The Austin Arrangement

The Austin Arrangement

By:  Natalie Roche  Completed
Language: English
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When Vanessa Garcia married Billionaire Business Man Jeremy Austin,it was her last desperate attempt to save her family from ruin. A year of pretending to be his wife,living in his home and playing a role in the luxury lifestyle that he lives. A marriage based on lies and full of hatred,the pair soon become closer than they had ever imagined. Within a year of marriage Vanessa and Jeremy will come to learn of the ties that bound them together long before the talk of the Arrangement ever began.

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    P R O L O G U E
    We were pronounced Husband and wife and I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't happy about that.It would be Newsflash to him that I wasn't either.I didn't want to be married to any man,especially not JEREMY AUSTIN!!The man that I will now call my husband,I have only met twice. Today being one of those times.I know very little about him, only what I've seen online and what I've seen left a sour taste in my mouth.My new Husband was a WHORE, who slept around with whoever offered themselves to him.Going by what I've seen and heard, a lot of people were happy to offer themselves to Jeremy for one night of pleasure.A cock made by the God's so some people say, the man is just one big cock in my opinion.Jeremy is an arrogant billionaire that thinks he's better than everyone else around him. He doesn't have a nice bone in his body, just looking at him makes me want to cower into a ball.From what I know, he runs a successful c
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    I'm sure most available woman in the room were looking up at the top table, admiring the handsome Billionaire that was sitting next to me.A glance or two in my direction as I sat in the expensive white wedding gown that he had paid for, even in the dress it was clear we weren't from the same worlds.Amongst the rich I felt like an Alien, it wasn't a life I was used to.I was used to suffering and pain, working my butt off to make ends meet so my Brother could go to college and be the Doctor he's always wanted to be.Going it alone was a struggle,that's when Tom Austin came along and gave me an out.Today I married his son,not for Love like I had always planned but for money instead.There isn't a woman on earth who is ashamed of herself more than I am.I've married him now,committed myself to a year long lie of being his Mrs Austin."Ness,I should get back.I've got a
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    I'm an Austin now which means I could no longer work at Trix Bar,the bar that I've been working at for years.My hope was to continue working there so I wouldn't have to take much from the Austin's,but I understand that it isn't really proper.Wife of a Billionaire,pouring pints and wiping down tables it's not a believable story.I still had my job at the Gym at least.I teach Ballet on Mondays and Thursdays to cute little kids that want to learn how to dance.Fridays I teach Couples Ballroom classes,that's where I met Tom actually but that's a story for another day.Ballet is my life,it's something that's been a part of me ever since my Mother gave me a pair of Ballet slippers when I was five years old.As a young girl I dreamed of making it big,teaching young girls my skills in my own ballet studio.At the age of 22 I was pushing myself hard in Dance school,to be the
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    It's been less than a week of Marriage to Jeremy Austin,yet we haven't had a single civil conversation.I don't see much of him,he doesn't like me so he's trying to avoid me as much as possible. Jeremy comes home at odd hours,leaving a mess of Empty Scotch glasses and Bottles in his wake.The Guy is clearly an alcoholic that needs help,but it's none of my business.The door to the studio opened and I turned around with a fright.Thankfully it was only Tom,but I was still surprised but delighted to see his face."Tom,Hi.""Hi,Darling."Tom crossed the studio towards me,and pulled me into a hug."It's been a few days,How are you doing?" "I'm fine..I'm good."I was lying of course.Today was the day and I was a wreck,I'm surprised I made it through class. "You don't have to hide your feelings from me,Darling. I had parents..I know what you're going through. I came to pick you up just like we planned."Read more
    Standing at my Mother's grave holding a bouquet of Daffodils in my hand,I felt the unbearable sadness looking back at the crazy night that took her from us.I never would have thought that at such a young age,Finley and I would be without parents to care for us.We weren't little kids that needed our Mom and Dad to tuck us in at night,but we still needed them all the same.I wish things were different!!I wish we knew who did this to us,who ruined our family by running that stop sign.The person responsible for this is a coward and a killer,who needs to own up to their actions."Life is cruel."I muttered,as I placed the Daffodils down on my Mother's grave."Our parents wouldn't want you to hold on to that anger,Ness.It's been a year,we need to move forward and try to be happy."My brother is a
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    JEREMYFucking Parents!!I love my Mother,but she's putting me in an awkward position and I wasn't happy about it.Lunch at her house just the four of us,including my arranged wife.I sighed in agitation,as I leaned back against the kitchen island with my arms folded across my chest. I was contemplating telling them that she couldn't make it. But I know my Mother,she will ask me a million questions and I'll never hear the end of it."Fuck!!"Three to Four hours of fake bullshit,I couldn't bare it.Vanessa was good at playing the doting Daughter in law,too good actually. Fucking Bite the Bullet and make her go,get her up out of bed.It was almo
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    VANESSAToday's dinner with the Austin's was more eventful than I thought.Ava's surprise Honeymoon Gift for Jeremy and I had me feeling a little anxious,which I'm sure wasn't the emotion that she had in visioned when she surprised us. Living in Jeremy's house wasn't easy for me,although I never see him.Having to spend a week with him in a romantic honeymoon suite,having to sleep in the same room as each other for the first time since we said our wedding vows..It's going to be the Honeymoon from Hell with the Devil himself. "You need some more Eyeshadow.Your eyes are definitely your best feature so let's make them sparkle."Natasha dabbed the eyeshadow brush in some dark glitter eyeshadow. "I don't want to look slutty."She chuckled."You won't look slutty,You'll look hot. I do your makeup all the time,Just trust me,Hon."I sighed."Alright."A night o
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    I was standing in front of my mirror looking at my reflection,grimacing at the bruising around my eye and the bridge of my nose. This is what a night out resulted in,I wish I didn't bother now. It's going to take a lot of make up to cover up this mess. To my surprise,Jeremy rode home in the taxi with me last night,I guess he felt guilty. When we got home I grabbed some frozen peas from the freezer and went straight to my room,I haven't heard from him since. I know it was an accident,I'm not going to hold a Grudge over it. Although he really shouldn't have started that fight in the first place,the guy seriously has some anger issues. A knock came to my bedroom door."Vanessa..Come out here,we need to talk."Speak of the Devil!! I sighed,I guess I better face him now. I remember him telling me the day I moved into this house,that he would make me pay if I got in his way. Seeing how sorry he seemed over something that was an
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    JEREMY 6:15 and there was no fucking sign of her,I was livid as I waited. I wondered if she was doing this to me just to be funny,or if she was trying to get back at me for the other day. "Bitch!!"I mumbled. Although there was worse things I could say about the woman that is my wife. I imagine she's a virgin,the look of shock on her face when I took my clothes off in front of her the other day led me to believe that she was. I should of fucking took my cock out just to scare her away. Alma had left for the day and I was at home alone,which was rare these days. I looked at my bottle of Macallan on the counter,feeling the urge to have a drink. It's been a long fucking day at the office and I had to leave early for this fucking dinner,never mind the headache that's been coming on for the past hour of stressful waiting. I was just about to grab the bottle off the counter,when I heard the sound of
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    JEREMY I walked down the stairs dressed for the day ahead,but feeling like death after one too many Macallan's at last night's business dinner. Thankfully I wasn't the only one in the same boat,I remember Colin stumbling out of the restaurant too. That's what I call a good business dinner,although I'm not sure my Father would agree with me. I walked into the kitchen and saw her standing at the island,a coffee in one hand and a book in the other. Vanessa struck me as the type of woman that liked to read in her spare time instead of going out and having fun. Typical!! She glanced up from her page when she heard me walk her way."Good Morning.""Is it?"I replied,walking past her and straight to the coffee machine. I hate that she's so chirpy in the morning..It kills me. What's there to be so fucking happy about?"I'm guessing you're hung over after last night then,there's headache tabl
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