The Queen And The Freak

The Queen And The Freak

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Blair is a vampire who just moved from Transylvania to experience human life with her foster mother in America. She met a human girl named Pryce, who hates her so much, or that's what she just thought because of their rough first encounter. Then Blair's life turned into something she never expected as the time came that she fell in love with Pryce, who turned out to be a werewolf that is about to awaken. And none of them knew that Pryce wasn't just an ordinary werewolf but the destined queen. AUTHOR'S NOTE: The sequel is named "Price Of Pryce". Also, there is a Filipino edition of this book, named "Ang Reyna At Ang Abnoy".

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70 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Coffee
*Blair’s Point of View* --- “Hey, girl! Watch it!” I yelled at the dumb human who just bumped into me. And guess what? Unfortunately, she fell on the floor with all her coffee splashed in her dress. What a weak creature. But I don't know if it was hot, though. But I couldn't care less. “What the hell!” She cursed as she got up on her own. Why would I help her? She's the one who bumped into me. I'm the victim here! Then I kept my phone in my jacket's right pocket, and I just raised an eyebrow at her without saying anything. I'm about to turn around to leave the crime scene when she speaks again... or should I say yell. S
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Chapter 2 - Marge
*Blair’s Point of View* --- “Shut the hell up, you f**king clock!” I shouted as I reached for the noisy thing on the nightstand and the alarm clock turned into pieces as I threw it to the wall. Monday, and I really hate this day. But no matter how much I hate it, it still comes. It's like a lifetime curse that you cannot run away from. Like, who the hell likes Monday? Well, I do like it if there are no classes. “What was it, Blair?” Marge yelled as she hurried to my room and came in. Then I just buried my face in my pillow. “Okay, you just broke your clock. That was still new. First time using it, and it's now dead. Nice. Very nice. I should have glued it there.” She remarked, and I'm sure that her hands are on
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Chapter 3 - The Queen?
*Blair’s Point of View* --- “PRYCE WINSLEY ACADEMY.” I read the name of the school that Marge enrolled me in. This one seems like a good place. Better than my previous school. 'Act like a human and be a human.' I thought to myself as I got off my bike and pulled the helmet off of my head. It's only what I need to think of all the time. No one would probably know that I am a vampire, not unless I'll announce. And if there would be one that would know, there is only one person I can blame— Marge. “Well, this will surely be another one hella year of boredom,” I mumbled as I walked through the hallways with a sea of noisy human students.  Some of them are staring at me, and others are letting out murmurs with t
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Chapter 4 - The Freak
*Pryce’s Point of View* --- “Miss Winsley, you can proceed to your classroom now. It's almost time for your first subject.” Said the principal, who was my mom's best friend. 'Was', because my mother, Prescilla Karstensen-Winsley, died in a plane crash when I was still ten years old. She left me with my dad, but I don't live in his mansion now because I already have my own house. “Okay, Mr. Burton, just inform me if you need something or if there are any changes,” I told him as I picked up my purse and stood up from the chair fronting his table. I have been assessing him on what to do for the future meeting with the faculty this coming Friday. One of my jobs is to ensure that my employees are all comfortable with
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Chapter 5 - Can't Speak
*Blair’s Point of View* --- Why is it that when you're at school, the time moves so freaking slow? F*ck my life for it. One of the places that I don't want to be is at school. It's just like a deep, dark, and creepy dungeon for me. But everybody had no choice, just like me. We're gonna be here for the whole damn school year. Sh*t! I got to stop cursing. Marge will surely kill me if she could read my mind. Damn, I should listen to the teacher now. And it's four, three, two, one. *Bell rings*. Haha, lunch break! I was glad that the stunning blondie beside me didn't bother to approach and annoy me the whole morning. And I
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Chapter 6 - Babe
*Pryce’s Point of View* --- How dare she talk back at me and run away just like that? I swear, I'm going to kill her the harder way. No one has ever done it to me. Ever! She better be ready because I won't let this pass like the last time she messed up with me. “What are you all looking at? Mind your own things.” I asserted to everybody here in the canteen, and automatically, their heads turned back to their proper places. “We-we're sorry, Miss Winsley.” The captain stammered, and I just nodded at them then headed straight to the canteen's door. I just lost my appetite, and it's because of that freak. I will just go to the library to check the books that have arrived this morning. And I need a silent place to gi
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Chapter 7 - Blood and Blonde
*Blair’s Point of View* --- Whew! Thank goodness, I arrived in the classroom one minute early before the time. I went straight to my seat at the back. Well, it's a good thing that you only have one classroom for all of your subjects, excluding P.E, because it should be at the gym, and also, laboratory sh*ts. And as I sat on my chair, I glanced at the seat beside me. I just can't help myself to smile when I remembered what had happened during lunch break. I had so much fun. --- The bell finally rang, and Marge came in. And almost all of the students are here already, but their queen seemed to be late. I'm so excited to see what will happen next.
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Chapter 8 - Park
*Pryce’s Point of View* --- I am in a place that I shouldn't be. Clarkson Park. And it's already 7:10 in the evening. I'm inside of my car, deciding if I should go out or not. Well, who the hell knows what's out there? Maybe that freak was just making fun of me, or she wants to murder me.  Why did I decide to go in here after all? It's just so stupid of me. But then, I chose to open my door and bring with me a baseball bat, just in case of an emergency. And I left the engine of the car running so that there will be lights in the headlights of my car. Why is there no light around here now? This place was supposed to be so busy. I still remember when I was still
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Chapter 9 - Unusual
*Pryce’s Point of View* --- “Babe, do you still want to put some ice on it, or you'll just stare at me till morning?” She asked, and that brought me back to reality. This girl never fails to make my heart skip a beat because of her stubbornness. “You're so full of yourself, Freak. And never in your dreams that I will stare at you till morning.” I said to her as I walked to the trunk of my car to grab some ice from the cooler. Then I wrapped it in my handkerchief and tied it.  I went back to her and handed her the thing in my hold. She mumbled something, but I couldn't hear it clearly, and she took the ice from me. And before she could put it near her wound, I stopped her by holding her hand that had the ice
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Chapter 10 - WTF is this?
*Blair’s Point of View* --- I am totally stunned, shocked, and confused when I saw the queenb*tch of her academy smiling and wanting to eat ice cream with me.  Is the world about to end? “What flavor do you like?” She asked me cheerfully. And who the fudge is this girl? I never really imagined her to be like this. I have never seen her smile or even laugh before. And fudge, she is beyond gorgeous right now, and she makes my heart beat faster. This girl is so freaking weird. “I… umm...ah. Van…vanilla.” Sh*t, why did I just stutter? She only asked me what ice cream flavor I wanted to eat. Fudge this! Then she handed
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