Love In The Game

Love In The Game

By:  Cindy Chen  Completed
Language: English
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Claire Hopkins never thought that she would be sucked into a game and suddenly was in the arms of Adonis, the most beautiful god in the mythology. It all started when Claire was trapped in an old uninhabited house that night. Claire hid in the old house because of being chased by a group of drunken men. Accidentally, she found a video game hidden among the bookshelves. The game called The Myth, is a game about legend in mythology. Claire was amazed that the game has a feature of face and body recognition, that the character of the game indeed looks like her in real life. Enjoying the first levels of the game, Claire suddenly was sucked into the game, right on top of Adonis' bed, where there’s the most handsome man lying next to her. Unable to fight back, Claire was forced to give up. After all that happened, Claire found out that Adonis was actually a player named Leon Maxwell who was trapped in the game for years. He was waiting for another player to enter, in order to complete that current level entitled The Adonis' Love. Before they could think clearly, Claire and Leon had already entered the next level. Will Claire's hatred for Leon turn into love? Will they be able to work together to find a way out with only three lives each? Follow me on Instagram: @cindychen06

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132 Chapters
The Old House
“Slow down, beautiful! We just want to walk you home! " cried a bunch of drunken men.Read more
Adonis' Bed
Claire smiled as she pressed the game's power button. The round scanner with the camera lens in the centre begins to move upright.Stand and face the camera.Claire followed what the scanner's said. The girl was standing facing
Read more
The Play With Adonis
"What do you mean?" asked Claire, her face flushed red from the sensation she felt."We are playing in this game," he replied."So, you are a player? Not a character in the game?" asked Claire in a rising voice.

Read more

Kill The Boar
Claire tried to balance her body which was now floating in the clouds. She nearly fell over, but she finally managed to steady herself. Now, she floated in the air like a professional."Woohoo!" shouted Claire in the air. She enjoyed the wind blowing against her, felt like real.Claire then remembered her mission, she had to save Leon in t
Read more
The Lerna Lake
"We really did it!" exclaimed Claire happily as she looked back at Leon who was still under her body."Yes, we did it," Leon replied with a smile. That smile made Claire's laughter stop. Again, Leon managed to stun Read more
Lit The Fire
"Shit!" exclaimed Claire when she saw Leon had left her alone. SheRead more
The Girl By The Fire
"Don't you dare leave me again!" said Claire curtly."Well, then let's find a place to spend the night," Leon replied with a timid smile. He then helped Claire to her feet. Claire's body ached in several places, such as an arm. ShRead more
I'm Sorry
The Empusa dodged Claire's spear with ease and then flew around with her fiery hair.Read more
The Labyrinth
After the words 'Start' in front of them disappeared, they were confronted with a labyrinth of some sort. A thin mist hovered before them. There was silence, there was nothing in the foggy labyrinth."I think we should start now, Claire," Leon said.Read more
The Lust
"Aphrodite can fly,” whispered Claire into Leon's ear."So?" Leon asked, confused.Claire quickly took out the digital screen from her hand, making a sound that caught
Read more Protection Status