I'm His Mate

I'm His Mate

By:  Kylie. G  Completed
Language: English
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BOOK THREE: After everything that happened, will Quade fight to regain his Alpha title to the Midnight Sun pack from his father or will he choose to give the mate bond between Sydney and himself a chance?And after giving up the first man she truly loved to save her Goddess given mate from death, will Sydney choose to give the wolf that carries her mark a chance or will she do something that she would regret later on in life?__________________________________Please Read Book One: P.S. YOU'RE MY MATE and Book Two: SHE'S MY MATE first so this book can make sense!

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44 Chapters
***Author's Note: This book will not make sense if you do not read the two before this first. So, please read:Book one: P.S. You're My MateBook two: She's My MateBefore reading this book. Thank you and enjoy!!_________________________________________________     QUADEPoetry. Tattoos. Piercings. Sex.Those were my coping mechanisms. If one failed me, I always had a backup to help me get through the fucking shit show I called life. One would wonder why the Goddess still kept me alive at this point. I had no sense of self preservation. Of course, I knew how to ensure my survival but the emotions that came with self preservation didn't deter me. Pain and fear? Let's just say I had a fucking high threshold for pain and I never felt fear. I would feel anger way before feeling fear.It all started with poetry. I loved how words could be twist
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Chapter 01
SYDNEYSomeone had Better now by Post Malone blaring through the sound doc. I tuned out the lyrics and focused on the tune. It was one of my favorite songs but right now, it was hitting a little too close to home. I wanted Victor to be better, wanted him to move on and be happy even if it wasn't with me but I couldn't handle the thought of that just yet.Tane had managed to convince me that spending my time neck-deep in work wouldn't help me. He then managed to convince me that maybe I needed a female friend to talk to and spend time with since I had none. It had never really come to my notice that most of the people I regarded as friends were men.Hence, I was now in the kitchen with Heather, baking a double-layer chocolate cake. She was chatty, whimsical even, and had a great sense of humor. I guess it was a bonus that she was an absolute whizz in the kitchen. Her English accent was thick which made her dif
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Chapter 02
SYDNEYI eventually figured out what he meant later. What he had slated for me was nothing remotely similar to what he had done when he decided to invade my personal space with all his sexy glory. He left my mind muddled and my already broken heart in many more pieces than which he found it. What he did for the remainder of the night made me wish I hadn't saved him.But I deserved it, did I not?He made me watch as he flirted with girls openly, giving them his dazzling smile that could charm the panties of any woman. There was this thing he did where he would run his tongue over his lips, then duck it back inside and hold the ball piercing between his teeth. It was almost the most seductive thing he could have done.From there, he took the party upstairs. I gritted my teeth against the burning fire that engulfed my body, chugging cup after cup of beer and whatever else I could get my
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Chapter 03
SYDNEY"Rise and shine," my brother yelled, entering my room and leaping onto the bed. He landed on my tummy, knocking the air right out of me, "you had a visitor last night, didn't you?" He wiggled his ginger brows at me and I groaned, shoving a pillow in his face. His bubbly laugh filled the room, "did he lick your foot again or did it go further?""Sylvain!" I shrieked, appalled at his words. My skin automatically flushed at the thought of last night. He had left after those words and I wondered what more he could possibly have in store for me. Either way, I'd show him that I could take it, "I don't know what he was doing here but we didn't do anything.""Really," Sylvain's brows shot up in surprise, "why is there a handprint around your neck then? Did he try to kill you again because I swea—""Calm yourself," I warned, rolling my eyes at how over productive he could be at times. If Quade a
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Chapter 04
QUADE"Don't you just hate it when the parents fight?" Enzo mocked, eyes twinkling in amusement, "those two seriously need to fuck already. There's not enough holy water in the world to cleanse my eyes after watching them."Zen rolled his eyes. They were opposites in every way, looks and personality. It was something I barely noticed before but nowadays, strange things caught my attention. Like the way Enzo had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and a fucking pretty boy face with a mauled chest — thanks to me — and Zen with his dark eyes that were close to obsidian and his jet black hair. The brains and the brawn. It was obvious which was which."Shut the fuck up," I warned him, "I may not hold my title anymore but that doesn't mean I can't decapitate you if I wanted.""All that sexual frustration has you grumpy as hell," Enzo shook his head, laying his back against the headboard and placing his han
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Chapter 05
SYDNEYMy brother looked absolutely dashing in his suit — raven black with a silk black button-down. He kept the top buttons of his shirt open since he hated using a tie and had his curly ginger hair ironed out and styled into a side wave. I couldn't help but think that his mate, whoever they may be, would be lucky to have him. He had the charm, personality, and looks.Sylvain fiddled with his cuffs relentlessly, stress lines forming on his forehead. He was honestly too young to be looking so stressed, "Do you think the meeting went well?" He asked for the thousand time. I had no idea what my dad was thinking when he let his eighteen-year-old son do a business deal this big but Sylvain handled it expertly."You did well little bro," I reached over and pulled his cheek whilst keeping my eyes on the road, "dad will be proud.""Speaking of him, mom moved back into the house. I'm pretty sure they
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Chapter 06
SYDNEY"What? No, you're not!" I shook my head vigorously, eyes widening as wide as saucers. He couldn't come into the tub with me. Of course, there was plenty of space for him too but he and I, naked in the tub while I was in heat didn't sound like it could end well."It sounds like it could end very well," Reika purred, allowing sultry images to float into my mind."The water is too cold and if I add warm water the ice will melt quicker," that evil yet mischievous smirk captured his face again and I wanted to wipe the stupid thing off his face, "body heat should keep you alive and the water should moderate your temperature enough for you bare what's happening inside your body." He sunk his perfect teeth into his plump bottom lip and I gulped. I had the strange urge to pull said lip between my teeth.Damn this mate bond."You should do just that," Rieka cooed again an
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Chapter 07
QUADEShe clearly didn't know what she was getting herself into when she said those words. Who would want to be broken and by someone like me no less? Her dainty body, small frame, and fragile outlook made me feel a tinge of guilt for the thoughts I had. The things I'd love to do to her. She loved the pain mixed with pleasure. Having fun with a little bit of ice was child's play to what I really wanted to do.I watched her eyes flare with carnal desire and I had to fight myself from taking her then and there. Would she really not mind being bound and gagged? Could she possibly place that much trust in me although she barely knew me? I didn't deserve to be looked at the way she looked at me. Almost as if she wanted me to fuck her into oblivion. As if she would LET me do it and probably enjoy every second of it. Maybe she was made for me after all. There would only be one way to find out.I sat forward in my ch
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Chapter 08
SYDNEYWhen I woke up this morning there were two things I realized; one: I had completed the mate bond with Quade because apparently I just couldn't help myself and two: I had no regrets. Not one single regret flooded my mind and I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. All I felt was this weird sense of euphoria, it made colors brighter, sounds louder, smells stronger, every feeling more intense. Everything just felt better.The only problem I had was Quade. He had his tattooed arm secured around my waist and if he tightened his hold, I'd probably suffocate to death. I could feel his protective instincts through the bond. He didn't fear that he would lose me. No, it was something else he felt. He just couldn't stand the thought of me walking away, leaving him. Because, for once he showed he could be vulnerable and that wasn't something this man did. Vulnerability wasn't for him, he grew up learning that he wasn't all
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Chapter 09
SYDNEYMy change of scent was noticed by every person I came into contact with. I was sick and tired of the weird glances I had been receiving. The worst glare I received was from the girl he had spent his time with during the night of the party. I was certain that the girl had envisioned about thirty different ways to kill me by now but, at the same time, none of those ways would end with her walking away alive. All I had to do was flash my glowing purple eyes at her for her to bow her head and scurry away. I wanted to kill her, but I had to keep my cool. As much as she was at fault, my dumb-ass mate was too.I grunted at the thought. The first time I finally accepted him to be my mate was a few hours ago and it had been playing on my mind ever since. I couldn't help but wonder if it played on his mind as well. He didn't seem to be too pleased by the confession, something I couldn't decipher coding his features. Sometimes I
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