The Demon Queen's Destiny

The Demon Queen's Destiny

By:  Rory McCauley-Hayman  Completed
Language: English
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Reggie is a concubus doing her part in the fight against the false elites. While doing recon for the resistance, she was attacked by ex-trackers. With little memory, aside from her mission, the unique concubus is working for more than just the safety of her people. She is working to find out who she is and where she belongs. Once she returns to the resistance, she finds out her true purpose, to complete a powerful spell that will help in the coming battle with the false elites... and die. In this final installment of the Vasilia Series, all questions will be answered and all vengeance will be brought about. Before reading this, make sure to catch up to the story so far with The Demon Queen's Desire and The Demon Queen's Duty.

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67 Chapters
Enemy Underground
[Reggie] I sat in the tree tops and leaned forward, adjusting my braided bun. For three days, I’d been scouting the area. Lots of ex-trackers would come through here, but I would lose their scent. There had to be an entrance nearby and I intended to find it.A few minutes later, a tiger came through. I loved the rich scent of the large cats. There was more power to them than to almost any other shifter I’d seen. Using my tail, I lowered myself to the bottom branch. Quietly, I gripped it and gently dropped to the ground. The tiger paused and sniffed. He wouldn’t smell me, though.I found the urine of female animals in estrus, especially carnivores and omnivores, would completely conceal my s
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Welcoming Reggie
[Reggie] Lights tried to lead me, but I was sure of myself and didn’t need them. It took an hour to make it through. I was tired as hell when I entered a pretty little clearing with a cherry tree in it.There was a ring of stones alternating between dark and light around the tree. Even though it was obviously a young tree, it was heavy with fruit. Some fruit might be nice while I waited for my king to arrive.The clearing was so familiar. It must mean I was in the right spot. Plucking some of the fruit from the tree, I munched while I waited. I knew someone would be alerted I was there and come to get me. It was just how it worked.-

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Comfort in Arms
[Ford] I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I knew Aria would be up, it was time to feed Yvonna. She would usually talk with me while she fed the baby. It was nice. Our relationship had gotten a lot stronger in the last couple months. I’d even been there when the baby was born a few weeks ago.I headed upstairs to the nursery. Aria was in the rocking chair with Yvonna happily suckling at her breast. Some part of me wished it was Madison. I was already in love with the baby girl as if she were mine.“I’d hoped you’d actually gotten to sleep tonight.” Aria sighed.“I did for a while. B
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Blood Sickness and Other Ailments
[Serena] I was getting my things together for training. It was nearly nine and I hadn’t seen Ford all morning. He was usually at breakfast or wandering around the house. As soon as someone was up, he would update them on anything that had happened over night.“Rao, sweetie, have you heard from Ford? He’s not here and Garrett says he’s not at the training field.” I asked. Raoul closed his eyes for a moment. “He’s not answering the mind link. Maybe he fell asleep somewhere. No one will mind him missing one training session. We all know he’s worked harder than anyone else and he hasn’t been getting much rest. Let’s go train. He’ll wake up b
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A Good Scratch
[Conric/Ford]Reggie stirred from her sleep. The movement woke me. Ford was still asleep. He needed it, so I let him alone. This wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.She snuggled deeply into my fur and inhaled. I knew she’d be able to smell who I was and she didn’t seem afraid. I was at least twice the size of a normal wolf. It tended to scare people.“Hello, beautiful puppy.” She murmured. I rolled onto my back and looked at the slightly mussed concubus. For the first time in months, I felt rested. It was a good sleep.She opened her eyes and I let my tongue loll out of my mouth in a wolfy smile. It made her giggle in a
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Feeding Reggie
[Reggie] When I entered the living room, I saw the Vasili stand and smile at me. He walked over and patted my shoulder in a friendly way. I noticed how he was looking at my body. Maybe I was wrong about the dress being fine.“Did you sleep well?” He asked, distractedly. “Yes, thank you. I can’t remember the last time I got to sleep in a bed. And the soaps in the bathroom were lovely.” I smiled.“Good to hear. It’s nice to see you all cleaned up and smelling better. If Veles hadn’t told me you were a concubus, I wouldn’t have known from the scent.” He laughed. “Did Ford feed you?&rdq
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Lunch and a Meeting
[Serena]I got out of my chair and put my hand to Reggie’s forehead. She didn’t feel warm anymore. I smiled and guided her to the empty chair beside Ford.Reggie sat down gingerly. It would appear Drayce hadn’t held back much when he fed her. She smiled a little and I saw Drayce blush out of the corner of my eye. I was going to have to get him to dish. Rao said I could feed her too, as long as he was there, and I wanted to know what I was in for.“Your fever is down. Now, you need to tell someone if you start feeling flush. We’ll make sure someone can feed you every time it rises. Don’t be shy about it. Rao is even up for helping, since succubae aren’t as possessive as shifters.” I told her, patting Reggie on the shoulder
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A Strange Amnesia
[Winston] We listened until she was down the stairs. Anders called Landry out of Aria’s room and Drayce called in a couple of Glimmer Dragons from one of the other rooms. He’d had them on standby.Glimmer Dragons were an all-female species. They had healing magic and all of the ones in the movement had been through training on the different species. The ones with us, Audrey and Marnie, were specifically trained in demon physiology.Dragons didn’t have alphas since they were all strong and dominant. Audrey had volunteered to feed Reggie. It would help a lot toward getting her better.When all the women arrived, Anders turned to Ford. We
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Reggie's Past
[Winston]Twenty minutes later, everyone was gathered in the upstairs sitting room. Audrey was still in the room with Reggie. She told Drayce the fever hadn’t spiked yet.Ford brought me up. I knew I looked more ragged than I’d been when Ford left me. I had another vision after he left the room… it was terrible. Worse than the first one.“So far, no one knows a demon matching Reggie’s description. Some of the older demons said avians were believed to be extinct. She’s could be the last one in the world.” Anders said.“None of the wolves recognized her description, either.” Rao reported.“Landry&rsquo
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Getting Enough to Eat
[Ford]Dinner was served at six because Serena wanted to make sure Reggie wasn’t going too long between meals. She said feeding on flesh tended to make demons hungrier for things to chew. I was sitting at the counter and Audrey was helping with the meal.She came stumbling out of the room a couple hours ago and didn’t want to go back. She said Reggie was insatiable and Audrey couldn’t handle anymore. She’d called Marnie to come take over and it still took another hour until Reggie was sated. They decided she would need two powerful females until Aria was able to feed her.  “Ford, would you go get Reggie for dinner? I don’t think she’ll come out for anyone but you right now.” Se
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