The Dragon King's Obsession

The Dragon King's Obsession

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" One of you three will become the Dragon king's wife ! " said the king .Without even knowing it , this one sentence would change Charlotte's life forever . From a forgotten princess to the wife of the most feared king on earth . The dragon king , Damien PenDraco ! He was ruthless , he was cold-blooded, he was a pure dragon with a scary appearance and skin similar to a snake . Charlotte was the second daughter of the king . Her mother was one of the king's concubines . Her father lost his favor towards her mother and her . Although Charlotte was a princess , she was never treated as one. They often got bullied and mistreated by the queen and her daughters . When the marriage offer came from king Damien , the palace was in shock . King Damien used the marriage as an excuse so that he could get his hands on the land where the crystal of power could be found .The king couldn't refuse him . Neither of his daughters wanted to marry him . The marriage proposal was the only way Charlotte could be free .In exchange for her mother's divorce from her father and freedom, she started her journey to king Damien's castle . ' Everywhere is better than this hell! ' thought Charlotte .King Damien was exactly as described, a real dragon ." If you don't want to be my wife, you will work as a servant in my castle! "said Damien looking at Charlotte's rejection ." No problem ! " said Charlotte .When the king learns about Charlotte's immense knowledge of archeology , he offered her the freedom she longed for in exchange for her help in finding the crystal of power .The two of them agreed and started their journey in finding the crystal power but after finding it , king Damien refused to let her go . " You're mine ! "

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165 chapters
Prologue : Synopsis of the story
' something that we can't control . No matter how much we are against it , no matter how much we hate it , we are forced to accept it as it is . We can't choose our birthplace , we can't choose our family , we can't choose even our own names . We can just wait until fate grants them to us . My name is Charlotte ! I am the second princess of the kingdom of Anadol . My father , the king of Anadol , is a pervert jerkass ! He made my innocent and beautiful mather fall for scum like him and become one of his concubines . A year later she gave birth to me . Knowing that I was a girl my bastard father didn't give a damn about me . My mother soon lost his favor when I was born because I was a girl . That's right ! Just because I was a girl . In the end , it's not like mom or I had a chance of choice over this matter, your sperm choose it . You understand.....What kind of low logic is that ?! Right ?!............So much time had passed since the last time he saw me th
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Wow ! He is handsome !
The magnificent marble walls with golden decorations , were lighted by golden chandeliers with pieces of crystal . The king's birthday was coming soon and all the servants were preparing the castle for the big event . The wife and concubines of the king were busy trying to find the best gift that they could get . The princes and princesses were also thrilled about the high ranked guests that would come to the party . The princesses were especially thrilled about the arrival of the crown prince of Spain , prince Diego . The Spain and Anadol kingdom were close allies and friends , their style and traditions were also similar . The servants had started to decorate the castle with the best and most expensive decorations . All were thrilled about this grand occasion but there was one person in particular , who could barely keep her excitement and that was princess Charlotte , the second daughter of the king of Anadol .' Finally ! I have been waiting for this day ! The servant tha
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T.......Thank you !
When she heard the voice of the guards yelling at her , she came back to her senses and" Are you alright ?! " asked the handsome boy ." T....Thank you ! " said Charlotte and got back on her feet then was ready to run again but to her bad luck the coat on her right hand was stuck with his right hand .' Oh no ! ' thought Charlotte and tried to untie the messed knot that was used  ." This stupid coat !.........I am sorry ! Please follow me , I will compensate you ! " said Charlotte and grabbed him from his hand then took him with her .The moment she grabbed his hand , the other guards that were hiding were about to attack but the handsome boy looked at them in a fierce way and they put their swords down" From what they are wearing , they must be the royal guards . Why are they chasing after you ?! " asked the handsome boy ." I will explain everything later . Now , please , just run ! " said Charlotte and the two of them ran e
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I will pay for it !
" Look at you , you are blushing ! " said Diego with a laugh ." I regret not leaving you outside to continue to stare at the store . " said Charlotte and took a seat at the table near her and took the menu then covered her face with it ." Ha ha ha ha ha ! Don't get mad dear ! She is sensitive to such topics so don't mind if she blushes easily sometimes . " said aunt Nana ." It's hard to find a girl that blushes in such an innocent way these days . " said Diego and looked at her with a smirk ."  I agree !........Our Charlotte is unique . " said aunty Nana with a smile looking at her ." By the way , do you have a girlfriend ?! " asked aunty Nana with a smirk ." No , I don't ! " said Diego ." Good ! I like your answer . Today I will give you a discount ! What do you wanna order ?! " asked aunt Nana ." I would like some pizza please ! " said Diego with a smile ." It will be prepared immediately.............And.
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Welcome , crown prince !
The entrance of the servant's door was still blocked by the giant truck .' It seems like they were telling the truth ! The door really is blocked ! I can't believe that something lucky actually happened to me . Not only has the truck blocked the way , but I also found the secret hole the servant mentioned . When I searched for it and couldn't find it , I feared that my money went to waste . ' thought Charlotte with a relieved expression .She looked at the entrance and saw that the guards weren't patrolling outside .Charlotte took this chance and ran inside then went towards the horse's stables . She ran so quickly that no one properly noticed her . After she entered the horse's stables , she looked at the hour on the wall . When she noticed that there were only forty minutes before the head maid came to check her . She rushed to get the cleaning tools and started to clean the place like crazy .' I need to finish this before that old witch comes here a
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Gossips !
Charlotte was a good girl but her behavior as a lady lacked a lot .' Where am I lacking in my education ?!.......I am sure that I have taught her how to be a good and delicate lady yet she.............With each passing day , i feel like I have given birth to a son and not a daughter ! Haaaa...................How will she be able to find her prince when she is like this ?!  ' thought Catherine with a worried expression .She liked the fact that her daughter was strong and resourceful but at the same time she didn't want her to be too strong . Girls were a bit delicate no matter how strong-willed they were . In her daughter's case , it seemed like she had lost all that delicate side of hers when she was only just a child . Half an hour later , Charlotte had already worn her pajamas and dried her hair ." Mother ! " said Charlotte with a smile ." My beautiful daughter ! " said Catherine with a warm smile when she saw how much her daughter
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We meet again , miss !
He stayed silent and looked at her as she looked at the moon and closing her eyes then praying as if her life depended on that prayer that she was making .' What is she praying for ?!............She seems like she is putting her whole heart into this . She must be praying for something or...........someone important to her . ' thought Diego and continued to look at her ." I really hope that at least once the moon can hear me make my wish come true ! I haven't been that lucky lately ! Please !! " said Charlotte ." What is this wish that you so much pray for miss ?! " said Diego with a smirk .Charlotte turned her head back and remained surprised when she saw that it was Diego . She was so surprised that she couldn't believe her own eyes ." D....D.....Diego ?! " said Charlotte surprised ." We meet again , miss Charlotte ! What a strange coincidence , don't you think ?! " said Diego ." ..Aaaa......Yeah ! Very strange ! " said Charl
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Punished by the jealous sisters
After prince Diego left the meeting , he went down the stairs to go to the garden where Charlotte was . Without even realizing it himself , his feet were walking on their own towards Charlotte . In his eyes, she was like a shiny ray of sun that brought a nice breeze along with the light . A breeze that made Diego feel less bored and suffocated from the daily life filled with papers to sign and diplomatic discussions to solve . A life where he was surrounded by richness and gold but at the same time isolated from all and everything that could be considered useless .' I have always been taught that a king has a high burden and shouldn't avert his eyes for even a second . His life is not his ! The life of a king belongs to his country . Although it's modern times now , some rules.....remain just like in the past...........Still , I am a person too . Aren't I allowed to take a break ?!........... To enjoy my own life and to see the bright light right in front of me without needi
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Bear with it Charlotte !
Apart from the modern human world , the earth , another parallel world existed , a whole world on its own that was connected to earth through a secret portal . The other world , was filled with dragos , magicians , witches , mystical creatures and demons . A world that humans  think it only exists in fairytales for children............but no ! It was real and this magical world was ruled by king Damien PenDraco , a pure dragon . The PenDraco famiy's dragons were the strongest among the other dragons . Dragons in this world were a bit different from normal dragons . They had the form similar to human . They could transform into dragons too but most of the time they remained in a human form body . All of the dragons had this ability , all , except one.......king Damien . He could turn into a dragon but he could never achieve a human form body like the other dragons . The PenDraco family was cursed since ancient times due to an incident that happened hundreds of years ago . They w
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Would you dance with me ?!
Before entering her room , she checked if her mother was around . Charlotte didn't want her mother to see her in that state and worry then cry for her . She would rather cry and endure everything on her own than cause her mother any concerns ." Luckily my mom isn't here ! " said Charlotte and hurried into the bathroom .She took her clothes and the spaghetti from her hair . She looked at herself in the mirror while taking the sticky spaghetti off her hair and the tears that fell on her soft cheek ." Why are you crying Charlotte ?!............Will crying solve you any problem ?!........You are already miserable enough . Don't let your face get any worse ! " said Charlotte while looking at her reflection in the mirror and at her hands with blood .' I try but the tears just won't stop from falling . What's wrong with me ?!........Why is my heart so hurt ?!........It's not like it's the first time they pick on me.........Maybe because the pain keeps accumu
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