Four Weeks And A Baby

Four Weeks And A Baby

By:  Monica Vansa  Completed
Language: English
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To get his hands on his family's wine company which his sister wants to indefinitely displace him from. Leonardo pulls the biggest trick ever coming home with a fake fiance to prove to his family he was finally becoming the responsible man they wanted him to be. But there was one tiny flaw in his little put together plan, he was starting to fall for his fake fiance, a petite blond with a certain real boyfriend who poses as a nuisance for him. Can Leonardo sway her head with other man lurking in the background? And what happens when there is a baby in the mix? *********** Kissing Paige in the garden was unplanned, it had affected him so greatly Leo wanted to see where this would lead. If it was just a physical pleasure or if it was more. Of course, he needn't tell her that. He trusts himself not to cross the line. Only if she would stop running away from him, then he wouldn't have to pretend he was into one-night stands just to cover up how broken he was. The things he yearned for and wanted. If it was what he suspected, then maybe he can finally let go of the past and focus on the future. However, one thing was certain: he likes this girl, and he intend to keep her. He stared at the girl's parted lips, pink, full, and in a natural pout and a fire leaked into his heart, revealing itself in his warm brown eyes. impulsively he wanted to ignore the consequences and just kiss her awake but he quelled down that emotion and instead leaned closer to her, one hand holding her gently and brushed his lips over hers. Once, twice. And then he was gone. I.G: author_ monicavansa

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70 Chapters
1_ The Club
The cheering voices of the crowd as the DJ changed the music to a popular beat drifted up to the VIP room where a sturdy man dressed in a dark, tailored, expensive suit sat, the top buttons on his shirt open. His bronze strong hands cradling the bottom of a woman to his waist.   Leonardo D'Angelo chuckled as the woman he was holding tangled her fingers in his hair and went for his mouth again. She was greedy for him. As he expected of her. It was not just his looks which had her attracted to him, but also his money. Leo was overly rich and girls like her liked to run around him, which was fine by him as long as they were not going to demand a relationship. Been there, done that.   “Let's take this to my house,” Leo suddenly said into the girl's hair. His large hand trailing her thigh to her upper body, when he got to her shoulder, he pulled the spaghetti strap of her shimmery green gown down, his hungry gaze devouring her breast in o
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2_ Boss Of Nine Months Caused Funny Feelings In Her
“You asked for me, sir,” his assistant said, entering inside his office in her high heels. Leonardo D'Angelo was backing her, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, which gave a perfect view of the California skyline. His hands behind his back.   Without turning, Leo muttered, “Sit down Paige.” His voice was sleek and authoritative, and Paige did as she was told, sitting down in one of the plush chairs facing his mahogany desk.   Paige was Leonardo’s personal assistant and had been for over nine months now. She was efficient, smart, and Leo liked her because she made his life easier.   Still looking at the window, he folded his hands across his chest. "As you already know. There has been a decline in our sales recently," he turned to her. "Some of our customers aren't requesting for our wine as per usual. Orders are declining. We need to push back and find more customers." He paused, watching her s
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3_Jealousy Does Taste Like Hell
“Well?” Leo prompted, and Paige clenched her eyes shut. When she opened them, Leo was looking at her in confusion. Several lines appearing on his forehead. He might not know it, but when he had leaned over her chair a few minutes earlier Paige had felt her heart stop and then start suddenly with a pounding, she feared he would hear. It was a mess, and she worried he would notice how stiff she was, mostly because she was trying to stop herself from turning and hugging him.   This was close to the fantasies she had had of him in her head which somehow never happened in real life and was also the first time she had ever gotten this close to him ever since she started working for him. And ever since she fell in love with him. Not for lack of trying on her path, but because situations like this rarely appeared.   “Paige!”   Her head snapped in his direction, and she squeezed her face instantly, and before Leo knew
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4_Prey Of The Day
  The private locker room was quiet and empty, with only three lockers there. One for Leo, the other for his friend, and the last was empty.   Leaning away from the blue lockers, Leo dropped his phone into his shorts pocket and watched the model in the white one piece tennis dress leave. He had just made out with her in his locker room. Thrown her against the blue lockers and ravished her until she was panting for air and here she was walking away from him all composed as if he didn't just have her against the wall, her little bum shaking and her racquet in her right hand. He doubts she'd even used that thing today.   Sighing, Leo waited for a few minutes before he left the locker room and headed for the court.   The woman he had taken home two nights ago had thrown a tantrum when he had asked her to leave. He had been very particular about this. Before he took her to his house, he had asked
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5_Let's Stalk Your Boss
The dinner ended in frustration and jealousy for Paige. She didn't even accept a ride from Finn and took a taxi straight home. Opening the door to her apartment, Paige declared the dinner was a disaster.   This she said to her longtime friend/flatmate who was sitting on a couch and watching TV. “All I kept thinking of was him. Can you believe it? I think I am going insane.”   Seeing Naomi come out in her bra and pant, Paige paused in her tantrum to frown at her. “Don't tell me you just had sex here?” Naomi was something of a sex freak. She liked to pick up guys, bring them home and have sex with them. Up until today. Paige had never understood why she did that.   “Of course I did.” Naomi scoffed, blowing her gum.   Paige gave a rueful shake of her head. “I leave you for one minute, and you go and have sex with someone. Who are you?”   A secret smile spread acr
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6_ A Martini For The Girls
Thirty minutes later they were in a long line waiting to get inside the club. A bouncer was at the door checking I. Ds and coordinating the line.   From outside, the music drifting out from the club was at a low ebb, but what it lacked in sound it made up in color as the building was caked in an ever-changing light and on top of it read 'Seven Dials' in bold letters.   Cars pulled up at all angles, people arrived geared up in party clothes. It was a busy night, even for a Thursday night.   Paige turned to Naomi. Her nerves getting the best of her. She was wearing a red gown which had most of her back on display, a little slit on her thigh, and on her legs were a pair of killer heels which propelled her height, so she was almost as tall as Naomi. Her blond hair had been pulled down to rest on her shoulders and her face contained minimal make-up, aside from her lips, which were really glossed up.  
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7_ A Martini For The Girls II
At their continued gaze at the man, he propelled towards them. Taking their stare as interest.   He was one of those big men with sleeked back hair and a cheeky smile that always looked like they had a secret joke they were laughing at.   He reached them and positioned his body towards Paige, and it was more than clear where his interest lied. “Can I get you ladies a drink? On me.”   Paige started to say no however Naomi turned to the man, all smiles and sweet. Extending her hand. “Hi, I am Naomi and this is Paige and yes, we would love that drink.”   “Any preference?”   “A Martini, please.”   He turned to Paige, and she said something indecipherable and scrunched her face, but that didn't deter the man. He smiled at t
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8_ A Drunk Girl In The Club
"Paige, what a surprise to see you here." His eyes rested on her, from her curly blond hair to the tip of her heels, and he seemed surprised by what he saw there.“I didn't think you were the party type,” Leo said, taking a seat near her, and Paige almost swooned as he had taken the seat vacated by Joe. And why was he sitting near her? Paige felt she might have a heart attack.   The only time her boss had ever been this close to her was that time at the office when he was leaning over her to point at something on the screen, and now he was so close to her, she could actually count his lashes. Paige blushed, and he raised a brow, seeming amused by her behavior, and ordered for a drink.   His drink arrived, and he raised the glass to his lips. “Well,” and watched her through the rim of the glass.   “My friend and i…we—er—discovered this club newly, so we decided to come check it out.”  
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9_ Conspiracy
The next day.   “My assistant tells me you wanted to meet me here,” Leo said as he reached Alberto's table.   “So the one with the sweet voice is your assistant, huh.”   Leo smiled.   They were in an elegant hotel where Alberto was lodging.   The two cousins stepped in for a hug and a pat at the back. “Good to see you, Alberto.”   “I can say the same to you too, Leo. It's been wonderful.”   They sat down and Alberto shook out a napkin while Leo stared at the dishes displayed in front of Alberto and almost laughed. No wasting time there, his cousin had already ordered all his favorite food starting from the ravioli to the beef brasato.   Noticing Leo's interest. Alberto's lips curved into what would have been a smile on another person's face, but on his face was just a twitch of the lips
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10_ Fake Fiance
“Fuck, what am I going to do Wesley?” Leo ran a frustrated hand over his hair. They were in the spacious living room in his apartment. The escort he had hired as his fake fiancée had not shown up. As it is, he was pretty much late for the family gathering.   After his talk with Alberto in the hotel, Leo had put a call to Wesley for help. His friend had in turn put a call to his other friends, who had released the names of some reputable agencies.   It had taken him two whole days to find what he was looking for. The girl had been elegant, beautiful and pleasing to the eye and could easily pass as someone he could date.   Everything had been going fine. He had paid for her dresses, debriefed her on the matter at hand. Requested for her measurement in order to order for extra new clothes. All she had to do was remember what she had been told, look
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