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After a one night stand which leaves haunting memories, a young girl on the bridge of losing her sanity, is pregnant for a billionaire husband who is unable to concieve with his wife. She falls in love with a man out of her reach and will do anything to have him all to herself. He is her last pillar to sanity while she is his last hope of having a child by his own flesh and blood.

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36 Chapters
Acts of desperation
It was a cold windy night. Within the windows of a popular strip club in the heart of Manhattan, a young girl's eyes stared across the windows of the cold cell like room. She watched the swaying tree directly across the window, admiring it existence which was very different from hers. She was also checking out the weather outside: it seemed very windy, cold and uncertain; the wind blowing in an opposite direction than usually would. She compared the state of the weather to her life, evrythng about it at the moment seemed wrong; just like her life and how she was feeling at that very moment.It was going to be an unusually cold night. She was very familiar with cold nights; she'd lived through enough of them to know when one was coming on strong. And she knew too that bad things always accompanied cold nights. But this night, she didn't need the weather to know it'll end up bad in every way possible. She was certain of her near future's fate.

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Voids, emptiness and running into sunsets
Mara's POV.I wasn't sure why I had been crying. I wasn't even sure if what I felt on my face were my tears or the droplets from the shower, but one thing I was sure of were the voids and emptiness I was feeling. I felt numb inside, and drained entirely; emotionally, physically, mentally and if it was possible, spiritually too.I had lost. I was the loser. Practically the story of my life.Loss!The most important person in my life, like every other one of them, had left me too. I was alone. Everyone left me. Everyone died and left me alone. Everyone died excerpt me. Why?My sacrifice was wasted.The only joy I had left; I had lost it, lost her to the icy hands of death! It had taken her away from me for good.I really felt like trash and nothing could bring back to me my sanity. I had so many things going on in my head at that moment, but ju
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Life's disappointments
Bip...bip...bip...That sound.Bip...bip...bip...That annoying sound.I hated that sound.It rang inside my head like a church bell, making it ache and throb; excruciatingly.I wanted to beat hell out of whoever or whatever was making that dead annoying sound.It continued,Bip...bip...bip...How bad was it that I heard that sound and wished it wasn't my heart beating on a life support machine, but a cherubim choir, or a heavenly instrument; hell, I wished it was even the devil's trumpet. I wished it to be anything but what it actually was.How disappointing.I woke up and felt my body aching all over, strained to one position and laid down horizontally on a
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Jared Shenko
Pregnant?How could I be?I wondered how far gone I had been. I had completely forgotten the usual phenomenons that reminded me of womanhood every months. I had missed my period for two months straight and hadn't put in a fist of care as to why. I just thought how good it was to not have to worry about tampons for the past couple of months.Two months ago, I spent a night in a strip club, with a man, a stranger who had his way with me and paid me for it. I needed a huge amount of money for the treatment of my little sick niece. I was desperate; desperate enough to have sold my body to that one man, that one night.I called it my ultimate sacrifice in this life. I made it in vaine though.It was just one time. One time that I didn't feel anything but voids upon voids of complete emptiness. One fucking time!But then, my mama would always tell me before; sometimes, that's all it t
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Pleadings and Sealing deals
I was pregnant.Jared Shenko was responsible.Jasper Shenko was married.Jared Shenko wanyed to take full responsibility for my pregnancy despite his wife.I still couldn't put my thoughts together, I couldn't get my mind at peace. Everything seemed so surreal; like a dream that wouldn't end. Plus all that, I had one question that kept on coming back to my head,Was I ready to givebit all up?Give what up?That was the one other question that I ended up on after every contemplation I made. What was I going to give to have this child for Jared. I had no dreams or aspirations that I wanted to follow; I had nothing to hold on to as an excuse to not have this baby.What was I going to sacrifice so much for nothing?It wasn't nothing but still; was I ready to sarcastically honor this world with my presence
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Trouble in -not paradise
Jared's POVIf that was all it took, I was willing to work my way around it somehow. Sophia was going to hate me; a lot; but she was going to have to forgive me. This was probably going to be my only chance at fatherhood and I didn't mind given this girl the sky for it.She was deranged! Mental if I must say. I had no idea why she wanted this; what she planned on gaining from it, but I was ready to sacrifice the necessary for the child she was carrying; my child.Prior to that, Dr. Seuss had drawn to my notice that she was mentally distraught, a little unstable and all she needed was care. I was ready to bare that cross for my child. I would bare that for the next seven months till my child was born.There was so much already going through my mind but nothing could overcome the joy I felt knowing I was finally going to be a father of my own child.I had plans for the girl; Maraïda too. I had pl
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My beautiful wife, named Sophia Estella Shenko though sometimes I call her Mia as in my cara mia. She had been my pillar and shield through some pretty rough moments of my life. I met her when I was eight. We lived practically next door to each other. We had practically nothing in comment but quickly, became a weird duo of best friends.During our teenage years, she and I would pretend to be gay: first to stop a lot of mongers from spreading unpleasant rumours about our relationship and second, to get an opportunity in finding the perfect match for each other.Stupid? I know!But it was a fun exercise that kept us both very engage in each others life. So much so that we became each others perfect match unknowingly. We knew so much about each other, respected very well our differences, knew each other's biggest weakness, and toughest strengths. We truly compli
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What keeps us together
I remember one time when Sophia had been cheated on by a guy she was seeing. We were in high school and I was a very problematic child. Back in the day, all it'll ever take was dust to enter her eye for me to punch someone, anyone in the gut for sweeping dust her way. She'd left school without telling me. I went crazy looking for her. I had no idea why she'd disappeared but I had a bad feeling she was in trouble. After hours of searching, I found her by a stream, soaking under the rain. At first I thought she had gone crazy. But she hadn't. She had been crying under the rain to hide her tears.She said the rain washes away her pain as soon as the left her eyes. She told me about her heartbreak, she poured her heart out to me. One minute I was listening to her, and the next I was fuming in anger. I felt her pain almost as if it was mine; like right inside of me. I wanted to bash the face of the idiot. But more than that I wanted to hug her, cuddle her under
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Mara needs help
Mara's POVA cold night always brought an angel to cuddle up inside my arms like her life depended on me. We had so many cold stormy nights and they always sent her flying into my arms because she was scared of storms, thunder, darkness; my little darling: my Marisa. It was the same cold night that had plagued her little heart with an illness; she had contracted pneumonia when we were kicked out of our home and had to spend a series of nights out in the cold, on the streets. We squatted in dek allies, under bridges, in places no human being should ever find their self in. We ate from trash cans, left overs and some days nothing at all. On a cold night she had started coughing and burning up while I was out in the world looking for a means for us to survive. On a cold night, I had gone through the ga badge cans by a pharmacy to get something, anything that could help her. It was on a cold night that I ran in and out of stores, homes, work places, pleading,
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Jared's Personal Asylum
I thought she was going to die. I thought my chances at fatherhood had been shattered. I had never been so scared in my entire life. While we drove back to the hospital, Issa and my wife did everything they could to keep her warm; she was freezing under that rain. Sophia had even taken off her own blazer to cover her up. I could see her continually throwing dirty glances at me through the rear mirror. At some point she had to ask me something to calm her spirit.Meanwhile, I had my own questions crawling through my mind, like; how did she not feel she was slowly killing herself? How did she forget she was carrying a child? How could she have been so reckless? To say I was mad, at her, would be an understatement. I was enraged. But even so, I was scared. If anything was to happen to her, or my baby, my last hope of having a child of my own; my own flesh and blood, all would have been lost.We reached the hospital and immediately she was
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