Bite me, Twice

Bite me, Twice

By:  Amanda Blight  Completed
Language: English
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Camilla Alvarez is a Spanish heiress who has known nothing but the fairy tale life that her parents have always given her. She has been sheltered from everything and everyone until one night everything suddenly changed for her. She was taken by the werewolf pack as a slave while she was treated worse than any human being and then suddenly she was bitten and turned into even worse than an abomination. However she was rescued by a vampire lord and then she started gaining powers after her virginity was taken by Lord Percival. She knew that she was gaining elemental powers and strange things began happening... What is going to happen now??? Is the vampire and the werewolf witch hybrid going to fall in love? Will they understand the chasm that is between them and know that love conquers all or will they die and everything will fall apart????

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132 Chapters
The last thing she remembered was getting to the house and as she walked through the door a hand grabbed her round the waist from behind and before she could cry out another hand clamped over her mouth and nose holding a sweet smelling cloth. Then everything went black.When she woke it was still black. Something was covering her eyes - a blindfold. She tried to reach up to take it off but her wrists were manacled behind her back. She then became aware that she could feel cold steel around her ankles too. All she wore was a kind of silk tunic which barely covered her to just below the hip. It strained over her breasts and the slightest movement would pull it open at the front or raise the hem to uncover her bush a
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Chapter 1
Percival looked at the prey that he had found from the club and the thought that his new conquest was not so bad herself. It was a good thing that he liked blondes and was a sucker for them. She was going to be quite the fun to play with until he got tired of this one as well."Well, your finally are awake. How are you?""Awake, huh? Where am I? Who are you?""You may call be Sir Percival. You are in my humble
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Chapter 2
Beads of sweat splattered across the floor like drops of blood. The grunts and gasps for breath echoed off the walls adding to the vast empty feel of the room. A long firm leg swung through the air only to be slapped away by the palm of a hand. The crack of flesh meeting flesh seemed to thunder through the room.Feet pounded on the mats in continuous charges and retreats. The rush of running brought no relief from the hot thick air that hung heavy with the scent of determination and exertion.A hand flew out and captured a wrist that was slick with sweat. A feminine yelp of pain was followed by silence as everyone held their breath. The wrist was pushed up behind her back in an attempt to coa
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Chapter 3
Her gaze lifted to his once again, and those crimson eyes burned into hers. There was no expression in those eyes. He could have just as easily been staring at a wall. However, there was a depth of knowledge that shown in those abyssal pools of blood.She realized that she had stopped breathing, and quickly exhaled as she began to walk forward once again. Her eyes stared straight ahead and she strode past him, trying to pretend he wasn't even there. The gaze followed her, and she soon heard his footsteps casually following her.Seeing as she was being followed, she decided to exit out the front doors rather than the back alley she would normally use. There was no telling what this man wanted, and Lena would much rather not find out.The air immediately became oppressive as she stepped out into the thick crowd. Dark bodies swirled around her.
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Chapter 4
She held up her hands as Percival finally showed a hint of emotion and looked at her quizzically. "I'm really sorry, but I need to borrow you for just a few minutes." He didn't budge an inch to prevent her from doing anything, and Lena drew in a quick breath. She couldn't believe she was going to do this to a complete stranger.His eyes widened in surprise as she climbed onto his lap, straddling him. She quickly started to pull his coat off, and he actually helped her. She silently thanked God that he was too stunned by her actions to do otherwise. Next she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and smoothed her hands over his skin to bare his chest.His muscles tightened under her hurried touch, and f
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Chapter 5
His hands ran up her sides as his lips trailed down. He paused to tongue her navel before lifting his lips from her skin. All reason rushed from her mind as her head swam with desire. Her fingers darted out to lace through his hair as she tried desperately to pull his lips back to her.Her efforts were rewarded as he slid up and kissed one soft tip of a breast. She curled her fingers, holding him there as his tongue lightly circled her nipple. It quickly hardened in response. His fingers caressed the other nipple to attention as she slipped her hands down the back of his neck.She was slowly regaining some sense of her being, and she wanted to arouse these same sensations in him. She tugged at his shirt, and he quickly sat up to pull i
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Chapter 6
Sophie had to chuckle at the irony... Angers. Perhaps the absurd stream of consciousness of it all took the long way around to actually making sense, considering her reason for being in the small French town. But, looking out at the idyllic view of the town square beneath her window, it was impossible for her to imagine any possible motivation for naming this storybook hamlet, Angers.Angers, France. A hotbed of werewolf lore. In the middle-ages, suspected "werewolves" were hunted just as those accused of witchcraft. Paranoia and sup
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Chapter 7
As Sophie's took in the orgy, her eyes were drawn to the only unmoving form. The man who had been in her room earlier was there. In the midst of the constant rutting, he stood motionless, looking up at her window. He was now covered in a thin sheen of fur and he was naked. His cock stood against his belly, fully erect. Even from this distance, Sophie could see the veins and the constant twitching of the prick as he watched her.
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Chapter 8
Camilla’s POVIt was the perfect birthday in every sense, and in all the ways only the universe can give. It was a summers day in April, the first day blossom opened on the tree. It was there as I opened my curtains, a beautiful nature's gift. There was the cycle lane in town, newly marked in fresh white paint and the strangers who said they were reached by my writing, that they were helped. There was the unexpected wait for a friend that lead me into the chocolate shop, then precious time with the friend, with someone proud to be seen with me, someone who listens and cares. The evening stretches ahead, time with my three favourite people in the world, my Maman, my Papa, and my sister, Julia.Read more
Chapter 9
Camilla and her parents got in their car and they drove to the house of Richard. Richard was her father’s business partner. Peter, her Dad, said,” You look absolutely beautiful today, honey. You don’t wear dresses but it seems like if you do then the hearts of the men and the boys are going to be trampled on soon enough.”“Daaaad,” mock shouted Camilla as she felt her cheeks aflame at her father’s comments while her mother only laughed.“Today is your day, baby, and just remember to enjoy. I have told Richard not to go over t
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