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WARNING!!!! MATURE CONTENTS . READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION . Loveth tried to move away but he dragged her closer to him " that perfume cost so much Loveth , I am afraid I am going to ask for a collateral." Nicholas said as he let down her dress revealing her breast before him , Loveth covered her nipple quickly as she held her arms across her breasts shyly,Nicholas turned her around again for inspection and a frown on her face made him halt quickly " I don't have anything to offer you Nicho.. Boss , please let me get out of here , I will accept every punishment you give me tomorrow ." Loveth moaned when he kissed her and grabbed her butt " do you know what I hate the most Loveth ? , I hate to postpone punishment ." Nicholas said has bent his head whispering quietly in her ears " what can I do ?." Loveth asked as she wanted him and required no more urging nor instructions , guided by her need and instincts , she slid her hand sensuously through the dark hairs of his chest , and leaned forward to kiss his hard muscular flesh . Drunk Loveth Raymond kidnapped by a stranger who she realised to be a power driven man obsessed with money and power , she must do all she can to resist his charms and the sexual sparks going off between them. But she must satisfy the commanding and forceful Nicholas Hunter desires . When caught between a rock and a hard place........

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     ‘’ Honestly you need to quit drinking Loveth. The last time you drank, you almost made out with the club's  DJ. Now it might be the security or cleaner . I need to be somewhere but I am afraid to leave you here all alone .‘’  Elizabeth Morgan , Loveth best friend said as she snatched the glass of wine from her quickly ‘’ I am not drunk ,  I am fine Betty, I swear  , you need to give me back my drink .‘’ Loveth replied sluggishly as she snatched  back the  glass of wine from Betty .  ‘’ I really have to leave. Can you please stop drinking already and let's get out of here  , you are going to make me never come out to drink with you again Loveth .  ’’ Betty said as she drags her friend from her seat  angrily while Loveth restrained from leaving staring drunkenly at a man siting opposite her." Wait ! That man over there has been grinning  at me , I think he likes me right ? Be
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    Loveth woke up to the greatest shock of her life. She screamed as she realized she was as naked as the day she was born. She tried to move and realized she was chained to a bed covered with a thick blanket . As she struggled with the chain to set herself free , she felt pains on her hands and legs ‘’ somebody help me please , is anybody there ? please help .‘’ she screamed at the top of her voice and continued to struggle with the chain with fear and tears in her eyes .‘’How did I get here? Somebody please help me  .‘’ she became silent when she heard footsteps coming closer and louder enough for her to know they belong to men . The door opened and two masked men came in. ‘’ Who are you guys and how did I get here?   I am probably in the wrong place right I mean you have the wrong person and if you do not let me go now, I will scream and have you arrested."She paused then continued as she further raised her
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    " if you keep pacing around the room , it still does not bring back your daughter, I am sure she is doing fine somewhere she is  .  " Mr Raymond said to his wife who looked haggard worrying about her child since last night .  " Loveth has never done this before and  our daughter , you mean ?  , you don't even seem worried about Loveth . " Mrs  Raymond asked as she turned to face her husband quickly looking surprised at his relaxed tone . " fine ,  our daughter , all she did while around was to cause trouble and sleep with every guy in New York ,  not to talk of her excessive spendings , you should be glad she decided to leave home , after all she is not a child anymore , she can take care of herself . " Mr Raymond said with annoyance " so a child we both watched grow up for twenty six years disappeared and all you can say is that I should be glad , are you like this because Loveth is not o
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    " Miss Loveth Raymond , you need to come out right now if you don't want me to come in there .  " Loveth rushed out immediately scared of the voice she just heard. She looked on at her abductor with a fierce eyes trying not to think of the last thing he said to her before she ran into the ladies .   " why are you keeping me here , this is unfair and also a violation of my right , let me go now , I do not care who you are or who sent you but I can assure you that you will regret this if you don't let me go now  ." Loveth opened her eyes having realise it was closed all through her outburst. " Miss Loveth Raymond , I am sorry but you are home , this is your new home now  , no one will ever find you on this Island , I doubt you even know your way back  home , you should be happy to be here . " Loveth watched his lips as he spoke , she could swear he was from heaven , the most sexiest man on earth , now
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    Loveth woke up with headache the next morning , she touched her forehead as she sighed sickly .  Rachael knocked several times waiting for Loveth to ask her in , she entered after several attempts without response. " is everything alright Rachael , I have been knocking at your door for about an hour ." Rachael asked immediately she stepped inside " I need to go to the hospital please ,I think I might get sick. " Loveth said as she tried to get up "I think you are sick ,  I will call the doctor immediately , you need to relax Loveth , the doctor will be here soon.  " Rachael rushed out immediately in a hurry . Loveth slept back praying Nicholas comes to see her ,  she still has some questions she needed to ask him , she still wanted to know why she was sold , tears fell from her eyes as the thought of being sold came to her mind again , she began to wonder if her mother was involve in this . Not long after ,  Ra
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    " why is everyone in so much hurry Rachael, is there something I need to know ?. " Loveth asked  after seeing everyone trying to tidy up and putting everything in shape and order which really baffled her  . " Boss is coming back today , we can not afford to get on his bad side , so we make sure we tidy everywhere , do you want to come with me to his chambers , it my turn to clean his room ." Rachael asked quickly ." yes sure , I hardly got to see it well the last time I was there , but how do we go through the guards ." Loveth asked as she dusted the table at the entrance room which led to the female chamber ." just follow me , we don't have time to waste, I have my ways  .  " Rachael dragged her along quickly ." when we get there , make sure you follow my pace , don't try to look around or wander about. " Rachael instructed Loveth who walked quickly behind her , fortunately Rachel helped Loveth
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    A month had passed after the last night Loveth had with Nicholas , Loveth sat quietly beside the ocean battling with mixed feelings , she was getting comfortable and blinding with the lifestyle at the Island , the guards were no longer cautious of her trying to escape , she would not even dare .she was in love with Nicholas and she wanted him more than anything else , all the days she had spent came for her inspiration  to see him again , she had asked Rachael countless times if Nicholas was ever coming back , she wondered if she was the only bothered person , even after what he did to her the night she was with him  .she still wanted another night with him , just one she hoped , she knew quite well Nicholas did not love her but she still wanted to give them a chance , she smiled when the thought of that night came to her mind again , it was definitely all she had been thinking about  .she did not remember how she had the gut to pull down his pant
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    Two weeks has passed , Loveth wondered if Nicholas will ever want her , she had cried a lot those two weeks after she found out the Raymond were not her biological parents , she wondered why her father will sell her and now she finally got an answer, he even called her a slut .Loveth wept quietly as she moped the  floor of her room , Nicholas too has tried avoiding her as much as he could , there was a night she had met him at the garden when she wanted the breeze on her body only to see Nicholas there .she ran back inside as fast as she could , she still did not know how to face him after all she said to him two weeks ago , at this point she realized she was running more from Nicholas than he ran from her . she heard a knock on her door , cleaned her face  and stood up from the floor she was sitting after cleaning . " come in. " Loveth said in her most quiet possible way " I was worried about you Loveth , is everything alright with yo
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    " Every time you handle a job Belle , you take it lightly, how am I suppose to tell the client we lost his job because of your carelessness  , you were just to check every details of his movement Belle , just is fucking movement ." Nicholas threw the files on his table away in the air angrily as he looked on at Jed and Isabella who stood before him at  the middle of his office  ." Belle you know how much I charged for this job , am I going to lose it just like that to some amateur  ?.." Nicholas stood up angrily with anger as he punched the wall angrily  " I am sorry Boss , we can meet up in time if we get going now , I never knew he suspected being watched , he must have freaked out thinking we are the bad people ." Isabella said with a trembling voice as she bows humbly  " I don't think we can get there in time , the operation of the Bulls club's  is usually unpredictable , I am afraid they might get to
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    " Why is Boss still not back , does he take this long to come back ?." Loveth asked as he cleaned the kitchen cabinet. " I am surprise you still don't know about Boss routine , he comes when he pleases , as far as I am concerned , he will come back soon Loveth ." Rachael said as she put in the rest of the salad in fridge " since I got here , he never stayed this long , this is over a month Rachael , what if something happened to him already ." Loveth said as she dropped the clothe in her hand and sat on a stool " you know what Loveth , why do I feel you love Boss , or are you in love with him ?, you seem worried for him more than I do  . " Rachael turned slowly towards Loveth expecting her answer " Oh my God , you think I am in love with Boss ? , I am just looking out for him since he feeds and clothes me , nothing more Rachael ." Loveth laughed sarcastically as she waved her right hand in the air " please don't assume
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