Enslaving Alice

Enslaving Alice

By:  Anrose Amillie  Completed
Language: English
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Alice has no choice but to work for her enemy - the notorious delinquent Caleb Spencer, after finding out her brother owes him a lot of money. He is everything she can't stand, yet, his punishments turn her on more than she cares to admit. She had always seen him as high school kid posing as a gangster, but since meeting Dylan, his endeavors have gone from petty and delinquent to downright dangerous. Can she convince him to choose her over his destructive new friend before his sinister plots destroy them all?

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35 chapters
Chapter 1
*** Authors note: Content Warning - this story contains scenes that some people may find uncomfortable. These include sex, drug use, violence, torture, mention of rape (no actual rape scenes). This is a dark romance. ***  1. "If you could pinpoint the exact moment your mental barriers broke, would you stick a plaster over the hole... or let the crazy seep out?" Dylan whispered.Read more
Chapter 2
When Alice got home from school, she found her older brother in the exact spot she's left him in this morning, curled up on his side, taking up the entire big sofa opposite the television.  He rolled over and groaned when he heard the clatter of her bag dropping onto the kitchen table.  Read more
Chapter 3
"I can't believe you gave that bitch a perfect opportunity to apologize and she just stood there staring at her feet," Dylan said, shaking his head. Since this was the third time he'd bought it up, Caleb figured he was pretty mad about it. The fact he was so enraged on Caleb's behalf was either sweet or creepy, depending on how you looked at it.  "I know right," Caleb said, rolling his eyes. "I guess you were right about her."Read more
Chapter 4
As Caleb reached into the pile of rubble on the corner to find a decent-sized stone, he noticed Dylan picking up a brick. He turned to the lad with a grin. "You wanna smash the windows in or what?" Read more
Chapter 5
"Has something happened?" Alice asked Carla. As she glanced about the schoolyard at her peers, she detected a tangible buzz in the air, like the hum of static electricity before a storm. Carla looked up from her iPhone, eyebrows raised as if to ask, "really?" 

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Chapter 6
Caleb found Danny's front door left slightly ajar. He was poised to knock regardless—it was the polite thing to do after all—until he overheard his name spoken in vain. It was his ex, Lisa, slagging him off loudly to whoever else was in the room. Creeping around the door while indicating for Dylan to shush, he found it was Ahmed and Danny listening to her rant.Read more
Chapter 7
"Well… that didn't go quite as planned," Alice muttered to herself. She sat on the bench in the freezing cold, losing feeling in her legs as she gathered the courage to return home and face her brother. Read more
Chapter 8
Alice tried not to think about it. She willed her brain to think about anything but Caleb freaking Spencer, but it didn't want to know. Every time she tried, her mind would wander back to the moment she declared herself his slave and the kaleidoscope of butterflies would return.  

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Chapter 9
'Shit,' Alice thought, striding up Caleb's stairs. "First left," he uttered in a cold, flat voice. Read more
Chapter 10
"I'm sure she fucking liked it," Caleb exclaimed, screwing his face up in confusion. "Is she supposed to like it?" Dylan let out a soft laugh. "I suspected she might be the type. I'm pretty good at spotting them." Read more
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