Splintered Heart

Splintered Heart

By:  Saman Shafique  Ongoing
Language: English
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Harry Adkins is a CEO of well established Fashion designing company. He met a girl belonging to a poor background with tomb-boy appearance and fell in love with her.

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230 chapters
Chapter 1: First meeting.
I booked two business class airplane tickets to London, one for me and one for my friend Olivia, to attend our close friend Jack’s birthday party.Jack was my childhood friend who was managing my business branch in London.Jack arranged  a birthday party in a five-star hotel, when we entered the hotel somebody called me from behind, “Here I am, Harry”. I turned back and found birthday boy Jack behind me. “I have been waiting to meet you for a long time. How are you my friend?” I asked Jack hugging him tightly.Jack replied, “I’m fine, what’s about you, my friend. I’ve
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Chapter 2: A Mistake.
She was astonished to see such a magnificent Hall and stood there in daze thinking She might have entered the wrong Hall.She became nervous as all people started staring at her. Shaking with fear, she pulled out her phone and started Looking for Ella's number.With her shaking hands, she dialed Ella's Number and waited eagerly for her to answer Bella's phone.As soon as Ella answered her phone Bella started speaking with trembling voice, “Ella, Where are you?”Ella replied that, “I am in the Hall where our opening ceremony is held”.Bella continued saying, “I think I entered the wrong Hall”.Suddenly, Bella bumped into someone and her phone fell on the
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Chapter 3: Competition.
 The next morning I was asleep in my room.  There was a knock on my door. I didn't hear a sound.After a while, there was a loud knock that opened my eye.I lay on the bed for a while after hearing the voice. Then I slowly got up and asked, "Who's out there?" The waiter's voice came from outside, "Sir Harry, there's an envelope for you.I was fast asleep.  I woke up and went to open the door and hurried back to
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Chapter 4: An opportunity.
Bella said to Ella, "Ella, you go to the competition. I'm going back to the room.  See you later after the competition”.Ella replied, "No, Bella, your design is broken. But you still have to go to the competition."Bella's design was completely ruined. She wanted to go to this competition. She wanted a good chance so that she can make her future better.Bella fell silent and wondering if she should go there?.Ella put her hand on Bella's shoulder and said, "Bella, what are you thinking? Come with me to the hall  Competition is about to begin”Read more
Chapter 5: Destiny.
Bella got a VIP seat in the hall. Mr. Peter Husk had to go out for some work.  And they could not attend the competition. So he gave his seat to Bella.The competition had begun.  Mr. Charles manager will be on stage and starting the show he said, “Mr. Harry Adkins, the boss of the famous fashion company, is the guests here today's competition”.I went to the hall after the announcement. Olivia and Jack were walking with me.Olivia said softly to me, "Harry, you're well known now. The whole hall is standing to welcome you. <
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Chapter 6: Every fall is followed by a new rise.
Jack told me not to bore him as I always do “Harry! If you continue to being like this, then I will never attend any event with you”.Olivia silently stood behind us. I never had any idea how much Olivia used to like. I always thought of her as a good friend of mine and never had any romantic feelings for her.She used to stare at me frequently and I used to wonder why she spaced out so often. Jack used to tease her for being so silent as she was a lively as well a noisy person.I used to feel that Olivia’s behavior was different towards me. She suddenly asked me about some girl that was sitting beside me.Bella was not in my mind at that moment and it was really strange to be inquired by Olivia as she
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Chapter 7: Dinner Night.
We had our last day at the hotel and Jack was sad. Olivia went to her room and fell asleep.  And Jack sat with me.We were both remembering our old things.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door.Jack got up and opened the door. Mr. Charle's manager was outside.It was my last day in London and Mr. Chal invited us all to a dinner party.Jack took the invitation card from the manager and came up to me and said, "Harry, I'll never go to Mr. Charles's house for dinner. "I asked Jack, "Why?"Jack replied, "Because whatever event Mr. Charles holds is always boring. And I don't want to bore myself anymore".Jack was bored at Mr. Charles' competition show.  So he did not want to go to their house for dinner.I laughed and said, "I laughed and said, "That's where our business is. We have to go there."Ella, Bella and Mr. Pe
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Chapter 8: Dangerous Situation.
As I walked out of Mr. Charles's home, I felt as if someone was following me. I hurriedly went to the parking lot to get my car.On my way out of Parking, I saw Bella standing alone in front of the hotel. It was too late and I was afraid that a little girl at this hour might get into danger.I stopped my car and asked her to get in. She doubted my intention and rejected it. I asked her to get in again as it was impossible to find any ride at this hour. She got in my car. On our way back to the hotel, some cars suddenly started to follow us. I tried to drive as fast as I could to get rid of those cars but they kept following us.Bella was sitting silently beside me unaware of the whole situation. I regretted my decision of giving her a ride as I put her in a dangerous situation as well.Suddenly, I started hearing gunfire. Bella was started as well. I asked Bella not to b
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Chapter 9: Back To New York.
Jack and Olivia were really worried about me. I told them the whole story but Olivia was extremely  Worried and continuously asked me to go for a medical checkup.For her Peace of Mind, I  agreed to visit a hospital. Olivia somehow blamed Bella for the incident that those goons were after her and not me.No matter how much I explained it to her, she did not seem to listen to me.Clearly, those people were after me but being familiar with Olivia’s nature, I stopped explaining further, “OK! Olivia, let's end this topic now. The doctor said I’m perfectly fine and need some rest. see you tomorrow.”I went back to my room, packed my stuff, and went to bed.Bella was extremely stressed after this incident as it was her first such experience.Ella calmed Her down and they also prepared for their leave the next morning.On next day, I le
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Chapter 10: Horrible Dream.
I was sleeping in my room.  I had a terrible dream.That scene was terrifying.  I wanted to run away from this dream.I was in the car with my Mom and Dad. And our car brakes were failed.  My father was trying to stop the car and Mama was sitting with him. My dad was trying to stop the car.  Our car went to the side of a mountain and stopped at a peak.  Some people were running towards us.Dad was trying to reverse the car. And Mom was trying to save me.There were fires everywhere and the goons were pushing our car down the mountain. Our car also caught fire.Mom was badly injured and was bleeding from her head. My mother threw me out of the car.I got up and ran to the car.  The car was parked on the side of the mountain and the car was about to fall from there.I was running towards my mother.  Someone hit
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