Divergent Between Alpha and Vampire

Divergent Between Alpha and Vampire

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I feel like my body is soaking in the water when I wake up." "Meow," I said, but what came out of my fucking mouth was a cat's fucking sound! What the hell has she been up to with me? Why did she take me for a bath? What are you going to do with her now that she's naked? I curse again as I look at her beautiful, sexy naked body. Fuck... I think I'm going to pass out again... the heat was slowly invading my entire body as I stared at her naked body... just a few minutes with her and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to stop myself... This is not my fault anymore, right? She was the one who set it off. I was staring at her lovely face as she closed her eyes tightly. please, she's too beautiful to resist, and I'm just a horny vampire who likes her. "Would you please touch me more?" fuck! What kind of feeling is this? The fire inside of me was scattered inside, burning with the desire to touch her. The way she wanted to be touched was too much to resist. I haven't realized that I've transformed into my human form since I'm too preoccupied with her nude, luscious body. I had already kissed her when I realized it was too late, and she didn't object, even though she had already opened her eyes. I was on top of her, and I was much bigger than she was as if I were a titan, and she was just a regular girl beneath me. I lower my lips and kiss her. As I noticed her collar bone, "Please, more..." ahhh, "Please, more..." "Are you sure, little one? I wouldn't be able to stop once I started.

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149 chapters
1_ sell
Airlea,   Meteorites were raining down from heaven on the earth. It was exactly midnight, the sky was dark gray, and all you could see was a little blaze lighting up the sky. As it shimmers and flickers in the sky, it's rather lovely. However, as the shimmering light spread across the surface, it ignited everything it came into contact with.And it was only a matter of time before you could hear wailing coming from one of the houses that had been suspiciously burnt. Even if it hadn't been struck by meteors...The sorrow and agony of the individuals within the house horrified you, and if you heard it, you would have shivered. ****** Month before,   I pity myself as I looked in the mirror. It was my 16th birthday, but I couldn't even grin because it was my day.I couldn't remember if I grinned sincere smiles on my birthdays and every day of my life. Because I've been blamed by my entire family since my pare
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2_ we meet
Airlea" Months before... "Come on, Lea, it's James' birthday; we were going to celebrate it now regardless, because we're not here as employees! Thanks to our boss for giving us the day off!" Ellie, my friend, said cheerfully as her mouth opened, revealing her teeth. I'm still worried sick. But I still needed to have fun, even if it was just a little bit every now and then.I heave... Ellie was correct, but I was concerned about what would happen if my grandparents discovered that I hadn't gone to work today. As a result, they would undoubtedly be enraged. As a result, they would punish me once more. But my sanity drew me out of my deep thought, and all of my concerns vanished when I saw an interesting guy inside the bar.This is strange for me because for almost two years of working in the bar, every time a coworker called me to stop for a moment from my job because they wanted me to see a guy that they thought was hot, but once I saw a guy, they were
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3_ I will take her
Troy, I'm not sure why I'm so agitated. I want to smack these guys right now. As I spoke to the man, I couldn't even recognize my own voice. My entire body was enraged. My jaw clenched, then I leaned forward slightly, and I knew I couldn't stop myself from murdering this man. Do you think so? Do you think you can scare me with the word "bastard?" The man said it was my cue that he wanted to die in my hands. My hands were itching to teach him a lesson he'd never forget.I hit and beat him without saying anything. My rage and frustration grow stronger with each passing moment. No one could possibly stop me. At the same time, I punched and kicked him. He had spilled blood all over the floor. Nobody was ever going to stop me from doing what I was doing in this nonsense.I made him a punching bag until a large group of people tried to stop me. However, I am far more powerful than they believe.Please halt it. If you didn't stop, you'd kill him...
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4_ I want more
Long time ago,   If we were given a second opportunity in life, I hope we would see each other again.They were both laying on the ground, coating their bodies in their own blood, the girl remarked to the man.They were both losing strength and taking deep breaths.The man gently touched the girl's face before coughing and spitting blood. The girl wailed, unable to utter anything since she lacked the strength. She instead squeezed the guy's hand and whispered "I love you" ******Troy" I've been bothering her for far too long, and it appears that she doesn't want to go home, especially when a guy offers her a drink, but I have a bad feeling about this guy. So, as Air stood up and headed to the restroom, I followed them inside without thinking. As I heard, Air says she wants to go there.Air, looking as if it didn't have the energy to fight while doing its best to push the guy, I knew it! He had put something in her drink by then.Read more
5_ what is happening
Troy"As she says, I couldn't contain my feelings any longer."You sound real, baby, yet I don't care anymore." I want more. Give me a little more. " I smirk. Is she thinking I'm not real? Well, maybe she already realized the guy earlier put something in her drink, which is why she was so horny, but oddly, I felt the same way. Did I drink something from that bar as well? Is that why I felt horny as well? Does that mean it's not because I'm attracted to this girl?My body shivers with delight as I gaze at her lovely face. She's too naive, and she's unlike any other human I've ever encountered. Why? She was the only one who could make me feel like this. Other women I fucked were only for the purpose of having sex, but with this girl and my feelings, it felt too much. The fire inside of me needs to be let out, and I don't know how.Her handful of tits were so firm that it wasn't helping to tame the beast inside of me.<
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6_ life is so cruel
Troy"   I awoke in an unusual location. For a while, it was still dark. It was probably still five o'clock in the morning. I attempt to recall how I came to be here.My head, though, was in excruciating pain. My nude body was on display, and my thoughts were dispersed. I got up and took a quick check of my surroundings with my eyes. "Aarrggh, what happened yesterday?" I closed my eyes.   I went to a pub last night and fought only to save the girl. Yes, the girl, and then yes, we ended up in her house. We've had sex... I had sex with the most seductive woman I've ever met. I recall her lovely face and intoxicating scent now. However, once we've had intimacy, I'm in excruciating pain... Then... Then I fled away as my body transformed into something I didn't recognize. I recall parking my bike in a thicket of grass. Perhaps that's how I found up in this jungle. But why do I have no recollection of what transpired after that?
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7_ problem
Troy" My mother's first question when she saw me was, "Troy, where were you last night?"   My mother inquired. I was staring at her like a statue, and she was staring back.   I was afraid and struck my head as a result of what I did. "I'm asking you, Troy!"   When my mother slammed into me, I scratched my head.   "I'm looking for my twin, as always, mom," I say. " "All right, just keep yourself hidden from whatever you think is dangerous." " I shook my head, thinking she still thought I was a child... Mom stated that she sat in front of the television and watched the news.   We settle down in a humble area here on the so-called earth after escaping to the other dimension. We use our vampire's abilities to live happily here because of their abilities. By doing a lot of things, like using clever vampire abilities, our business will th
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8_ his different
  Airlea, I felt relieved when the lunch break arrived. As usual, I stood with my head bowed. "I've been listening to my students, and they're all discussing where they go or what they want to eat. I take a deep breath... I don't have any friends at school, and hence no one would ask me such questions. "Oh, ugly duckling, were you alone once more? Hahaha!" Fred stated, and I disregarded him and sped up my pace in order to pass him and his gang. I had the distinct impression that they were staring at me from behind me. I walked as quickly as possible. Earlier, I had had enough of their taunting. I proceeded to the soccer field, where I was invisible to everyone. I needed to rest. The discomfort between my legs remained. I
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9_ his brother
Travis Razel, Troy's "twin brother of Troy" My father once carried me in his arms as he ran, while my mother carried my twin, Troy. Finally, after passing the siren who governed the sea, we were close to the gateway, which could lead to the human realm. However, we must get past the guards. They are the portal's custodian or watchman. The portal to another world We don't know what's out there, but my parents promise me that it's far better than staying here. The supernatural realm is dreadful for humans who require peace, such as ourselves, so we should not be here. This planet is rife with war and nonstop war. Wolves and vampires are perpetually at odds over who will dominate our world. No one has given up so far. But how were we going to get past the guards? They are far more powerful than we are. They're part vampires, half snakes, and every bite will bring you to the world of the magistrates. We all knew where all dying creatures went,
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10_ my crush
Troy "when he was a child,  My mother is a strong warrior. She could fight too well, as I see her using her sword to combat the portal's two half-vampire, half-snake guards. She was too strong to fight while they were jumping too high. I'm astounded. I hope to be like her one day. A strong fighter with a good heart. My father and Razel vanished into the portal. My mother then leapt in to save me. We sprinted faster so the guards couldn't catch up with us. My heart was racing as we ran at a breakneck speed. After a century of We've been\sstuck in the supernatural world for over a century. When we attempt again, we're lucky since the guards are battling off a swarm of wolves that want to pass through the portal. ***** Read more
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