404 Boys & Their Cases

404 Boys & Their Cases

By:  Danwoods_Cavan  Ongoing
Language: English
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"When the Ferryman is gone, no souls remain in the Underworld. The Underworld Era is over." After the death of the Ferryman, the Underworld was demolished. The former super hackers from the 404UR formed a white hat squad, Vanth, with Gino as their leader. Remington’s localized amnesia erased everything that had been happening since File Delta off his mind, however, fragments of his long lost memories are beginning to rise to the surface. The latent secret of the Cavanaugh family includes not only a serial murders, but also an untold family member. The missing person report lodged for Ash during winter twenty years ago leads to Vanth’s breakthrough on the investigation of the mysterious three unit squad, Squad 1225. By diving deeper into the hidden truth, Vanth eventually unveils the connection between Ash and Raven Redwoods. Perhaps what Gino and the squad know about Remington, Ash, and Raven is just another cypher waiting to be decrypted. "Perhaps Lilith was just their first step, of killing."——???_ ???:\404Boys>This is a work of fiction, any resemblance are all purely coincidental_ ???:\404Boys>Content suitable only for adults ages 18 and above. May include prolonged scenes of intense violence, strong languages, LGBT+ sexual content, illegal behavior, and/or twisted psychology content_

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    000. Intro: 404 Underworld Ranking_
    It is midnight, neon sign boards lighten up the dark city. Zwei is walking alone on the street among the crowds.Cold wind blows, Zwei looks up to the sky to feel the breeze. Rain suddenly drops.Read more
    001. File#.Delta Prologue: Days w/o Zero_
    Ash is holding something in his hand, he leans against the window in his room, another hand holding a cigarette within his fingers. The smoke fumigates into the air, while the dense smell suffuses within his room, slowly dissipating along the hands of the clock ticks.He stares into the shabby notebook in his hand, an old photo slips out and falls onto his bed. He quickly picks it up.In the old photo, five of the FBI agents smile resplendently in their uniforms, disseminating an ambiance of a family with joy and warmth.Ash flips the old photo around, there's a long sentence written at the back of it."If we had expected the twist in the ending, perhaps we won't choose to cherish each other since the very beginning. Are you like me? "By the time Ash reads till the end, the photo burns down quietly, it turns into fragments and ashes, slowly vanishing in his palm.Ash then looks up into the sky, he sees the sun burning bright, a face appears
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    002. This day, Ninox died._
    Vorsord Suites, Ash's apartment.Water flows rapidly from the faucet, loud splashing noise echoes across the bathroom.Ash looks into the mirror, water keeps dripping from his hair.It has been one year since Zero died, but Ash could still see her face every time when he looks into the mirror. Her voice rings inside his head."Take care of Ninox for me."Ash nods with his eyes closed. He turns off the faucet, silence revises at once."It's late, time to get ready for work." he spoke lightly to himself.He leaves the bathroom and puts on his clothes, he then heads to the dining hall quickly.He found a note left on the table."I will be back by noon, let's have dinner together——Micah."It is Micah, his one and only younger brother.Ash smiles at the note for a second, he then grabs his scarf and takes his keys. He leaves the house along with the clinking sound.As he walks further, the sou
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    003. 4 Triangles=????_
    Orcus P.I..It's late. Remington lazily walks to the door and flips the plate, the word "Open" is now facing inside."Another busy day at Orcus!" said Circe, stretching her body while she sits on her chair."It's good!" applauded Remington, "That means more money!"After he left the federal two months ago, he started up a small business, he named it Orcus Private Investigator. Since then, Orcus became the one and only private investigator in town, hence Remington became famous quickly. He had been hired often with various types of cases such as tracing service, criminal defenses, anti-fraud work, technical surveillance counter-measures, and trade secrets protection. Sometimes he needs to observe situations and gather evidence with a view to report as a professional witness too.Well, that's not really a big deal for him to handle all by himself, until he came across with cases related to malware and cyber criminal activities and computer forensics
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    004. DeltΔ is still Δlive!_
    Fettkether Hospital.It is three hours after Remington left Orcus, Ash is still sitting in Micah's ward, expecting a return call from Remington regarding his investigation on Delta's symbol.Just by the time Ash puts on his coat and decides to head to Orcus, his phone suddenly rings.It is Remington, the screen said. Ash quickly answers it without hesitating."You're supposed to call back earlier—""Is this someone who knows Mr. Remington Cavan Develier? We are calling you because we found that you're the last person called in earlier today."A lady spoke in a gentle and formal way on Remington's phone, that is what Ash did not expect.  Moreover, she knows his middle name. She should have seen Remington's ID, Ash makes a guess."Yes, I know him, my name is Ash Auberon." said Ash, "Is this somewhere from the police station or the clinic...?""Good evening Mr. Auberon, we're from the hospital.""Hospital?"<
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    005. Who's that Gypsy no.777?_
    Orcus P.I..It is late. Circe is working alone tonight.Remington never returned after he left Orcus last night. Circe tried to call, but no one answered. She waited for him, until earlier tonight she tried to allocate his phone. She tracked the phone down and found it was at the same location where Ash's phone was at. She called Ash.Ash told her Remington was dead.Circe hung up the phone at once. She cried, until she saw a message come in from nowhere.She found this message weird. It wasn't being sent by mail or any applications, instead, it was sent in by a type of virus file. She frowns."Who the hell is this? How did he break through my firewall?"As she frowns, she clicks on the message notification. An extension window jumps out.>[GYPS777] Successfully connected with CODE-C02. Start a conversation.>[GYPS777] Rem is at my place, he needs your help with his new investigation."GYPS777?" Circe stunne
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    006. 2 Dead(?) & 2 Alive_
    Qrosz Ingredients.It is dark and quiet. Remington carefully steps on the ground and moves closer to the room that's lightened up by dim candle light.Remington inserts a wireless IEM into his left ear."Gino, come in." he whispers, "Can you hear me?""Yes, quite clearly." Gino's voice came in right after Remington spoke, "All devices are on standby.""Good." said Remington, "Now tell me where he's at.""Look at the phone I gave you, that's the map captured by the drone." Gino explains, "The green line is the layout plotted out by the walls, and the red dot represents the device that CODE-C02 had tracked down earlier, that should be his cellphone. And the cyan one is you.""Alright." Remington nods and starts to study the map.The map is simple, since the place is just an abandoned factory, Remington does not expect too much. The room where Delta stays included two chambers, one is the larger chamber with an old sofa and few mi
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    007. 7+2=_
    Avelot Residence.It is late night. Ash parks his car outside Trevor's house. He waits patiently. He swipes on the screen of his phone and looks at the photo Gino sent. It is the victim list."Micah, Rem, Trv, Red..." he mumbles, "My loved ones...?"Micah is Ash's only younger brother, he naturally is the person Ash loves the most.Meredith was Ash's classmate from high school, they became close after spending years working together as the president and vice president of their class. Remington is one year younger than Ash, he was Ash's junior from high school, and Trevor was Remington's classmates and best buddy. When Trevor fell in love with Meredith, that was the time the four of them came to know each other and became closer, even though Ash and Remington were always fighting, well at least Trevor and Meredith made a nice couple."Red! Red!"An unease scream interrupted Ash's cogitation. The house is then lightened up immediately. Ash qui
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    008. Smoke & Mirrors_
    Fettkether Hospital.The next morning, Gino arrives at the hospital at the earliest visiting hours. He tracks and triangulates the CCTV Delta installed at Meredith's ward last night right after he got back from Qrosz Ingredients. He holds his tablet in his arms, he runs across the corridors and elevators until he reaches the pinpointed coordinate.Gino looks into the ward through the window. He takes a glance on Meredith's face."Hola, bella dama!" Gino greeted with an excited smile, "It's time to get you moved, pretty lady!"Gino opens the door and enters the ward. He quickly keeps his tablet back into his bag. He then walks closer to Meredith quietly."I'm sorry, madam. Please don't hate me!"As Gino speaks, he tears off the infusion needle from Meredith's hand. He then walks to the corner of the ward and grabs a wheelchair. He opens it and pushes it towards the bed."Uhm, I know it's a rude request, but could you please make yourse
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    009. It's a SCAM!_
    Raclott Apartment.It's been a tough day. Kayden sits next to the bed leaning against the window. He closes his eyes and is slowly falling asleep, until he hears someone calling his name from the bed."Kai...?""Hey, Micah." Kayden rubs his eyes and sits up straight. He smiles at Micah, "How are you feeling today?""I'm fine, but..." Micah sits up from the bed, "Why am I not in the hospital? Am I discharged?""Yes, Micah. Well I mean no, but..." Kayden smiles wryly at Micah, "You'll be staying here for awhile,  Brother Lyon left for a vacation and he borrows us the unit." Kayden shrugs his shoulders, he then smiles at Micah again and says, "I'll bring you back after things are settled down.""After things settled down?" Micah asked, "Are those related to this?" Micah stretches his arm and shows his wrist, he shows his wounds to Kayden."Yes, indeed." Kayden nods, "Did you see the murderer's face when you're attacked?"Mica
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