Seduced By The Dragon

Seduced By The Dragon

By:  ~S.Y  Ongoing
Language: English
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Living alone in the forest; away from the kingdom where a ruthless king was wrecking havoc, Frore was at peace. When one day, an injured Greek-God handsome man knocked at her small door and turned her world upside down. Being close and alone with a man like him was a little...difficult than she originally thought as he was hellbound on seducing her and show her the new world of LOVE and LUST. His touch that ignited fire throughout her frozen veins and his intense stares that made her clench her thighs together with an unfamiliar feeling, drove her to near insanity. What naive Frore failed to understand was, nothing happens without a reason in this world and his reason of invading her personal space and heart might be something she would have never even imagined.

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21 chapters
BEFORE YOU READ! It's a mature themed story so read at your own risk. If you feel uncomfortable then leave peacefully.Follow me on insta @authorsy56 to see character inspiration and aesthetics.Thanks for Reading! AUTHOR'S POVFrore stripped her gown off her body and dipped her leg in the lake. A sudden smile made it's way up her adorable lips. The water was warm, just like always. Happily, she started to take slow steps inside the water, as the ripples started appearing in itA constant smile of contentment, was plastered on her face. Reaching the middle of the lake where water had covered her upto her chest, she started rubbing her arms softly with the water.Read more
Chapter 01
AUTHOR'S POV“ CATCH HER! ” The guards yelled as the heavy running footsteps sounded in the silent forest.She glanced behind herself pushing away the cape of the hood she was wearing. Running, she grabbed the gown with her right hand and ducked just in time to dodge the branch of the tree that was about to hit her on her face.Suddenly, her grey eyes started to take a light blue hue turning frosty. Feeling the anger boiling in her veins once again, she turned around abruptly only to be faced by three Soldiers holding onto their swords surrounding her. She dropped the basket in which there were alot of red roses that she had plucked from all around the forest.“ Stop running. We will go easy on you. We will take turns I swear. You will enjoy it little one. ” One of the guard sneered at her licking up his lips as her eyebrows raised up in di
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Chapter 02
AUTHOR'S POVGroaning softly, she tried to move herself but found herself unable to do so. Her head was hurting like some horse stomped all over it and she was sure that her face was swollen judging from how heavy it felt.Gulping, she forced her eyes open but shut them back due to the godly light hitting her face. Grunting, she blinked for a few times and finally managed to open her eyes only to find herself sitting on the only chair in her house that was in her kitchen. Fear started to take over her heart when she tried to move but then realized that her hands were tied behind her back and so were her legs in front of her. She was restrained completely. Her mind started to take turns. What was happening?Her first thought was about the Soldiers. What if they were here to rape her again? Feeling nauseous, she gulped down her saliva and looked around. That's when she s
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Chapter 03
AUTHOR'S POV“ Now come here! ” The man before her, who had introduced himself as Vayldre purred in a weird voice and Frore gulped before looking down at his sitting figure on HER bed.“ Where? ” Frore shooked her head dumfounded.“ Here! ” Vayldre pointed beside himself and Frore's face went red.“ You bastard! Retard! Who do you think I am? ” Frore fumed pointing towards herself, as veils of Frost started to cover the wooden walls of her cabin.“ Witch? ” Vayldre suggested Teasingly and Frore huffed out taking a step back.Vayldre raised his hand and grabbed her wrist before pulling her down beside himself.Frore screamed out and started thrashing, making Vayldre groan out and make her sit down forcefully.Frore's eyes went wide i
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Chapter 04
AUTHOR'S POVA look of horror crossed Frore's eyes, watching Vayldre's body reshaping into something bigger and unbelievable.His eyes were holding hers captive, which made her gulp and feel dread deep down in her bones.Scales started appearing on his face and wings appeared behind his back, before his body completely reshaped into a Golden Dragon.A dragon so big and magnificient that Frore's breath hitched. She stumbled back and placed her hand on her mouth with her eyes almost popping out of their sockets.A loud roar sounded and shooked the surroundings, as Frore shrieked and fell down on the ground.Vayldre's Golden slit eyes were staring at her, before he took off the ground shaking everything around him and flew away towards the Red Dragon.Not believing her own eyes, Frore kept looking up, still sitting o
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Chapter 05
AUTHOR POVHaving a Greek-God handsome man barging in her house, injured. Knowing that her powers didn't work on him.Having to watch two Supernatural creatures - no DRAGONS flying in the air right in front of her eyes.All of this was not really believable for Frore. Frore shooked her head for the nth time, nibbling on her lower lip, drawing out blood from it, as she stared at the man moving around in her kitchen.“ Are you - Are you really... ” Frore tried to ask him if what she saw earlier was really true or if she was just dreaming about it.When she had woken up again, she had found him silently making food and she - herself couldn't ask him anything. It was really weird.Dragons died over a century ago. They were the great beings that ruled over the world for thousands of year but th
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Chapter 06
AUTHOR'S POVA week passed since that Dragon - Vayldre was haunting Frore. He had made it impossible for her to even sleep peacefully. She didn't know why she was so affected by him. He just had this weird kind of power over her, that always made her want to submit to him.The small annoyingly - turning on touches, the deep piercing stares, the little biting of his thick lips, were all too much now. For this whole week, she had tried to push him away from herself by asking him to leave repeatedly, but the same excuse ' I won't leave as I need to do something here ' had fell from his lips silencing her. With her protests, always came a warning and a threat that she couldn't help but shiver to.Today, she decided to run away from him again by going to her favourite small lake deep in the forest, that she had come to love.She was deep in the warm lake feeling content and at peace. Her mind
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Chapter 07
AUTHOR'S POVIn a motion, Vayldre got up from the stool and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer. Frore's breath hitched at the sight of his dark orbs and small smirk. His sharp features didn't fail to take her breath away and with him so close to her, she could suffocate from this sight. Vayldre rested his forehead onto hers and ghosted his lips above hers, breathing heavily on her face. His hand sneakily traveled down to her dress and he slowly started pulling it up, revealing her flawless ankles and then her thigh. His rough finger touched her bare thigh and he squeezed it, sending tingles down her spine. Their noses touched and lips brushed against each other.He gently turned her around and pushed her back against the kitchen counter. Frore closed her eyes, before arching her back towards his hard body to softly connect their lips. A jolt of spark tingled their bodies, when they felt e
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Chapter 08
AUTHOR'S POV“ I want you...Vayldre. ” She whispered out in a tiny voice, pulling him out of his thoughts. Even if the fear was lingering in her eyes, she still wanted him and that woken up something inside him, that was sleeping from the time he was born. He didn't want to feel like this. Like when the time came, he wouldn't be able to hurt her.His gaze turned dark and he smashed his lips over hers, sucking and biting harshly to get this feeling out of his heart. Frore opened her mouth letting him explore it with his tongue wrapping around her own, making her moan in his mouth. He abruptly pulled away and rested his forehead against hers, peering down in her glossy gray eyes, that were unique. He grabbed her both hands and joined them together with his, placing them beside her head, as she took in a huge breath feeling him, leaving her one hand.He lined his cock aga
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Chapter 09
AUTHOR'S POVHe was staring at her peacefully sleeping face. She looked so innocent and Etheral, that he just couldn't look away, but then he forced himself to get his senses back.Pushing himself off the bed, he picked up his white shirt, wearing it and then picked up his brown pants, pulling it on. His eyes went back to her face, when she mumbled something in her sleep.Curiously, he placed his knee on the bed, bending down on her to hear what she was saying. “ Vayldre... ” The movement of her swollen pink lips formed his name and he sighed out, moving his eyes to her long eyelashes. He bought his hand up and traced her eyebrow gently. He leaned down and placed his lips over her closed eye, breathily heavily. Smoothing out the lines formed on her flawless forehead, he leaned away from her, giving her a last look.<
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