Last Revenge

Last Revenge

By:  Niharika Nafisa  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Do you love me, Divya?", my voice booms against the wall. "I do. I hell do Karan", she whispers into my ears. "You're a liar. You're such a big liar. If you've ever loved me, you would've never taken this revenge from me", I yell at her. Despite knowing her love for me, I deny to accept it since she has left no choice for me. "I love you, Karan", she sobs. "Lie", I say in a cold voice. "Trust me", tears flowed through her eyes. "Prove it", I demand in a husky voice. "How?" "Turning off the game of revenge", I clutch her hairs tightly as she hisses. "I can't", that's all she replies. Book is on hold for now. Follow @niharika_nafisa on Instagram to get notified about future updates.

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10 Chapters
Chapter 1
Karan    "Heck! What the heck are you doing here?", I blurt out in anger as soon as I discovered Divya in bridal attire. I can't believe that she is sitting on my bed in red bridal attire. Moreover, she is my wife. Is this happening to me? Nothing can't be worse than this that I'm married to her. I walked away from the bed, frustration clearly visible on my face.      "What do you mean by that, Karan? I'm your wife. Am I not supposed be in your room?", she spits, sitting on the bed. My blood boils in anger, hearing her nonsense.     "Just shut up", I scream. "Don't act like you didn't know anything?"     "Karan, please don't yell like this. There's everyone around here", she says.      "Let them hear. Let them hear that I was tricked. I was cheated on", I shrug, throwing my hands on the air. &nbs
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Chapter 2
Karan Her eyes moved from my eyes to my hand. She hesitated to shake hands with me. Divya was one of those girls in our college who was naive, shy and decent, every quality I wanted in a girl. Though most of my girlfriends were fucking bitches, that time I wanted to date someone for whom I would be the first guy she would fall in love with. I didn't wait long to offer her for friendship.      "Yes or no?", I asked her as she was taking time to shake hands.    "I'm already your friend, no?", she mumbled.    "I don't wanna be a formal friend", I told her.    "Now what's a formal friend?", she rolled her eyes. Some of her behaviours used to piss me off. I wondered how a girl could be so dumb. She thought we were friends.    "This is called a formal friend
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Chapter 3
Karan Early in the morning, the alarm clock rings. I struggle to open my eyes and rub my hands against them. Moving my hand forward I turn it off, half opening my eyes. I feel something on my body and immediately look behind, discovering Divya as she is hugging me from behind. I try to move her, part her away from me but my subconscious isn't ready to do that. How can a man on the earth resist a woman from being close to him? Her grip is tight enough, I can't drive her away as it can wake her up. Instead of doing that, I stare at her. Despite washing her face last night, her face has light spots of makeup which unnaturally looks good. My eyes move to her hand which was around my torso. I hear a tap on the door and come out of my thoughts.     "Karan!", my mom knocks at the door. Divya moves a bit as the knock wakes her
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Chapter 4
Karan I walk out of the room and slam the door on her face. I mean the same what I told her. It's impossible for me to get back to her, in fact to anyone. She'll have to understand that I'm not the kind of person who will be compromising his whole life for the sake of family and society. I reach downstairs. We still have a bunch of relatives at my place that I can hardly find the door.    "Karan!", dad stops me when I cross the hall. "Where are you going?"   "Office, dad", I tell him.   "Office!", mom exclaims as she joins dad for tea. "You're going to the office today?"    "Yes, mom. It's urgent", I tell her.   "But you had taken a leave of 7 days, no?", dad asks.    "It's something urgent. I need to attend", I lie. I don't want to b
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Chapter 5
Karan I had gotten more than 20 calls from mom. She was asking me to come back soon as everyone had their dinner but Divya is waiting for me. I didn't show any interest. In fact, I don't care if she's eating or not. I haven't told her to starve. Moreover, why can't Indian women have their dinner without their husbands? Is it because they actually care for their husbands or just to abide by a rule? Well, whatever it is I'm not gonna get trapped by her. If she's thinking by doing all this she can change my decision then it's completely her misconception and I can't help it. I look at the clock. It's near 10 pm. I guess now I can move to home. I'm feeling very exhausted and I badly need to sleep. But before that, I should have my dinner somewhere. I'm not gonna eat with her alone. It will freak me out. Read more
Chapter 6
Karan  Flashback continues  The sun shone brighter in summer days. Her face shimmered as the sun rays hit her skin. She had flawless golden skin which looked more attractive in sunshine. We walked inside the building and reached our classroom.   "Hey, Karan! What a surprise!", Mitali reacted as she found me early in the class.   "Trying to be early", I grinned, looking at Divya who sat on the same seat like every day. She opened her book and turned pages, lifting her spectacle from her nose bone with her index finger. I realized I was noticing her more carefully from yesterday.  There's a fact that when you target someone to impress you automatically start noticing them more.
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Chapter 7
Karan   "Divya, it's not the time to discuss all this", I finish wrapping the bandage and sigh.     "Then when are we going to talk?", she wipes her tears and looks at me. Her eyes immediately get ruddy because of crying.    "There's nothing to talk about. I'm just not ready to accept this marriage", driving my eyes away I push the plate towards her. "Finish your dinner now"    "Then I'm ready to give us some time", she urges, looking at me, ignoring my last sentence. I don't look at her anymore since I know I know if I see her crying and suffering like this, I'll feel more guilty.    "Say something", she touches my cheek. Her soft warm palm feels so cosy at this time when I'm exhausted. I wanted to tell her t
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Chapter 8
Karan I feel something heavy on my heart as I recall Meera. Neither I know where she is now nor I know why she left me like this. It's been 6 months she didn't show up. I tried to find her in almost every possible places. But she was gone. I had imagined my whole life with her. A guy like me completely changed himself only for her. I became serious in studies and my career just to secure the future with her. I never knew she would ditch me like this. I had never expected this from the girl I loved the most in the world. I'm not sure when I started crying. As soon as a teardrop falls on my hand I realize that I was weeping. This happens almost every night. I dream of her and wake up with her voice. I can't sleep the whole night, thinking about her. Though nowadays I'm handling myself well, this marriage again cracked me up. When I was struggling to get over my recent
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Chapter 9
Karan She tightens her grip around my torso. I can sense her calming down. She has stopped sobbing, resting herself in my arms as if she waited for this for a long time. Somewhere in mind, I also felt better after permitting her to come close to me. I wonder if it's the allowance for moving into a new life with her or just sympathy for her which I felt after witnessing her crying like this.     "I love you, Karan", she moans into my arms, clasping my t-shirt tightly. I wish I could say that back to her. Every girl deserves to hear those three magical words from her husband. Yet, we don't count among those couples.     "It's too late, let's go to bed", I suggest her, lightly caressing her hairs. Her hairs feel smoother and silkier than before. Read more
Chapter 10
Karan It has been 2 hours Divya left for her aunt's home. Mom said she will be back in two days. My leave will also end after 2 days. I have no other work except for sitting idle at home and watching a new web series. However, I'm not feeling like watching one.  I'm strolling at our garden as it was feeling cold inside the room. Winter is almost here. I'm enjoying the light sun rays which are warming me at the same time reminding me of the golden complexion of Divya. It seems so weird that I'm thinking about her continuously for the last four days. No matter how much negative or positive my thoughts are, she is always there.  Meanwhile, my chain of thoughts breaks with a call. I pick out my cellphone from my pocket and receive it. <
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