The Alpha's Desire and the Dragon's Fire

The Alpha's Desire and the Dragon's Fire

By:  Abigail Rose  Completed
Language: English
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*Warning - mature content. Over 18's only* ...................................... When Sophia meets the dangerous yet attractive Danny, she has no idea he is about to throw her into a world filled with creatures she never thought existed. Little does she know, another also covets her love, and will do anything to get her to be his. As she is pulled between both men, she soon discovers her love life is not the most complicated thing going on. Who will she pick? And how will her choice determine the future of the entire human race?

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60 Chapters
*Sophia’s POV* “Wow, you’re really good.” I jumped. I wasn’t expecting to be disturbed. I looked for the source of the voice and saw a handsome face smiling down at me. “Er, thanks.” He moved closer to my canvas, cocking his head to this side and that to take in the image. His shoulder was nearly touching mine. I tensed at the feeling of someone being so near. I could smell his expensive cologne. I took the opportunity to look at him a little closer. He didn’t look much older than me, maybe in his early 20’s? He had light blonde hair, a complete contrast to my raven locks. His clean-shaven face displayed the sharpness of his features. I couldn’t work out his eye colour from this position. He turned his face towards me, and I blinked. I wasn’t used to people being this close. “Do you do portraits?” Blue. His eyes
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*Sophia's POV* I left it a few days before contacting Danny. I still wanted to think about it properly. However, after a particularly crappy shift at the pub, I decided to call him. I couldn't bear to work in dirty places like this where men would openly stare at my ass and boobs.  I waited till it was my break and then went outside.  A gruff voice greeted me. “Yeah?” I could hear drum and bass music in the background. “Er, is that Danny?” “Who wants to know?” That response did not fill me with confidence. “It’s Sophia…the girl who paints? We met the other day?” His tone suddenly changed. “Oh Sophia! I’ve been waiting for you to call. How are you doing?” “Yeah, I’m fine thank you. Sorry if I’ve distu
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*Sophia's POV*A few days later, I was working at the cafe. It was a Thursday, which meant that it was busy with a local photography group that came in to have a drink and discuss their work. For this reason, I usually looked forward to Thursday’s. The group would often show me the pictures they’d taken that week, talking me through how they’d captured a certain angle or light. I was in the middle of appreciating a particularly gorgeous sunset image, when I heard the tinkle of the bell that sounded whenever the cafe door was opened. I quickly gave the photograph back to the group and made my way to the counter. A man approached, although it was impossible to know what he looked like. His figure was imposing, but his features were concealed by sunglasses, a scarf and hood. I looked at him nervously, my image reflected back at me in
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*Sophia's POV*The next morning, I woke up with a sense of anticipation and nerves. Now I had agreed to continue with the painting, I realised I was going to have to accept Danny. Along with whatever ‘business’ he was involved in.He had assured me that although not always legal, he was making decisions for the greater good. Surely that meant he was helping people? Perhaps if I showed my commitment to the painting, he would trust me more. Maybe he would tell me in more detail what he did. There was also something else though that was playing in the back of my mind. The more time I spent with him, the more he seemed to get under my skin. He was clearly good looking, but it was more than that. He interested me. There was something that hooked me in. Despite my little experience with men, I knew it was very likely that Danny was popular with women. I would have to guard my heart throughout this proces
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*Sophia's POV*A few days later, I was painting by the river again. Danny told me he was busy, so I couldn’t go and add to the portrait today. Part of me was still berating myself for allowing him to kiss me. For kissing him back. Each time we kissed, it seemed to get more intense. Everything was happening so fast and I wasn’t sure if it was really a good idea. What even was I to Danny? Was I just the girl who was painting his portrait who he happened to be kissing on the side? Did he want something more? I had only had a few experiences with boys. I wasn’t a virgin. Although my first and only time had been painful and brief. The boy in question had been in my class, and was just as inexperienced as I was. I essentially had no idea what I was doing. Danny, clearly did know what he was doing. If he did want to take things further, I worried that I wasn’t going to be any good. Then it would be more awkward
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*Sophia's POV*It was strange being in Danny’s room. Although it was huge, there wasn’t a lot in it. However, the item that was most obvious, was a massive bed in the centre of the room. It was the largest bed I had ever seen, and I vaguely wondered where he even managed to source big enough linen to cover it. Something about it made me feel a little nervous. After all, I guessed that he usually slept alone. Why did he need a bed of this size? The only explanation was if he was in the habit of having other people in it. Maybe more than one at a time…Danny caught me looking at the bed, and came behind me. Moving my hair to one side, he planted soft kisses down my neck. Slowly, he removed my jacket. I heard him walk over to a chair to put it down, at the same time, dimming the lights.I tried to breathe slowly and tell myself this was going to be fine. His hands were back on me, tracing
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*Thales POV*I tapped my fingers impatiently against the top of my mahogany desk. I should be using the time to look over my accounts and schedule for the upcoming week, but I was still waiting for Louis to return with news. For a human, he was pretty decent at gathering information. Most of the people who worked for me were human, there were not many of my kind left.A firm knock on my office door alerted me to someone’s’ presence.“Come,” I called out, my tone commanding.The heavy door was pushed open, and the man I had been waiting for entered. Louis didn’t look like much. He was short and was starting to lose his hair. It made him look a lot older than his 40 years. However, despite his apparent willowy frame, he could definitely handle himself. Not that he could overpower me, but then, what human could?&ld
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*Sophia’s POV*It was the night after Danny’s revelation. I was still trying to process it all. Part of me wondering if it was all part of some elaborate prank. Although now I had seen evidence, this was unlikely. Painting and drawing had always helped me process things, so I decided to sketch while I went through again, the conversation I had had with Danny.After he had told me what he was, or at least what he’d claimed to be, I had experienced the most bizarre combination of emotions. Firstly, I’d wanted to laugh. Werewolf? Was this a joke? I was pretty sure I wasn’t in a spin off of Twilight, so what on earth was he going on about? When I realised, he’d been serious, I felt a little afraid. If this man was mad enough to believe he was a mythological creature, then he was dangerous to be around. As he’d explained the concept of his Alpha status and how his pack was called
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*Sophia’s POV*I had no idea what he was talking about. “What do you mean?”His lips quirked and his eyes sparkled. “It’s a wolf thing. It means you’re my soulmate. We’re meant to be together.” He moved towards my ear and whispered the next word. “Forever.”I gasped. Forever? I was only 18. “But…we hardly know each other.”He kissed my neck before pulling back to face me. As he dragged his thumb over my bottom lip, he smiled. “That doesn’t matter Sophia. You are mine. I love you, and you will be with me always.” There was a possessive edge to his voice.I blinked, trying to process what he was saying. I cared for Danny a great deal now, to the point I didn’t want to leave him. But love? I was far away from that. The way he had said it was as
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*Sophia’s POV*A couple of hours later after we had suffered a very awkward dinner together, Danny told Jack to go and play on the Xbox before bed. I took this as a cue that he wanted to speak with me.  I followed him silently to the bedroom, hoovering by the bed as he closed the door behind us. His hand fell on my waist, pulling me to him.I felt his body relax against mine. “Sorry I was mad earlier…I just…anything to do with my mum. It upsets me. Today hasn’t been good either.”I nodded into his chest. I was grateful for the apology. Maybe what he was saying was true. “It’s okay. I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. Do you want to tell me about her?”He sighed. “Not right now. I will though. When I’m ready, okay?” He looked a
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