His Billionaire Wife?

His Billionaire Wife?

By:  Niharika Nafisa  Completed
Language: English
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She was my boss's only daughter. A soon to be billionaire. Zoya Ali, daughter of the renowned Billionaire Rehmat Ali placed a tough contract before me. I, Abrar Zafar, a simple guy with an ugly income couldn't digest her offer. However, I was forced by her to save my job by pretending to be her husband. She hid the actual reason for that contract from me. Unaware of the truth, I started falling for her. I didn't know what the actual reason was behind a billionaire girl offering a low middle-class boy for a fake marriage? But her one decision changed my life completely. I fall in love for the first time and destroyed by love. I realised my first mistake was to love her also the last mistake was loving her madly.

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197 Chapters
 Abrar   "Don't forget that I'm your wife", Zoya screamed. I paused staring at her, I was mesmerised seeing her in bridal attire, still pretended to ignore her.      "You're not my wife Zoya", I said in a cold voice. "We shouldn't act like a couple when no one is around. And for God sake, let's stop this drama. I will tell everyone the truth of our relationship", I said while walking towards the door.        "Then get ready for the consequences", she said as she pulled out a knife from the fruit basket and placed it on her wrist. "I love you that much Abrar that I can dedicate every drop of my blood to you", she smiled.   This is how she forced me for the second time to be hers. She did it again, the difference is she didn't love
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Chapter 1
Abrar     "Will you help me to zip my dress?", Zoya said while trying her best to pull up her zip standing in front of the mirror. I came in my senses as she called me.   "Did you say this to me?", I asked her being a little surprised.     "Is there anyone else in my room?", she asked, throwing me a blank look.     "Are you going out?", I asked her as I walked towards her and pull her zip up.    "Am I supposed to tell you that?", she replied as she shifts her hairs behind from her neck. I shook when her hairs touched my face.     "I was just curious to know", I step back. "Let me make the breakfast"She nodded while wearing a heart-shaped pendant around her neck. I peeped at her,
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Chapter 2
Abrar 6 months ago I was returning home from my office while crossing the foot over bridge at 10 pm. That foot over bridge reminded me of my high school girlfriend Nikhat. We used to go to school and come back together through this bridge. This was the only place where I could hold her hand for a few minutes and she used to blush like a hell. I could only remember those moments and smile like an idiot at that time, a smile of pain.   Suddenly my steps stopped when I saw a girl sitting at the corner. She had rested her forehead on her knees and she was sobbing. I noticed her carefully. She had worn a well-designed salwar suit and her hairs looked silky and well organised. No doubt she was from a noble family. I was clueless about what I should do. Should I call her? Maybe she was in some sort of problem. Or shoul
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Chapter 3
Abrar "Engagement? Isn't it so soon?", my jaw dropped.     "No! I'm 26", she uttered. I looked at her in disbelief. She was 26? But she didn't seem to be 26. Her face had still the teenage vibe and girls of her age don't do this kind of stupidity for a guy.      "Anas is 23", she added. I understood the whole situation right then why he wasn't ready to get married. I didn't say much to her.     "Ok. Go inside and explain everything to your parents. They'll definitely understand", I smiled at her but she didn't move and kept looking at me. "What happened? Go", I told her again.     "Come with me please", she requested me, making a tiny face.     "M
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Chapter 4
Abrar "You have 10 seconds to decide. You want your job or not?", she looked at me.   "I want but. You can't threaten me", I mumbled.    "I can Abrar. Do I show you?", she smirked.   "No", I urged. I couldn't lose my job. I needed to survive, to earn my livelihood. She threw me in the toughest situation of my life. I had helped her, in return, she was doing the worst things with me.     "Then do what I said", she uttered.She grabbed my hand and locked her arm with mine while walking towards the hall. I was frozen. Within two hours, my life had taken a huge turn which I never imagined. Why did this happen to me? I was happy in my simple life. This kind of mess was not for me. She was talking to some of her guests while I wasn't in senses.Read more
Chapter 5
The whole kitchen was messed up. Zoya was standing near the counter covered with flour and the flour container was laying the ground. I looked at her being surprised as she pouted.    "Who keeps a flour container on top? It's so high", she said in a baby tone. I couldn't but burst into laughter as I figured out her height and obviously her flour-coated face. I tried to control my laughter but I couldn't. She gazed at me angrily.    "Why are you laughing like an idiot?", she shrugged, dusting off the flour from her hairs. I finally stopped laughing when I realised that one container of flour was wasted by her. I was a guy who used to spend money after a lot of calculations. And this was gonna ruin my budget.    "Who told you to come to my kitchen?", I said in a blank tone as I kne
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Chapter 6
I was shocked at the statement. I couldn't explain to them what actually happened as it would raise more questions.     "You're getting it wrong. No such incident happened here", I blurted out. "Sharma Ji, you know me well. Right? Why don't you tell them"    "What do you want me to say, Abrar. I too heard a girl screaming, that noise came from your apartment", he said. He was right at some point. The way Zoya screamed anyone could get it wrong.    "Now move. We need to check your house and rescue the girl", the chairman said.   "Sir, please trust me. Nothing wrong happened here", I tried to defend myself.   "Then tell us who was the girl? And why she was screaming?", my neighbour shrugged. I had no answer to their questions. If I told them about Zoya I would have to tell them who she was. If I told them she wasn'
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Chapter 7
    "Ok. Ok fine. So, basically, I'm Zoya Ali. And I can do anything. Anything", she repeated the word and snatched the file from me. She walked towards the table and continued her breakfast.  I walked towards her and sat on the opposite chair. She ate half of the bread and left it on the plate, then took a sip of her tea. I observed her so carefully that I could see she had a mole on her upper lip and also one on her right hand, next to her index finger.     "Seeing me for the first time?", she snapped as I came out of my thoughts.    "I was just wondering something", I lied. I was watching her.    "What?", she said, taking the next sip.   "How did you make that certificate?", I asked her as I took a bite of my toast.    "I told you. I'm Zoya Ali", she winked. I swear she was so annoying at some p
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Chapter 8
    "Relax, cool down", Rony spat. I drove my eyes away and focused on work as I was in no mood to argue with him.    "At least show some respect", Kaif said to him. "You're dragging his wife in conversation and you want him to cool down? Does that make a sense?"     "We were kidding, kaif. Stop being serious all the time", Chhavi frowned at him.    "Oh! Is it so? Can I know from when you guys started kidding with us?", Kaif shrugged as I stopped him.     "Ignore this kaif. We have a lot of work to do", I instructed him.    "Ah! Someone is having an attitude now", Rony barked again. I tried to stay calm the way I used to be. I glanced at Kaif and indicated to keep calm too.     "What a player you are, Abrar! Who knew there would be a player behind this decent face? Trapped a rich chick!", Rony spat. I heard all of them laughing
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Chapter 9
    "Who comes to take a shower without bringing clothes?", she repeated those words I told her in the morning and again busted in laughter.      "Like you, I'm not used to sharing my apartment with anyone", I shrugged.    "Oh! So you roam around your flat, wearing a towel?", she giggled, I could figure out by her words.     "Ok. It was my fault. Now, will you please move to your room for a few minutes? I'll have to go to my room", I blurted out.     "Fine! I'm going. But do remember this lesson. First, look at yourself then taunt others", she said. I was gonna learn this lesson until she was here. I waited for a few minutes and opened the door to peep outside. She was not at the dining table. I immediately walked out, wearing the towel and rushed to my room. Releasing a deep sigh, I locked the door. Damn! It was so awful. I needed to be more careful from the next ti
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