Sold to the Alpha

Sold to the Alpha

By:  Bella Moondragon  Completed
Language: English
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Her family has fallen from grace, but Aria never thought she could fall quite this far!When her father, the Alpha of their pack, looses everything, Aria is forced to leave her homeland and travel north. Her new surroundings are nothing like the lavish lifestyle she's used to, but she vows to make the most of it.Until her parents tell her that she's been sold to the Alpha of another pack, a rival pack. Aria can't believe this is happening to her! But what can she do about it?In her new home, she meets the Alpha's son, next in charge to be Alpha, Sebastian, and is immediately attracted to him. But how can she trust him when his father is so cruel?When Aria discovers her family has been murdered, she thinks its Sebastian's family behind it. Will this betrayal tear them apart or will Sebastian prove his innocence and his love for Aria?

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106 chapters
My boots slide slightly in the melting snow as I hurry down the sidewalk toward home. It is a cold evening, and the sun is going down, which means this slush will be frozen again soon. Then, it will be ice, which is dangerous to humans, but not to me. Still, the people around me are hunkered down, pulling their coats tight around their shoulders, their heads tipped against the wind. Most of them have gloves, scarves, and stocking caps on their heads. It is cold in this northern city, one I am not used to yet. I would like to go home, to my family’s estate in the south, where it is usually sunny and warm. This is not because it is cold here; I do not feel the bite of the wind or
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As soon as I walk into the apartment, my parents clamp up. Our walls are so thin, I heard them talking while I was approaching in the hallway, but I couldn’t make out much of what they were saying, only that my mom was saying she didn’t want to do something, and my father was insisting it was the only way. I was glad when they shifted their conversation as I walked in because whatever it was that had them arguing, I didn’t want to know about it. My parents have always sheltered me from their problems, especially when my father was the Alpha and had so many important matters to attend to. I imagined that someday he would fill me in on the important aspects of leading
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I’ve decided to try to get a job during the break between semesters. It’s the holiday season, so a lot of people are hiring extra help in the big shops downtown. I’ll have to take the bus to get there, or the underground train, so I’ll have to factor in how much it will cost for me to get there and home into my earnings, but I think I can still make enough money to help contribute to the family income. My mom is cleaning more these days, getting other people’s homes ready for holiday parties, and Dad has gotten a few odd jobs helping move large items up flights of stairs, like Christmas trees and larger dining tables people will need in order to have thei
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Night Shift
Later that night, lying on my mattress. I can see the moon rising out the window. It’s odd. You’d think my view would be blocked. I am surrounded by large buildings and living in a damp basement, yet, when I hold my head just right, I can see it up there. Bright, silver, full, it calls to me. I need to get out of this place. I need to feel the moonbeams on my fur. I need to breath in fresh forest air and feel the ground beneath my paws. I need… to run.Read more
Stranger Danger
I have fallen asleep with the blanket over my head, as if that would somehow prevent the wolf from recognizing me, even though he has clearly followed my scent to my home. I am fearful for my parents when I wake up and pull the blanket down off of my face. What if that wolf is from an enemy pack and he comes back here to hurt my parents? What if he brings his friends?I kn
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I don’t want to cry in front of Grip--that’s his name, I found out when we got to the car and the driver greeted him, and me. I sit staring out the window as the city slowly crawls by. We are going so slowly, I think I could just get out and run away, and they would never find me, especially not here, in this mass of people crowding the sidewalks and walking shoulder to shoulder.Read more
I do my best to stop my tears as I move to my new bed and start to put on my new uniform. I haven’t checked to see if the door is locked, but the hallway outside is so narrow, footsteps echo down it, as I have learned when Elvira left, so I know that I should have fair warning if anyone is coming in.As I pull on the short black dress, I look around the room. It does
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“Aaarriiaa!” Mim sank from inside of the library. The first two times she sings my name, it sounds like someone excited to see an old friend. The third time, it is in full operatic style, starting low in her belly and rising up to end on a high note with lots of vibrato. I am in the room by the time she finishes, staring at her, not sure what to think. She begins to giggle uncontrollably as soon as she finishes. This is not a deep belly laugh, like most people emit when they are highly amused. This is a series of chirps like a bird, sitting on a branch on the first day of spring, letting the world know it is full of joy that winter has passed.

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It isn’t fair. It isn’t right. And I know that, but there’s nothing I can do about it.I sit in my study, staring out the window, my mind on Aria, the girl I’ve just casually escorted to the library so that Mim, another Alpha’s daughter who was taken from her people unjustly, can show her the proper way to dust the baseboards and polish the si
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Mim and I are just about finished cleaning the library when we hear muffled footsteps on the carpeted floor and look up. There’s a man, in a suit, with caramel blond hair and light blue eyes and a sweet smile standing several yards inside of the room. I feel vulnerable for not having detected him sooner. After all, I am a predator. I’m supposed to hear things sneaking up on me--prey, larger animals, people. He has been able to get this far without detection because of Mim, I tell myself, but I shouldn’t have let her stories distract me so much that I didn’t even realize we weren’t alone until a loll in our laughter allowed me to pay attention to my ears a
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