Werewolf Bond

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Ethan is one of the least you could ever imagine was a full blooded werewolf. A clumsy ass, a nerd, a wimp, all about a loser, with many health problems. Also an orphan. He was never the bold type rather he was very shy and tends to play dumb. But what happens when he found his grandfather dead in house, heart ripped off? With pain and grief he tries to fight through, but he is struck down when he is been told the real truth about his origin, like it wasn't hard enough, he comes to know a lot more than he can take, crossing over to the werewolf world were he is forced to be an omega and rejected cause he was seen as weak. How ever all the werewolf race are endanger with the prophecy pending, the hero was already been prepared right from birth, at least the person the thought was their hero. But little did they know the moon goddess had her eyes on someone else, someone least expected. A nobody.But cause of some traumatic experience will the chosen one ever conquer his fear and finally let his werewolf speak or would betrayal and abuse quench the only hope of goddess Luna? or will another hero be chosen for the ultimate battle of the prophecy? only you can find out now! warnings. contain sexual assault, abuse of minor, disturbing scenes. for only those who are strong enough to go through that adventure! through pain and victory.

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Myths from Alpha and Luna

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86 Chapters
1: The war of the two worlds
Deep in the universe somewhere far beyond human comprehension, a world totally different from the earth exist. A whole new world of supernatural with different portals leading to different territory, from deadly to magnificent. A mythical world in which the two portals accessible were the werewolf's and the vampire's.The other portals were cursed and tightly sealed for the creatures who reside in them were too powerful and knowledgeable in such a way that if they were unlocked the creatures will conquer the universe and destroy all lives that brought goodness.But nevertheless the two portals ended up finding about each other's existence and the birth of unwanted creatures grew, the two leaders were forced to separate their people from each other. But yet the wickedness of the vampires and their desires for domination over all were just too great, they wanted the beautiful werewomen for themselves including all their possessions. They wan
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2: No more
The loud disappointed whistling of the coach was what brought the gym students to attention, they all stood and noted their errors."Melinda! Throw it slowly!" Coach Brian yelled stretching his hand pointing to the other side where the victims were. Brian was the coach of Eastern academic, a strong guy with a huge physics, six pack or more, with a define jaws and popped out muscles. Very tight thigh and strong foot. A pure blooded athlete."Kay, hmphhh..." Melinda pick the ball throwing it extremely hard out of frustration, it flew across the gym room with such force, going to find a not so gentle stop on Ethan's head, knocking him down with his glasses skidding away. He reached out on the blur floor, searching for his glasses.The coach shook his head, as he walked over to the helpless cataract patient."Stop living in the clouds Ethan, come back to earth and please stay focus, you didn't even see the bal
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3: Unexpected
Curled up on the couch, holding his feet closely staring at nothing. That was what Ethan did.He was still in his black suit, the one he wore for his Papi's burial. The cause of his death was still unknown, but it is suspected to be a homicide. All he could recall was the deadly sight when he had opened the door.Flashbacks of neighbors running in at his hysteric screams. Them pulling him away from his Papi's corpse. The questions of the cops, the paramedics and his funeral.His warm tears hit his fabric cover thigh. He couldn't help but feel guilty for sending his Papi off to get his device."Hey honey." Teresa called, as she sat by his side drawing circles on his back trying to sooth him.He collapsed on her chest, hugging her as he was full on sobbing. "It was my fault! It was my fault." He muttered over and over again. Feeling like a part of him was been ripped and buried along with hi
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4: Revelation
"E-ethan? How long have you been standing here?" She walked over to him placing a hand on his cheek."W-who are they?" He asked, glancing at the couples who were now staring at him."Let's go upstairs." She grabbed his wrist leading him away as he stared back at the weird looking couple."Sit." She pointed at the bed while pacing about finding the accurate sentence."W-what's going on?" He asked feeling the tension getting the best of him. He had never seen her so disrupted and worried in his life.She sigh and takes in a deep breath. "Do you remember what I told you this morning?" She ask going to seat by his side."About, my father? Don't worry I don't wanna know about him, stop stressing." He said quietly."But I have to. You know your father, is." She trailed off."Not a good guy?" He asked."No, he is just too cold."
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5: The other world
"Take me back!" Ethan yelled while kicking the door with his foot but it was futile."Quit that boy!" Robin growled as he stepped on the accelerator."Lemme go! Let me out! I don't wanna be with you guys!" He yelled with tears streaming down his cheeks."Listen here Ethan." Dian started, "you weren't safe there, you saw the rogues of yourself." She tried to talk him in but he didn't seemed to be having any of their words."I don't want your protection! I just want my family! Please lemme go." He pleaded with glossy eyes."Dammit! Why can't you fucking understand that those animals that attacked you were they fucking ones who ripped your grandfather's heart and killed him! They're fucking after you! And they won't have mercy ripping your members one after the other!" Robin yelled.Ethan flinched at his tone and shrink in the back seat curling in a ball as silent tears slipp
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6: Save him
The sun rays came flooding in through the slight open of the window. It landed straight on Ethan's face. He blink and grunt before turning over with the pillow over his head.A loud blaring sound of a giant bell came ringing. Ethan quickly sat up rubbing his eyes."Granny?" He called wanting to know more about the bell, maybe it was a new clock. He thought.He reach on the nightstand grabbing his glasses and putting it on. Only noticing he wasn't home and then the hurtful memories of the previous day flooded in and he sigh as he also remembers the death of his Papi.He look out the window and saw how bright the sky was and knew he was almost late. Dian had told him last night to be ready when she came for him.He got up making his way to the bathroom it wasn't much step away as the dorm was medium size like his other room but a little bit smaller. Only one student per dorm it was the perfe
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7: Heart broken
Ethan slowly back away only to be grabbed forcefully by the blond boy who look older and bigger than he was, probably eighteen plus."You again!" He growled but his face turned into an amusing expression when he saw what Ethan looked like."What is this stupid disguise? How could you have fallen so low? Look at you." He laughed snatching the hearing device as Ethan winced in pain."I-i can't h-hear w-without it." He quaked, trembling under his hold."What a pathetic voice. Stop faking." He frown."Make use of the stuffs you call eyes. Flash" A voice said from behind Flash as he turned around."What the?" His gaze shifted from Ethan to Nathan.Nathan stopped in front of Flash hands in his pockets, "Nathan, Ethan." He pointed. "Got it? Now give him back his stuff. And let him go."Out of shock Flash did what he said. Ethan quickly pick his b
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8: New feelings
The morning was calm and fresh in pack red moon territory, there wasn't much noise except the ones from nature, including the ones Ethan had never heard in his life. But he couldn't profit fully as he was half deaf and didn't find it necessary using his hearing device, it made people hate him, and hate was the last thing he needed. if he could he would take off his glasses as well. Impossible.He stared down at the blue bracelet and wished he had a golden one like Nathan's maybe that way he would accept him.The slight knock on the door drew him out of his hallucinations as he went to answer it. The girl with long, light, brown hair stared at him with a nervous smile. Her big brown eyes boring into him, making him nervous."Uh, hey Ethan, I'm Gabriela, you can call me Gaby." She introduced herself nervously.Ethan slowly back away as realisation hit him, she was the wolf who had sent him violently
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9: Beginning of hell
"Welcome back Ethin!" The voice said.All the hairs on Ethan's skin stood up in attention, his heart skipped a beat only to resume in a more faster pace, begging to be freed as it thumbed against his ribcage.His feet were jelly when he slowly turned around just to be met with Flash's grinning face. Behind him were his little gang member. A red haired teen sat on his bed looking straight in his eyes with his amber ones, he looked more younger than Flash. A wolf was on his desk with a dark brown fur. Another with brownish fur came out from the bathroom.They were now staring at him letting out low growls.So overwhelmed by fear, Ethan didn't notice when he sprinted to the door but was yanked to the floor by Flash who delivered a kicked to his abdomen making him scream out, three more kicks followed with the same reaction from him.Flash picked him up by his hair shoving hi
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10: Answers
(Edited)Ethan took out his notes as he walked in the hallway. His questions were already there in his notes and his mind was running like some engine, trying to found answers."Hey E-Town!" A loud voice from distance caught his attention he turned around to see Gaby. She looked as pretty as she's always been in her khakis skirt.Ethan looked around gripping his book tightly, his eyes searching for any sight of Nathan."You looked tensed, are you okay?" Gaby stopped in front of him feeling his forehead, again the feeling of a strangers hand made goosebumps all over his body."No fever.""I-i was j-just thinking." He blurted flipping the pages of his note book as he walked ahead."Thinking?" She raised a brow deciding to shrug it."Going to lunch?" She asked after a moment of silence."I-i'm not hungry, I g
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