Thread Of Love

Thread Of Love

By:  Ksema Laxmi  Completed
Language: English
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Getting dressed I grabbed the hodni (scarf) as a mere source to cover my shame, he pulled me out of the room. With the pain all over my body especially the lower body, I wasn't able to walk; matching his speed was out of the question. I pleaded him to stop, to have mercy on me but just like last night, my words were sent to deaf ears. Not able to match his pace, my steps misplaced making me fall but it didn't stop him. He dragged me down the stairs in the same state injuring my entire body. I cried helplessly but none of his family members has even a hint of guilt. Everyone's eyes hold only one emotion for me that is disgust. Sitting on a knee he grabbed my hair in a painful grip and the words came out of his mouth was something which I never expected."The biggest mistake I've done in my life is, loving you." He said while tears flowing from his eyes.•••Malika Adsule, a Clinical Researcher, a quiet girl but for her close people she is everything but quiet. She doesn't like to make anyone sad and silently listens to what people say without back answering thought she will fight for her self-respect and rights. Nahush Mhatre, an Architect, a very successful and rich businessman. Well, mannered, well-behaved, respective man. But no one can stop his wrath once a person gets in his bad list. What will happen when Malika has to leave her boyfriend and get married to Nahash only for her parents' happiness?

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41 Chapters
Scene II was standing by the window, looking at the stars and moon. It's our third wedding night and I am in his room for the first time. It's our first wedding night together.Being all nervous and scared as I am, I thought of what should I speak with him? Will he be my friend first or ask for his husband right? Just then the door opened. I could hear the door being closed. I slowly turned to see my handsome husband. Looking as handsome as ever. I didn't even realize that I was staring at him. Unconsciously, I lowered my gaze. I was too shy and nervous to stay alone in a room with him as it's my first time being all alone with a man. And that man is my husband. Thinking so brought a blush creep over my cheeks. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my head. My hair was being held in a tight grip which made me look up at my
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Chapter 1
"Wake up!" I could hear a faint voice waking me up but I want to sleep. "Wake up fast, Malika. Don't act as you are sleeping." 'Mumma? It's Mumma's voice. Mom is here to wake me up! I'm so happy that Mom is here to wake me up.' Yawning, I slowly open my eyes to see the sun shining bright and then my sweet Mom."Stop acting Malika. I know you are up to get up and take a bath fast. Hurry up!" Angrily shouted my Mom.It's going to happen this way always. Those moments when early in the morning Mom is to cares my hair, sweetly, lovingly. When Mom is to say, "Beta wake up or else you will be late." And my reply to it would always be, "Please Mumma, five minutes more."Gone are those days. Mom would not speak lovingly with me anymore. The only thing which now could be seen through those eye
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Chapter 2
Third Person's Point Of View"What is your opinion about joint family?" asked Grandmother in a very serious voice and face which made Malika more scared.The question was easy yet tricky. Playing with her finger she said, "Sacrifice and strength." "Huh? What do you mean by that? Can you explain?" Asked Grandma.Malika never liked these question and answering session. She felt as if she is giving an exam like 'Answer the following. Explain so and so... Justify your answer.' Leaving her thoughts, she tried to explain. "Well Ajji (grandma), as you know, living in a joint family is not easy. Sacrifices are done in order to keep peace in family and sacrifice is done because of the attachment and love we have towards our family. This is the strength, a joint family has."Grandma nodded her head while listening to her answer. It wasn't like they had a big joint family to ask that question. Their fami
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Chapter 3
Malika's Point Of ViewSo here it starts again. I have to tell him about me for him to reject me. Just the way I did with the other three boys.Obviously, I won't tell him my real reason for not marrying anyone. I cannot disclose my past to him.Go ahead Malika, you can do it."So Nahush, there is something you should know about me before thinking about this proposal," I told him in a serious tone but he seemed not affected. He just nodded his head telling me to continue.Oye Bacchu, you are not going to be this cool after hearing me. Thinking so I laughed cruelly in my mind.I got up from the bed and marched towards my books shelf. I opened it and removed a box. Closing the shelf, I marched back to Nahush and forwarded the box towards him.Signalling with my eyes to take it, he holds the box. He must be
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Chapter 4
Malika's Point Of ViewLife makes us do such things which we never thought of doing. Just like now, I'm going to the cafe to meet a stranger. Or maybe not?Umm... Meeting a person once makes them stranger or not? Maybe not but I hardly know him.Thank God I got a chance to talk to him again. When I secretly searched for Nahush's contact number on my parents' mobile, I was very sad to not find his number. Only his father's number was available which I didn't need. I had to have his number so that I could call him and ask him to meet me. Because by the speed, my and his parents are talking about our marriage, it feels like they are going to tie us in the marriage knot very soon. I cannot keep Nahush in darkness.Already a day had passed but still, I was not able to contact him. Finally, it clicked in my mind and I searched Nahush on Instagram and send him a direct message, requesting of meeting
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Chapter 5
Nahush's Point Of View"Please listen very carefully to whatever I'm going to say. I know what I'm about to say is something not expected but it's very important for you to know." Said Malika in a serious, afraid and sad expression.I'm having a feeling that her past revelation is going to hurt me. But it shouldn't. I hardly know this girl, this is our second meeting but how come I feel attached to her even after a few interactions?! Whatever her past is, it won't affect me. I just nodded my head, indicating her to continue."As I said to you, I was in a serious relationship. I know it very well that girlfriend-boyfriend thing is not allowed in my family. I have always been told since my childhood that such 'girlfriend-boyfriend' things are wrong. Doing love marriage which is obviously against the family is a sin. My mom always had trust in me that her daughter will never break her trust but guess wh
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Chapter 6
Nahush's Point Of View"What do you mean by wife-to-be?" Mallika asked. It seems like she did not believe what I said."Our conversation is not yet completed Malli, please have your seat," I said while indicating with my hand towards the seat. She silently sat back on her seat and asked while arching her eyebrows, "Malli?""Yes, Malli! I think Malli sounds nicer. I hope you don't have any problem with it." I told her with a slight smirk. She just replied with a "Hmm". Even if she has any problem with me calling her Malli, still I'll call her that only. Actually, her name is beautiful, Mallika! But Mali sounds sweeter and I feel closer to her by calling her Malli.Malli asked if I really don't have any problem with her looks or her style of living. For example, oiling her hair regularly, not removing hair from her body or threading her brows which every girl does, for which I said NO.

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Chapter 7 | Naughty Girls
Malika's Point Of ViewWaking up from my sleep because of my irritating alarm, I dismissed it without opening my eyes. It is my ever morning story with my alarm clock. It will keep on buzzing and I'll keep on making snoozing until I finally woke up. I'm not a morning person but I always wake up early morning earlier because of my school and college and now because of my job. But luckily today was a holiday so I woke up half an hour late. I really thank God for giving me a Saturday Sunday holiday.Stretching my arms I opened my eyes and yawned. I felt my both legs on something which felt like someone's legs? Suddenly something soft fall on my nose. My hands reached to remove that something when I realised it's a hand! I turned my face abruptly to see the owner of the hand and signed in relief. It was my cousin's sister.Then I remember that more than half of my maternal family members ca
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Chapter 8 | Different In A Good Way
Malika's Point Of ViewDoing my morning prayer and reading the holy book, my heart feeling a little peace. Keeping the holy book at its place, I marched towards the mirror in an attempt to take a glance to see how I look but failed because there's no space for me to stand in front of the mirror. Because the area near the mirror is occupied with my cousin sisters. It's good that at least my brothers got ready fast. I thought to go in my parents' room to have a single glance at the mirror but NO! Even that room's mirror is occupied with my family members.Disappointedly, I reached my room and searched for an empty space to sit. Finding a small space at the corner of the room, I went and sat there.Since early morning everyone started engagement preparation and after completing the remaining preparation they started getting ready for engagem
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Chapter 9 | I Promish You
Third Person's Point Of ViewHesitantly he dialled the number. But to his disappointment, it just kept ringing and finally, the call ended. I will try for the second and last time. If she won't pick now than I would never call her again. Thinking so, he dialled her number again. While thinking of ending the call as again it just kept on ringing, he heard an irritated "hello!" by the receiver. The receiver answered the call at the last ring.Finally, she answered the call. I thought she won't receive it. But why is she sounding irritated? Isn't it me who should be irritated because of her not answering my calls? While thinking he forgot to answer her irritated greetings which made the receiver more irritate."Hello! Kon bolat ahe (who's this)?" She asked which brought him out of his thought. Clearing his throat he answered, "It's me."

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