WOLF DEN (BOOK:-1) The Mystery of Black Clan

WOLF DEN (BOOK:-1) The Mystery of Black Clan

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Language: English
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//READ WOLF DEN BEFORE READING THIS BOOK// "Ok what the hell they actually want, they want to destory us hole White Clan isn't" Team ask in frustration. "Not only that" Ash said while look all of them, four of them start him with wide eyes. "Then" Rose asked. "They only don't want destory us, they want destory hole government and rule all over the World, and they want something from us, or I can say someone from us" Ash told them. "Who?" Rose asked. "Donna, their Donna and Balck Clan King partner" Ash said. "W-What" Team shutter. "Yes we have their Donna"

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//READ WOLF DEN BEFORE READING THIS BOOK//"Ok what the hell they actually want, they want to destory us hole White Clan isn't" Team ask in frustration."Not only that" Ash said while look all of them, four of them start him with wide eyes."Then" Rose asked."They only don't want destory us, they want destory hole government and rule all over the World, and they want something from us, or I can say someone from us" Ash told them."Who?" Rose asked."Donna, their Donna and Balck Clan King partner" Ash said."W-What" Team shutter."Yes we have their Donna"Ash sighed in relief as finally, they found another person in the room to side with them. Not that it was hard to convince Seth, since he liked to dwell on fantasy and all things, like Simon doe
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 "Earth to Ash!" Rose scoffed in annoyance as she slammed the book in front of her brother's face. Ash blinked as he was brought back to reality. He groaned as he grabbed the book that was blocking his face and glared at his sister who just rolled her eyes. "That's what you get for day dreaming, you idiot. Now you better explain to us what was going on inside your heads, you two." "Alright, I am sorry for spacing out. Where were we?" "You said something about the crest being something of major interest as information and being a role within the Balck Clan. And about your suspicion that this group is a subgroup of the Balck Clan." "Alright, I get it. I shall then start explaining it to you guys. As you all know, we know nothing about the Balck Wolf Clan. We don't know who their leader is, how many members they have in their group, their abilities, skills, etc. So far, the only thing we kn
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"No way, that's impossible!" Team exclaimed as the four of them stared at the laptop in shock and disbelief."Yes way. This symbol is popular in Wausau, Wisconsin. And coincidentally, this winged symbol, is owned by a group in Wausau. A very old group that existed way before the Balck and White Clan was even formed.""And what group is that?""It belongs to the Fairy group. A group of people in Wisconsin who is promoting the myths of the Black Clan. They are known as the Faes.""So you're telling us that the Black Clan, a powerful Clan that is considered a threat to the authority and the world, are really into unicorns and rainbows? And other mythical group? We're chasing a group of kids who only want to invade the world with fantasy and fairy tales? I can't believe it!" Team exclaimed as rage shot through him. He really couldn't fathom what he's feeling right now. He absolutely loathed the Balck Clan guts. It's lik
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"Wait! You mean that child was fond of telling . . . stories? Like fairytales?""Bingo! Apparently, her mother loved to tell her fairytales, love stories and happy endings. It's the typical childhood days. The child obviously fell in love with the concept of fairytales that she couldn't help but brag about it everyday. She even went as far as to imagine she was the princess in a Cinderella story while her parents were her fairy god parents—""Not wanting to upset their self proclaimed Fairy Princess, the villagers granted her wish and they became a group of people who adored faeries and fairy tales. They found it amusing whenever the child said "honesty is the best policy." Or that "faeries don't lie, so we shouldn't lie!" It was a beautiful scenery to take in the innocence and enthusiasm of a young girl who adored the world despite of the cruelty it casted upon her. The child was totally ecstatic with the re
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"But—that's impossible! She was just a child! Surely the our Clan could show some mercy, right?" Seth looked at his sister and gave her a sad, sympathetic smile. He knew Rose values the concept of family and children so much. Even though most of the time she's being a bitch, that was just her own way of getting attention from her father, to satisfy her wishful thinking that her father still cared for her. Ever since she was a child, she's been longing for the love and affection of her parents, her family. Unfortunately, it was not given to her."Rose, you do know that the White Wolf's Clan in the 20th century were too cruel right? Not that I am saying they're not any less cruel now. But, I hope you get what I mean.""Right. That century was referred to as the Clockwork era. The authority was so corrupt during that time which made it literally a puppet for the corrupted officials. They became an animated clockwork doll for the official's w
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"As I mentioned, they rebelled against the authority. They fought against the our Clan for years. But one day, they just mysteriously disappeared.""Disappeared? Did all of them die? Or, maybe they were killed by some mysterious disease?" Team asked as he frowned in confusion. He felt like his head was hurting from all the information he's digesting. He felt like he was trapped in an infinite loop."No. They didn't die. In fact, no one knows if they're dead or not. The ones recorded in the Authority library is that, they just mysteriously vanished into thin air.""The Authority record?" All four of them repeated Seth statement, as if they couldn't believe what they were hearing with their ears."Yes. The authority record. Unfortunately, this incident with the Fairy Clan was not known by its original name. Their group was recorded as the Wild Hunt.""Thi—this
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"And that's why I wanted you to be back by 4pm. Well, technically, it's past 4 pm now." The four of them nearly jumped as they were startled by Ash voice looming in. Ash muttered an apology as he and Seth reached out for some water which was placed on the table and drank it. Ash decided not to talk for a while as he let them digest all the information while calming the erratic beating of their hearts. It wasn't until a few minutes later that Team started speaking when they were remotely relaxed and ready to continue the discussion."Okay. So we finally . . . uhm, we finally figured out our current situation. Since you decided to take over the spotlight, I'm sure you've already formulated some strategies for our mission tonight, right?" Team said as he stared at his bestfriend and gave him a knowing look, which Ash returned by nodding. Their bestfriend bond was deep enough to know what the other was thinking and it enables them to communicate their thoughts mentally.
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Ash knew Team was doing his best to keep his cool as they proceeded with the discussion about this mission. He hated it when he gets emotional in front of his teammates. Ash chose to let go and accept Team reply, not wanting his bestfriend to go through the emotional torture once again."This time, our main mission is to infiltrate the club, to know the truth behind the Fairy history. We are there to confirm if the information we got is indeed true, as well as their association with the Black Clan. And lastly, once we've confirmed everything, we need to interrogate them about the mystery note, as well as the Black Clan plans. Got it?" All of them nodded in understanding as they got the information of their mission for the night."But Ash, how do we infiltrate the club? If we're correct in our assumption that this is the Fary Clan, or the former Wild Hunt's den, then I think they will be prepared for any intrusion or attack from the author
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"Tsk. We don't really have any choice, do we? But that's fine. I love being a badass, anyway. And I'll be badass enough to kick their asses and punch them so hard in the face they'll see stars." Team said as he crossed his arms over his chest and gave them a cocky smirk. All of them huffed in annoyance while Ash just rolled his eyes and ignored his bestfriend witty statement."Anyway, we needed to engrave the Fairy Clan symbol into one of our clothes, so I had Seth add some details to the sweaters we'll be wearing tonight. We will pretend that we're one of them who were in club last time. Well, technically we were there, but with a different identity. We will also tell them what happened in club, the person who were "captured" by the warri, and the mystery note of the Balck Clan.""Wait! I don't like that we need to share some sensitive information to our own enemy! We're the ones who tried hard and kicked our own asses just to solve the
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"Alexander, I-I want Alexander to just stay here and guard the apartment." All of them widened their eyes and gasped in shock as they stared at him like he'd gone insane. Alexander, on the other hand, just raised his eyebrows questioning."Ash, do you really expect me to just stay here and do nothing when I came all the way here for you? While all of you, and especially you Ash, are out somewhere risking your life during a dangerous mission?""That's precisely why I cannot let you come with us on this mission, Alexander. It's because it's too dangerous. For one, you're a civilian. I know you've already done too much for this group, and we, no, I-will be forever grateful for that. But we cannot risk you anymore, please understand that as a warrior, it is our duty to keep you safe as much as possible. Plus, you're not really useless if you choose to stay here. You can guard this apartment, in case someone might get suspicious of
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