Working Under the CEO

Working Under the CEO

By:  San_2045  Completed
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Damon curled a hand into her hair and pulled back, savouring the startled yelp she let out and the exposed line of her throat. He took the opportunity to bite down on her pulse, feeling her heart rate spike beneath his lips before licking a stripe over it to soothe the sting. "Beg me to make you come, Mia." She scoffed. "In your dreams, maybe." *** Mia Grace's life would have been picture perfect if not for her new boss, Damon Rossi. Hes demanding, insensitive but also completely irresistible. After Damon Rossi returns from his trip to Spain, he fills the position as the new CEO, replacing his father. Mia expected him to be sweet and kind like her, also a lot older but he's completely opposite. Almost instantly, she hates the man yet lusts after him all together. As they continue working together, everything around them is put to test, from their will to remain professional to their feelings, desires, only to reach a point where nothing ever will be the same again. ***

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40 Chapters
Part 1
Mia made her way back down to the ground floor where the mailroom was located. It is a busy spot with lots of people going in and out on a regular basis. After all but one constant was sitting at the desk, happily humming to some song that she didn't recognise, shuffling through paperwork as though he would never want to be anyplace else.   

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Part 2
Mia hated working on weekends. It's a practice she's carried over from her education to her professional life. When she was in school, weekends were something of a prize, a treasure that she valued with everything in her being. Because her weeks were so work-heavy, no thanks to the news boss it's nice having two full days all to herself.    

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Part 3
Taking a deep breath, she faced him. Mia had no idea what he's going to talk about. It could be about number of things and that scared her. Not knowing the exact topic because then she would fumble and make a fool of herself in front of him. She's not very eloquent when it comes to speaking with Damon all alone. Something she needs to learn.     "Umm...sir. May I know what do you want to talk  about?"    Damon licked his lips. "So I received a reminder mail from your university. As your boss, I have to give out character certificate before you graduate or something? Is that right?"    Shit. Mia almost forgot about it. How did she not read his emails? What a stupid day to be late for her job! Earlier she thought that Rossi Sr would be kind enough to give her an amazing certificate for all the work she's d
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Part 4
It was nearly night time. Her eyes were dropping every second as Mia stared at the screen. She was aware that most of the employees have gone home but not her. Oh no. Since she had no one to go home to, she could easily spend as much time in the Rossi building until they completely shut down the lights. Also, the reason she had to stay back had more to do with her cruel boss. It was Damons punishment, after all. Not staying late but finishing the projects he asked her to.      Mia finished a very small portion of the papers that were filled to the brink with typos.   The employee was sure that Damon did that on purpose just to stall her. Organising them was a pain in the ass, but that's what he wanted her to do so she couldn't deny it. Mia took deep breaths in between, trying not to scream at the screen hurting her eyes or the fact that Damon was sitting in hi
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Part 5
/His POV/ As Damon stared at Mia, move so graceful around the conference, trying to get to Chris, he couldn't help but think. The day he first saw her, through the dingy laptop screen because he was too busy in Spain to bother with interviews in New York. He was on the eighteenth floor, the view of the city mesmerising in every sense. On the screen he noticed the room which wasn't very abstract, it's the brilliant mix of the lavish and sleek interior that was captivating, none of it helps in toning down the pressure of the interview in the room. It has been going on for more than an hour, and it doesn't seem like the three interviewers are anywhere near the end. It's boring.   He glided his fingers gently on the wood while rounding the corner of the table and settled back in his chair, watching as another one failed. Damon was tempted just to close the screen and get it down with. Leave it with his father to handle it on hi
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Part 6
Mia raised her eyebrows as a pink cocktail slid in front of her. She's sitting at the bar of the club she's been for like thousand times already. Shangri La the most happening spot in Manhattan. Also her favourite for several reasons.     Chris thought it would be a good idea to catch up in a loud place. Jane was going to join them soon. That's what Chris had said anyways, but he bailed half an hour ago for some brunette with long legs and a dazzling smile. Mia was a bit mad about that. What happened to talking and catching up? She's a little bitter because she is also a brunette with long legs and a dazzling smile. Then again Mia is not interested in sleeping with Chris, though, so she understood.   A man leaned against the bar next to her and motioned towards the drink. "Hey, angel. Couldn't help but notice you were here by yourself, so I thought I'd replace your drink."
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Part 7
Mia couldn't help but remember the exact incident that led up to the following moment. Her cheeks flushed as she thought of previous night—the things she did in her drunken state.    The twenty-five year old looked at the camera to make sure it was aimed perfectly in between her thighs, and she reached a prodding hand to feel and make sure the blue jewel was visible. It matched her eyes and also the added colour will make the pictures far more delicate. That's what she aimed for.   She maintained her arch and grabbed for the remote, letting her other hand get lost in the sheets as the vibrator edged close enough to her g spot to have her wiggling for even the smallest amount of extra pressure. Mia's hand finally tensed around the remote, and she pressed the button without thinking much about a pose.     As s
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Part 8
Damon clenched his jaw. "I asked you a simple question, Mia. Who were you sending those pictures?"    Mia shivered at the tone, her spine chilling at the way his voice drawled. There was a hidden tone of possessiveness behind that, or atleast she could detect it. She couldn't help but twist her lips in between her teeth, her cheeks heating up. How should she answer that question?     Then again, it's none of his business. He had no control over her life outside the business, so she met his eyes, gaze hardened. "I don't think it's related to my job, sir."     "It's not, but I just want you to know I don't share."     Her mouth fell open at that. What did he mean by that? Before she could question him about it, Damon made a so
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Part 9
/HIS POV/  One minute he's standing right in front of her and the very next, Damon heard her exhale, shivering as they took a step closer. His fingers trailed towards the hem of her shirt. For a minute, he couldn't believe it, hesitant and wanting to change his mind. However, her flushed face was very inviting, and he couldn't control himself. Not anymore.     He gripped the waistband of her long striped pants and pushed them down.   The CEO watched in bated silence, the pounding of his heart growing deafening as the red lace was slowly revealed. Thong. Red, lace thong.     "Fuck" He whispered, eyes glued to the sight of deep crimson against soft honeyed skin, the way the fabric sits snug over her legs. Damon was sure that Mia liked the feeling of the material though. Read more
Part 10
Mia held her breath as she stumbled out of her boss office, aware of her appearance. She took her bag and threw the jacket over her shoulders, desperately trying to button it with her fingers that were also shaking. Her thighs were still sticky and damp as she had slid those pants on and marched out of his office with arrogance.      Fortunately for her, Damon hadn't left yet, probably still standing in his office with a frown on his face at the way she behaved. No, she didn't even want to think about it, too busy staring at the elevator in front of her.    She hoped that it would arrive before she had to see her boss again. Just thinking about his reaction made her shiver.    Mia was trying not to think about what had happened, not until she left. She had let him eat her out, which also happened to be t
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