The Dragon Who Loves me

The Dragon Who Loves me

By:  Roelien  Completed
Language: English
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The world has changed. All species have moved to their own island. Everyone is flourishing in their new environment except for humans. They are being bred as slaves for the rest of the world. The only problem is Samatha is a born a dragon, but only her breeder knows. She is given medicine to suppress her dragon side. That is until her new master decided to stop giving her, her medicine. Now she needs to learn how to be a queen to the dragon world.

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89 chapters
Chapter 1
Samantha POVIt all changed about 60 years ago. All species were split into their own territory. Each species moved to its own island. The war was finally over. The witches, werewolves, dragons, elves, vampires, and humans now lived in harmony. Okay well, not the humans. We as humans are bred to serve as slaves, pets, and walking blood bags for the supernatural. And if you are really unlucky you are bought by a witch to test out all their be concoctions.And then there is me. A sick human girl that has no idea what her future has in store for her.My name is Samantha and apart from being a human, I am also an orphan. My breeder picked me up at the side of the road when I was about 2 years old. Well, that is how old the doctors estimated me. My breeder made sure to remind me every chance he got that it is thanks to him that I am alive today. I honestly don't even know what his name is. He told us to call him master. I only call him master to his face.
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Chapter 2
Samantha POVOnly 1% of all humans have been mated to supernaturals. It is kind of sad if you think about it. I heard even before the split, that it was not that common for a human to be mated to a supernatural.We have a whole class dedicated to learning about the different species mating ritual. Just in case you are a mate of one of them.In the beginning, when all the species were created, the moon goddess has cursed all of them. They can only have children with their destined soulmates. In some cases, it is for the best, but in other cases it is horrible. This is why some species are busy going extinct.For instance the dragons. There are only 827 left. Yes, they can live for thousands of years, but there is only 1 mate that was born in the last 600 years. They need a new mate quickly. The Alpha of the dragons still hasn't found his mate, and he needs to find a mate so that his legacy can go on. I always found this interesting. How can the date of a whole
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Chapter 3
Samantha POV Our last exam was yesterday. Today, we get our results. We also get the whole day to pack our belongings, then tomorrow the auction starts.I don't really have a lot of things. Mostly it is only my clothes and the few make-ups that the school gives you. Now, that is a class that I did not like. There are so many techniques to use when it comes to make-up. They taught us ten different make-up techniques. I doubt I will ever use them.I mean who wants to redraw the shape of their face with the contour. I love the shape of my face. If I want to change that, I can just go to a doctor and get some plastic surgery. Yes, they still exist. Some masters take their pets to get a boob job. Don't understand why they did buy them because they liked what they saw. Don't even get me started on
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Chapter 4
Samantha POV The alarm has woken us up at 5 am this morning. Which is totally fine with me, we are a lot of girls that need to get ready for the proceedings of today. 5 minutes after the alarm went off, one of the cleaners came in with a white dress that we all need to wear today. She also gave us some white sandals that compliment the dress perfectly.I am currently sitting in a chair. I finished my shower, washed my hair, and shaved everything that needs to be shaved. Joan is now busy with my make-up. We decided on a smokey-eye with a wing eyeliner. She said it will bring out the blue of my eyes. She is also going to curl my hair. I want the curls to look natural and not overdone, if you know what I mean. Once she is done, she turns me towards the mirror. The girl I see is no longer a girl. She is a full-grown woman. The dress compliments my curves. I finally look and feel pretty. For the first time in my l
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Chapter 5
Samantha POV I walk up to the beautiful stranger. His piercing eyes are the first thing that I notice about him. His eyes are a combination of yellow and brown. He had the kind of eyes that can look straight into your soul without trying too hard. He takes my arm and starts pulling me towards the door. I try to resist, but soon realize that it is of no use. He is a lot stronger than I am. He takes me towards a waiting car. The motor is already running when we stop next to it."My suitcases are still in the bus," I comment while looking at my shoes."No, they are already in the car. I made sure to send someone to fetch your luggage. I also send someone to pay. Now, can you please get into the car? We have a long way to go." "Okay," I said. I am not sure that he actually heard me. I climb into the car and place my hands on my legs. The rest of the ride was done in silence. Partly because I do not know what to say to thi
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Chapter 6
Samantha POV Kaleb woke me up just after 7 am. We made sure we have breakfast together before starting to get ready. I have barely an hour to get ready before we have to leave for the harbor.  Luckily I showered last night so it will shorten my time to get ready. I decided not to put on some make-up. I mean I am going to be stranded on a boat for a long time. I don't know how long the journey is going to take from Stratboro Island to Grey Guardian island. "Samantha. Let's go. We are going to be late. Remember we have a schedule to uphold." I placed my toothbrush back in my luggage. and made my way out of the room I stayed in. "What no make-up today?"Kaleb asks with a smile. "There is something you need to know. I may be a woman, but I hate make-up. I will only wear make-up if I have a party to attend with you. I will not wear make-up at home and I certainly won't wear it while stuck on a boat. That my dear friend is not practical.
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Chapter 7
Samantha POV We finally arrived at werewolf Island. It is called The Grey Guardians. I have never in my life seen anything more beautiful in my life. The Grey Guardian Island is more like an open field. There are flowers of all shapes and sizes littered all over the land. It is the first time that I have seen a place so open. On the human island, there are only buildings. There was no place to even go and play as a child. Kaleb helped me get off the boat and onto the dock. My first reaction was to run through the field and that is exactly what I did. I let go of Kaleb's hand and just started running. There was so much screaming behind me but I just had one goal in my head. For the first time in my life, I felt completely free. I stopped in the centre of the flower field and started twirling. A giggle burst forth from my chest. I felt like a little kid. I fell down and continued my laughter as I lay there. <
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Chapter 8
Samantha POV We are currently sitting in front of the television. Kaleb opened up something that he calls N*****x. I didn't know what N*****x was until he explained to me that it is an app that you can watch movies on. It is a foreign concept to me. I cannot remember if I have ever even watched television. I remember seeing one in the masters home but it was never on. "So what do you want to watch? Do you want to watch a movie or a series?" Kaleb was slowly flipping through what he called the start-up page looking for something to watch. "I don't know. We didn't have screen time at school, so I don't know what kind of movies there are. I think this is the first time I watched something on the television." I look down at my hands. I feel so uncultured. Kaleb slowly turned towards me with a scowl on his face. He has a look between disappointment and anger on his face. He sighs and takes my hand. "There is so much that I to te
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Chapter 9
Samantha POVI woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I sat up on the couch and I realized that I have some aches and pains everywhere in my body. Well, what do you expect when you fall asleep on the couch?I rub my neck to relieve some tension."I see you are finally awake." I look up and see Kaleb with a smile on his face. He hands me a cup of coffee. My first sip was almost like manna from the heavens. I have never tasted anything more delicious in my life."I have some meetings that I have to attend today. Will you be okay here by yourself?" Kaleb has a worried look on his face."You don't have to worry about me. I will be fine. This will give me time to familiarize myself with the house. I can also make a list that we can go and get at the grocery store." I smile at him."By now everyone knows that we have arrived at the island, so you can expect some slaves to come and visit. Maybe more like check you out. You do not have to co
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Chapter 10
Samantha POV The girls and I continued with our life stories. It was weird to know how many of us were abandoned by our parents as soon as we went to school. I guess if you were born a girl you don't mean anything to the human community until you retire and can actually have kids of your own. "O, dear. Will you look at the time? We have to get going. We still need to get ready for the BBQ. We also need to go help with the setup." Carra gave me a kind smile.  Carra and the other stood up to leave. "Thank you so much for stopping by. I am happy to learn that not everything I was taught in school has been the truth." I smile at Carra. She is the first woman in my life with whom I can feel a bond. She is almost like a mother figure in my life. I am happy here.  "What do you mean dear?" Carra looks confused. "They taught us that you have to look out for yourself. Those other slaves will backstab you as soon you let your guard down
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