Mazelina: The Legend of The White Wolf

Mazelina: The Legend of The White Wolf

By:  Elizabeth Green  Ongoing
Language: English
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Many years ago, there were many great pure white wolves who created peace, harmony and protection through all of our lands. They could create magics the likes no one had ever seen. They were loved and cherished among our communities for many centuries. Until the Elders and several powerful Alpha's set fear amongst the wolves, if a white wolf can be so good, could they also be terribly cruel? Having convinced the wolves it was decreed that the white wolves are to be executed on sight. They became extinct, a legend.....soon the legend will return.

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54 Chapters
I miss my Gran terribly, especially during these dark times. Grandma Juanita used to sit on the edge of the piano bench and tell tales of ‘The Legend of the White Wolf’ when my siblings and I were kids. Gosh, she could tell a great story; she could transport us to worlds we could never have fathomed even as kids. She had a beautiful, imaginative mind. One day, my little brother Blaze and I were walking home from training. The kids had teased me. Asking me why I even bothered showing up for training at all. When wolf shifters turn ten, their wolf announces themselves and we can shift for the first time. I’m now twelve. My wolf is called Samara. Sam is what I call her. She is my best friend. Unfortunately, I’m forbidden from shifting and because of that, the kids think I’m a freak and should leave the pack. I wonder what they would really think. If I showed them. But Mom and Dad would skin me alive, and Sam says it’s for the best, even if she’s itching to teach those kids a lesson or
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Chapter One
MazelinaI stare at myself in the mirror in wonder, “Look at us, always hiding who we truly are” Samara, my wolf has been bitter about hiding our true selves for a while now. She thinks it’s time to show our pack. But dad, our Alpha does not agree.“Sam, stop it. You know we have to be cautious.” I chide. Not that I blame her entirely. I know we could do so much good for the pack, but I must obey our Alpha.As far as anyone in my pack are concerned, I’m an embarrassment to our Alpha, my father because I’m unable to shift, which brings embarrassment to the wider community and other packs. I know there’s a method to his madness even if Sam doesn’t like it, he’d much rather have me ridiculed and teased than dead. I mean, what’s the use of an Alpha’s daughter if she’s unable to shift? It’s completely unheard of.“Little do they know,” Samara mutters. If Sam had her way, she would burn everyone to the ground. “And we could do it too”I smirk at us in the mirror. “That was an accidental disc
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Chapter Two
MazelinaMazelinaIronmaw, I swear every misfit reject from the other packs above is in Ironmaw. They know how to party, and I’ve been to werehyena parties. Ironmaw kills it every time.But you never stay at the party long. These guys are maniacs. They love sex and violence and, above all, get completely annihilated on drugs and alcohol.And for the record, it takes triple the amount of human alcohol and drug intake to get shifters drunk. Imagine a half-human with all our strength and no inhibitions.I felt like showering a hundred times a day for a week after visiting them. But it was one hell of a way to lose my virginity. I did it out of spite of my father. I was Nineteen and concluded that I would never find my mate, not with this lie hanging over my head, so I got high and with some random guy.“Two Maze. Two random guys and it was the best night of our lives”, I shake my head.“Samara, you are going to get us in trouble one day” “Ha! Says you. I had complete control of us.” “Ar
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Chapter Three
Mazelina It’s been a long time since I was here at The Moon King Pack, and it hasn’t changed much. Each pack has thousands of wolves, except for Lonecrest, NightStar and, of course, Ironmaw, who have under a thousand wolves in each pack. To say that it was a shock to hear The Kings have a female shortage is an understatement, considering the pack contains over 5000 men, women, and children. Funny how they send the halfers to the back of the lands instead of the front entrance. It’s a long trek to get to this ridiculously over-the-top tent. They still don’t want us sullying their territory and yet they want our women. I roll my eyes. Maybe Gran really was clairvoyant, maybe the Gods and Goddess are punishing the Moon King’s. “If you continue rolling your eyes, you’re going to make us dizzy,” Sam chuckles. I take a piece of fruit from the largest fruit platter I’ve ever seen in my life, more like a fruit friggin’ table. “Do these people take notes from television series or what?
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Chapter Four
Mazelina Course after course arrives from oversized plates of meat to vegetables, nuts, and fruit. “There’s so much food,” Sam says with sorrow in her voice. “I know and I bet this will all just go to waste.” “I know what you and your wolf are thinking,” Blaze chuckles, “And I agree it is a great waste of food.” Still, we all eat because heaven forbid that anyone insults Alpha Gaius or the King’s. In between meals, Alpha Gaius addresses us, with the usual ho-hum of speeches, ritual poems, and performances. I try to prolong dessert, but of course, time gives me no mercy and speeds up. Usually, Blaze escorts me, but tonight Dad has decided it’s his turn. Blaze gives me an apologetic look. Guess I have no choice but to go on this archaic mating hunt. I look around and find there are five groups just like ours and we are all escorted to the edge of the forest. The forest looks dark and foreboding, just the way I like it. To humans, it would be a nightmare, but to creatures like u
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Chapter Five
Mazelina“What is the meaning of this!” Dad shouts, “You cannot force my daughter to accept your son!” he continues to my surprise. Dad has always pushed me to go to these events and now??My head is spinning. I found my mate…… I repeat it over and over in my head because it’s just so unbelievable. “I will force no one to do anything they don’t want to do,” Gaius says calmly. They continue to argue back and forth.I feel like I’m at a terrible tennis match mixed with terrible political dialogue and all of it is at my expense. I can feel myself vibrate with anger. If they continue, Samara might shift on me, and we’ll all be in trouble.“Come with me.” Rush whispers. His scent washes over me and instantly calms us down.I gaze up at him. I’m not sure if I should be alone with him. Samara is utterly unhelpful; she’s totally blissed out, drunk on his scent.Goddess, she is even loving the fact that he hasn’t let go of our hand. She loves how his breath tickles our neck and his scent. Jes
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Chapter Six
Mazelina “Is that true?” I ask, suspicious of both of them. “It is,” Blaze says. “Alpha Gaius told us of his plan. The problem is they will never accept you as Luna and Alpha Gaius know it. They will ridicule you every single day for the rest of your life under the King Pack or worse, they’ll kill you. I don’t know what Gaius is playing at, but we will not allow this.” Dad’s shoulders slump. “They killed my first mate here.” Both Blaze and I look at Dad in shock. “What?” “Before your mother, I had a mate. My father changed the law like Alpha Gaius is attempting to do now. My father wanted me to be Alpha to the King Pack. I was the only male, and my father did not want to lose the Alpha line over an outdated law. But no one accepted my half-blood mate as Luna. It became a constant battle for months. Instead of being Alpha and doing pack business, I was fighting for her acceptance. I had to have three warriors with her at all times.” He looks away in shame. “It was a little over a y
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Chapter Seven
Rush Kali takes Mazelina to her room right away. The pull between us is so strong I feel the need to go to my mate, to be alone with her. I know she’s confused. I can feel it, taste it all around her. Somehow, I have to convince her to not reject me. “RUSH!” Dad thumps his fist on the table. I look up, surprised that we’re the only two left. The library is one of my two favourite places to go for privacy, it’s why I bought her here. No one really comes in here. “Where did Alpha Eric go?” “To his rooms. You haven’t heard a word I’ve said, have you?” he rubs his chin painstakingly, “You must persuade her she belongs here”. “Why is this so important to you, Dad?” “Are you questioning your Alpha?” he growls, his Alpha tone making me almost buckle at the knees. “Of course, not Alpha. I’m just surprised. The Pack Law says.” “I say.” He stands thumping his chest with his fist, “I say what is the Law, not you, not The Guardians. You will convince the shiftless bitch to stay. You will ma
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Chapter Eight
Rush I’ve been awake since dawn, pacing in my room. “Calm down” Bain complains. “I just want everything to be perfect”. “We have arranged everything. If you keep this up, you’re going to give us a heart attack before our mate gets to-” he stops mid-sentence. “She’s awake!” we both say at once. I race to my door and open it as she closes her own door, she’s so beautiful, her hair is all black today, she’s wearing a blue summer dress with white polka dots all over, a white belt cinched at her waist and a soft white cashmere sweater and the same shade of blue, heels. Last night she was in flats, making her chest height to me. Today she’s a foot taller. She twirls around, clutching her hand to her chest. “Goddess, you scared me.” “I’m sorry.” I stammer. My heart is racing a million miles an hour. Her deep blue eyes sparkle with amusement. She’s so damn beautiful. “Come on Rush, quick, say something, you’re making a fool of us”, a wave of peace flows through me, I smile, “Told yo
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Chapter Nine
Mazelina Despite our little tiff yesterday, I still ended up in Rush’s bed. It was the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had, no nightmares, no waking in the middle of the night wondering if The Guardians had finally found me or tried to murder me. Just peaceful, sweet, blissful dreams. “Good morning, Beautiful.” Rush kisses the side of my head, “I feel like I can conquer the world.” he grins. “Please don’t be one of those wolves.” I throw my hand across my face. “What wolf?” “The one that wakes cheerfully. I can’t deal with that too.” “Too?” “Well, you’re hot, you’re sweet and now you’re god damn cheerful.” He laughs full-throated, “I’m not usually cheerful. I just had the most incredible restful sleep, plus I woke up with you beside me.” He leans in and kisses me on the lips. I turn away before it gets too deep. “We don’t want to upset your cheerful morning, with morning breath.” I laugh at his puzzled expression. “Who the fuck cares about morning breath?” he takes my chin and
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