My Devil CEO

My Devil CEO

By:  Rinia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Gerand Yosefa, an ambitious and oerfectist at all. the owner of the company yosefa corp which is engaged in the production of electronic goods. Gerand does not like the slightest mistake, so that he will fire anyone who wrongs his company. Gerand is notorious for being ruthless throughout the dark business world that he is in. Gerand's life motto is death or nothing. then next, regianist. a woman who is good at martial arts and is a smart student on campus. graduated cum laude at a well-known university. what would happen if a similarly resilient person was brought together? Especially with Gerand's obsession with women that made him refuse to employ a woman in an important position in his company. this is the extreme story between the secretary and the devil CEO who has a tough personality .

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46 chapters
Devil CEO
"What is your name?"A question that is trapping again high, because it comes from people who hold high positions as well. Who else if not the highest leader in a company, aka CEO.Then what is the use of the attached biodata if the edges are still asking too. regianis was clearly annoyed but he was trying to maintain his image at his first meeting with the leader."Regianis Sir," replied a woman who was a graduate of a well-known university.You shouldn't have to ask for your name anymore, it's already written on the job application letter. Should that be?Wasting time."Age?"The woman did not immediately answer the question but instead clenched her fists because of her annoyance. But in the end it stopped and returned to normal.How could I not, it's been 30 minutes that the woman stood right waiting for the CEO who was busy with his files.Then after the interview you even get a question like this?Basic useless. That p
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"You will regret dealing with me."That's what will happen, honey.This morning Regi will start his first day of work. The woman looks very beautiful with a makeup that looks different from the general secretary. Nobody wore revealing clothes or anything like that.Regi remained to be himself with an outgoing appearance.This is myself.When Regi arrived, she immediately walked in and walked casually. Right now the new time is 6:30. Too fast?Not really because Regi was used to coming fast. All as well as fast, that's Regianis.She smiled when he saw the door to the room that had been shown by one of the office employees. It will be a lot of fun. What he had dreamed of had finally come true.No one has come yet Naturally, Regi came very quickly. Luckily the office door was already opened.The office schedule itself only starts at 08.00.Regi came too fast, not really. There are several things he did besides not wa
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Crazy Bos!
Gerand looked straight at someone who was already lying in the place he had prepared. A bed he used to have fun with with the bitches.Ah No, I mean the victims only. As for the bitch he used to go to the night club. Special office rooms are only for employees or top models who want to play with them.Although Gerand likes to play, women are clean with all kinds of diseases. He has a private doctor to check himself. Gerand is also not a fool to sow seeds to just anyone.For that he always uses security when having fun.Now he looked straight at the person who was looking helpless. Forget about stimulants, especially for his new secretary, she only uses sleeping pills.Taking directly what he wants won't be that easy. He just wanted to play around longer with this new goal.It will definitely be more fun."This innocent and scary face, I'll make sure to bend your knees," said Gerand as he gently stroked Regi's face.It must have been gr
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"Alright, let's make a deal. How about I participate too? I'll make sure you won't regret it, Sir."Gerand's face suddenly turned pale as Regi slowly pulled open the blanket she was holding. Gerand himself accidentally swallowed his saliva.Too bold and passionate. Until it reached its peak, a Regianist only wore underwear.Hey come on, before this Gerand was even used to seeing more. A woman who is completely naked is not something strange in her viewThen why are you in a cold sweat like this now?Come on, it's even just underwear. The tourists are used to dress like that.Then Gerand unexpectedly, her secretary sat right on his lap.What should he do now?Respond well?"What do you think, Sir, even though I am a new employee. Unexpectedly, it caught your attention this fast," said Regi, gently stroking Gerand's face then moving his buttocks.This sensual movement, of course, made Gerand's desire unstoppable. For that he
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Old Friend?
"When are you going to get married honey?" asked Gerand."Could you please not call me that disgusting name?" said Regi with a sharp glare.In his entire life, many people have said that it's just that he really feels very uncomfortable.Even those who dared to speak so immediately received a punch to the face. The summons were disgusting to Regi."Of course anything for you," replied Gerand quickly.It's okay, after all, the person in front of him is not just anyone. He's not a bitch but a future wife. Prospective wife who is not wife.Pity, that's what Gerand thought."Next week. I don't have a Father and Mother so you don't need to ask for the blessing of my family. So now can you tell me where my clothes are? I have to go to workidle wife is not my way of life. "Future wife?Does Regi really want to marry Gerand?Gerand Yosefa immediately thought about that too. How could Regi's face still look so ordinary when he said
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What About?
"So you have to be excited. From now on we are friends," said Regi with a friendly smile.The person's mood is so good that it can even overcome the annoyance and anger that he had thought earlier. Finally she could have a friend, was what Regi was thinking."Good afternoon all."When he heard this voice, Regi's bright face suddenly grabbed and looked red. Not only that, his hands spontaneously clenched into strong fists.The voice belonged to someone who had just ruined his life to the point where it fell. everything, whatever it is has been shattered to pieces."Good afternoon sir," said Jenny quickly, lowering her head, not daring to look at her boss's face.Why Jenny turned out to be like that, the answer is how to behave properly in front of her boss who has never even spoken to him directly.Jenny is very nervous."Can you please leave this place?" asked Regi which of course made Jenny stare in shock.Without realizing it,
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Game Offer
"What!" said Gerand incredulously.A Gerand Yosefa was asked to get acquainted with someone he had never thought of for. The son of his mother's friend.Matchmaking, Gerand thought so. Ah but no, they just asked to get acquainted and familiarize themselves with each other.So it will be?All this time even her parents had talked about marriage or something like that. Then now you're even told to get acquainted with a woman?What was even more annoying was that the person in charge of matchmaking was the bastard Deny Felixa, who was none other than his own younger cousin.According to the information Gerand received from his own mother, the woman he was going to introduce was Deny's own friend.Crazy. That's what Gerand immediately thought. Who would do such a crazy matchmaking?Even though Papa and Mama Gerand continued to evade when Gerand talked about arranged marriages. Because he would never be matched or crazy activities like that
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Two Evil
"That looks like a lot of fun. Then let's do it. Then I'll get what I want, right?" asked Deny while sipping coffee again.He looks very relaxed and smiles his lips. When it comes to women, it can always make a man fly high and be happy without match.It was a habit that was difficult for him to break.“It depends on your fate. This Regi's friend may look innocent but he seems like a very cautious personif you're lucky, go ahead. Do whatever you want. Taking care of women who aren't my target isn't what I want to do. ""Hahaha that's right. Then you shouldn't go too far. Later you will be attracted to that innocent girl again. Either you or I are greedy and just as jerk," said Deny, laughing dryly.He can act like anything. Is this related to all the things he likes. Women can indeed bring many changes to him."Take it easy, I already have my own targetbut yes, don't be angry if this time you have to share. I have a plan to torture Regi.""T
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"Let's go. All the fun stuff will start from here. Just watch there will be lots of things going on.A fun game can always get bastards like Gerand and Deny very excited. Nothing could be more fun than just playing girls.A habit that the two people cannot get rid of is how to find their own pleasure but whatever it is.Deny is very happy, and can't wait for a game with cute girls. I'm together huh. yes, I want to go with you," said Regi while looking straight.Thanks to his careful choice, he was able to persuade Jenny to give his home address. So now the woman is visiting the house of someone she considers her friend.Too fast, Regi felt that too. But yes he just likes it. Never in his life went to anyone's house. Regi really doesn't have any friends.She just spent life with his daily routine. Only that. Learn learn and learn. Everything he did was of interest only.So when you meet someone who catches his attention when you first meet he
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What Do You Mean?
"What do you mean Sir?" asked Regi without looking at all.Right beside him was someone he saw with Jenny earlier. Gerand had already introduced him to be a cousin, but what made Regi say that was how could the two CEO's ask him to take on the crazy game they both wanted?Soon, Jenny will come to this place. Then he just needs to be quiet and be natural when these two people talk?Yes, if their talks and actions are normal and don't contain elements of madness. So without being told, Regi would just keep quiet. There is no reason for her to interfere in the affairs of the two people.Right?"Nothing, we just asked you to be quiet, is that still unclear?""What are you going to do?"Tok. Tok. Tok.Regi spontaneously closed his eyes and clenched his fists when she heard a knock on the door. It must be Jenny with all the traits she has.So what will the two madmen do?Could it be revealing marriage or something worse than that
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